Hey guys,

No, I am not dead. Once again, just a little sick. Poor me, there’s always something. No, I’m not a hypochondriac, just kind of unlucky. I think I might have an ear infection but I REFUSE to go to the hospital TWICE on the SAME WEEK for DIFFERENT REASONS. They might think I’m looking for drugs. Little do they know I’m already hooked up.

My ears and the back of my head hurt a lot. Less now, but this morning it was really bad. I went to bed for a nap and it was hurting really bad so I got up and took two paracetamol pills. Two x 500 g. Then it stopped and I was able to sleep a little. Then I woke up and did a mix of things.

I did go to the garden to water for a while and to transfer some plants, but I was wearing a wool hat to cover my ears. I did do some laundry (the sofa pillows and a blanket) and some dishes. Then I spent most of my afternoon printing notes and materials to study for exams and finalizing my schedule for next week. I spent 1 and half ink cartridges and I’m not even done with the materials I need. Lots of printing to do.

Rui Skyped me and told me to get ready because we were going out. I wasn’t expecting it. I took a shower and got dressed and we went to a new Italian restaurant. I had pizza and it was really good. The staff was super nice and it was not expensive at all. We’re definitely going back. They have sushi as well and, although I hate it, Rui loves it and wants to go back and try it.

I’m actually really tired and a little sick so I’m not really feeling it to write.

I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow? xx