One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 28 (What makes me happy)

What makes me happy:

  • When Rui gets home. I love when he gets home from work and we sit together on the sofa, watching some crappy TV while I blog and he checks is Facebook or something. Sometimes we snack too. I just love when I hear him parking his car and opening our gate. Is that love?
  • When he brings me little unexpected gift. Sometimes flowers or plants, a chocolate, something cute. The other day was cherries. He knows how much I love them. I feel really happy when he thinks about bringing me a little present;
  • When my dogs wants to cuddle with me and giving me wet kisses;
  • When my house is clean and organized;
  • When I finish my to-do list;
  • When I see my family, we always have fun;
  • When I show I like has a new season;
  • When I get comments on my blog;
  • When I watch a good movie;
  • When I get a really good mark, anything above a 16 (0-20).
  • When I get a really good mark without going to one single class, just studying by myself;
  • When I get a new student;
  • When I see my friends;
  • When I go shopping;
  • When it’s raining and I’m in bed;
  • When I go grocery shopping and get good deals;
  • When I go out to eat;
  • When I lose weight;
  • When I find a book I want online for free;
  • A hot shower;
  • When the weather is good and I can dry laundry outside;
  • When my plants thrive and look happy;
  • When Rui and Rosa are cuddling and playing;
  • When I buy clothes for Rui;
  • When I get presents;
  • When I get letters or postcards in the mail;
  • When it’s cold and I can wear fluffy pajamas and be by the fireplace;
  • When I cook something really good;
  • When I bake something really good;
  • When I exercise and feel good about myself after;
  • When I put my makeup on and it looks really good;
  • Swimming;
  • Cuddling;
  • When I get a massage;
  • When I get a pedicure;
  • When I find a book I really love;

10 thoughts on “One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 28 (What makes me happy)

  1. This list is really cute! I feel the same way with the first one, I get excited when I’m home first, and I hear Rory open the gate, then unlock the door. It’s such a nice feeling πŸ˜€


  2. Hello my love! Hope you’ve been well! Catching up on blogs now Im back from our holiday and seeing you guys on day 28/29 and i’m like wow time flys πŸ™‚ Well done for getting this far, so proud of you all!!! Hopefully i’ll be able to do the same one day πŸ™‚

    The first one is a definite for me! It so must be love! Hearing the car door slam knowing its him! We also have 2 cats and when he gets home late they hear him first and i’m like yay that must be him πŸ˜‚

    Looking forward to catching up on the rest of your posts from the last few weeks xxx


  3. I love just sitting next to my boyfriend and doing our own thing too! I also love if I’m in the other room but I can just hear that he’s around y’know? Great list πŸ™‚ xx


  4. What a lovely list! Your relationship is so sweet, I love how you appreciate each other. I’m thinking of doing my own “what makes me happy” list, yours already made me happy πŸ˜€


  5. Love your list! When my husband used to go into the office instead of working from home, I remember that excited feeling I used to get when I’d hear his car pull up. ❀


  6. I also agree with most of this list! Rui sounds super sweet, your little family is so cute! Wet Rosa kisses! Books! Family time – all the little things❀️


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