Sunday Guest Post – Cancelled

Dear friends,

I’m sorry but there will be no Guest Post Sunday today, because the person who was supposed to write for me didn’t send me her work. It’s totally my fault, not theirs, I should have been prepared for a replacement. Lesson learned.

As a compensation, please download this cute to-do list I’ve just designed. Feel free to print and use it and think of me will you’re getting a ton of shit done.






23 thoughts on “Sunday Guest Post – Cancelled

  1. I’m really so sorry! I’ve had loads going on and I’ve been so unprepared! I may think of closing down my blog soon If things like this are going to happen! I’m going offline for a couple of days to fix all of this mess! I’m so so sorry 😐 is there anything I can do to make up for it!? It’s not your fault it’s mine. Truly sorry XX

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