Yes, I did write her last name on purpose. She got married recently and I know she loves to see Rory’s (her husband) last name after her first. I mean, if you were in love and got married and decided to rock your husband’s last name, wouldn’t you be proud too.

This post is really close to my heart, as I consider Angela one of my blogging best friends. We are similar in many things and I just love talking to her. Also, she’s so kind and sweet and you can’t help but to love her.

I mean, first of all, she has been known to send you an email in which the subject is “sup”. She’s so funny. She’s also a bit geeky and we could never watch a movie together because we are into completely different things. Luckily, her husband shares her taste, so they have loads of fun together.

She’s my age (25) and she lives in New Zealand. She is half Filipino on her mom’s side. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand which means she’s always 11 hours ahead of me. We manage to talk anyway, usually when one of us is about to go to bed and the other has just got up. She is an early childhood teacher which means she cuddles babies and toddlers for a living. I mean she teaches them but she also gets to hold them and that makes me super jealous. I wish I could spend my day with cute babes.

As a newlywed, she frequently talks about her wedding, which we girls love! Let me show you some of my favorite wedding pictures:

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Aren’t day so cute together? What a beautiful couple. And she looks so gorgeous! Her wedding dressing is breathtaking and definitely something I would choose for myself.

Angela, Maggie and I have recently done a One Month Blogging Challenge together, which is a great way for you to get to know Angela better, if you don’t know her already. She’s quite popular, let me tell you.

She has a whole category dedicated to the challenge and you can get there Here.

Angela loves to travel and she has several posts dedicated to her trips. My favorite is her Honeymooning in Fiji post. But there are many more to choose from.

She has an amazing family and they’re all so close. You can read about them often on her blog. Some of the posts where you can get to know her mom and dad, brother and sister are:

I usually love all of her posts but I have some favorites I need to share with you:

I just love her weekend reviews. I get to know what she was up to, what groceries she buys and she usually adds a to-do list and you know I’m a sucker for those.

Weekend Review

Weekend Review #2

Weekend Review #3

This girl bakes. Who doesn’t love a baking post?

She has a whole category dedicated to food. I mean, you need to check it out:


Prepare yourself for delicious looking cookies. Just saying.

Now, I can’t let you go without reading:

Angela’s Bucket List


A day in her life

… because these are also my favorite type of posts.

Now, if you don’t know Angela, you just have to. She now has about 500 followers (I guess more?) and you need to become one of them. She’s so worth it. She’s friendly and supportive and super funny and encouraging. She’s also very present in the blogging community, blogging every day, sometimes more than once, so you always have fresh posts to enjoy.

I just love her blog and her lovely personality. I know that you will too.

Thank you, Angela, for being such a good and sweet friend. I hope you like this post.

Huge hug.