A pocket full of random #1

Hey guys,

It’s Saturday. I mean, for some, it’s actually Sunday. Hey, Angela. How are you, 11 hours ahead of me? Probably still sleeping.

  • I’m super upset because (#QueenofTMI) Aunt Flow just came to visit and it’s her first day in town and my local pizza store doesn’t deliver to where I live. So I’m alone, manless, carless, candyless and pizzaless. When Aunt Flow is visiting, we need big snacks to enjoy together. We need to eat everything we see. Today, we might eat the dog because nothing else is good here. I might make some fries. Like 1 kg. To eat with the dog.


  • I just discovered that I have a spam folder. That’s right, I had no fucking idea. Best blogger award. I had about 50 comments stuck in spam and I just released, aka approved them. I need to go post by post and make sure I have seen and answered all of the comments.


  • I slept really well last night. I woke feeling super rested at 10 a.m. I looked around, was alone, was about to think about my to-do list but, instead, I said “screw it” and went back to sleep. I woke up pretty late. I’m to embarrassed to tell you. No, I’m not actually, I woke up at 5 p.m! I’m a bear. Hibernation mode.


  • I have a question for all the ladies. I just need to know this. Girls under 18, this is no business for you. Anyway. Here in Portugal, I think that it’s a cultural thing, women just go to the beauty saloon to deal with their unwanted hair. Including their… uh… intimate hair. Everything is waxed. Now, when I read blogs, watch movies, videos, especially when it comes to American and British women, everyone talks about shaving. I just need to know if it’s a cultural thing. Do American and British women take care of their own hair with a razor? Please tell me. OBVIOUSLY, you don’t need to talk about yourself, just tell me in general, what do you think women around you or in your culture do. Here, pretty much everyone goes to the saloon and everything is taken care of with hot wax, which they say is not very healthy, and it can be expensive. I just need to know. The other day a blogger I follow (American) who is pregnant with twins was saying she could no longer see down there well enough to shave, she might need to ask her sister. Why not go to a professional? I’m confused. Thank you.


  • Does anyone is a Orange Is The New Black fan? Is anyone else a pirate who is watching the leaked season 5? What do you think about the show or this season in particular?


  • Can you recommend any good movies to watch tonight? Keep in mind I have watched so, so many and that I don’t enjoy action, sci-fi, heroes and cartoons. I also hate Tim Burton and Woody Allen, mostly. I can’t watch horror because I’m alone. hahaha can you come up with anything?


  • Tomorrow I’m meeting my best friend who is here from Vienna and I’m kind of embarrassed because she hasn’t seen me in two years and I was 20 kg lighter then. She hasn’t seen me like this, ever, so I know she will be able to tell the difference. I know she doesn’t care but it makes me a little self-conscious.


  • So, I’m now at about 1084 followers. It is ridiculous to keep counting and telling you with every 100. So, from now on, I will only report and celebrate each 250. 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000 if it ever comes to any of that.


  • I want to remind everyone, and keep telling you this. I’m here for everyone for anything you need. If you need blogging help, if you’re interested in guest posting, in a collaboration, anything at all, you can reach out to me. Some people do it with no issues and I love when I get that kind of email. Seriously, I live for this. I love the interaction and being able to do something for someone, even if it’s just talking to them. You guys have given me a new purpose. And I’m grateful. You could never bother or annoy me, at all. pinkfordays@outlook.pt is at your service, my dear friends.


  • Shit, I really wanted pizza.


  • I have a new project coming soon. I can’t wait to tell you about it.


  • Today I’m going to publish: My challenge post and a guest post which is actually a new challenge for June. Not my work, of course.


  • To finish, I would like to tell you about a new blogger: Crafting with Charm. This sweet girl (her name is Neela) has started her blog YESTERDAY!! She’s friends with our dearest May and we should all go over and welcome her and support her, don’t you think? Starting a blog is super hard, we all know that. In the beginning I knew I was writing for no one and that can be discouraging. Let’s all be there for Neela and welcome her into our family. I have followed her and left a nice comment. No, I’m not paid to do this, I just like to help out a little.



38 thoughts on “A pocket full of random #1

  1. I response to your comment I don’t think it’s sensible to shave there. I think there’s more chance of ingrown hairs and it would probably grow back so quickly you’d have to do it really often. If I had to I’d either buy a wax kit and do it myself or I’d go to someone. I think my local place is £7 which isn’t too bad. But no I wouldn’t think shaving would be very efficient!

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  2. Thanks for the little shoutout. It still always throws me when I see my name show up in other blogs XD I was indeed still asleep when this post went up.
    I’m sorry you couldn’t get pizza, have you eaten Rosa yet?
    I saw your email and I’m thrilled you managed to get to your spam folder! The first time I found it, I had a decent bit of trapped comments too. Now I check it everyday 😀
    As for your question about the ‘down there hair’, it’s normal here for people to shave. It’s also normal to get it waxed. Its just down to personal preference really.
    As for movies, you’ve crossed off all my favourite genres so I can’t help 😛

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    • I haven’t eaten her. I made same fries. I’m saving her, I might be hungrier tomorrow. I had about 50 trapped comments, poor people, they must have thought I was ignoring them, which I NEVER do. Hahahaha now that I think about it, I did cross off all of them, didn’t I? We are similar in many things, not when it comes to movie genres lol

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  3. Sorry about the no pizza thing! I’m eating pizza for dinner tonight lol. OOH A NEW PROJECT!!! I’m so excited to hear about it! 😀 ❤ Also OMG thanm you so much for giving a shout-out to Neela's blog! That means a lot to me (and her too). ❤

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  4. Hahaha I loved this post!! Yes, in Britain we shave mostly, unless it’s a special occassion (like going on holiday) then we go to get waxed haha! If I was rich I’d stick with waxing! 🙂 I also love your idea of guesting other bloggers! Xxx


  5. In the US, a lot of people here wax if they can afford it or shave or at least keep it trimmed and manageable.
    I love Orange is the New Black (even though the finale of last season made me sob for days) but I’ve only seen the trailer of the new season.
    For movies, if you’re the rom com type I love White Chicks, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Mean Girls. Another one of my go-to’s is Good Will Hunting which is a drama but so so good. I’m 90% sure they’re all on Netflix.
    Aunt Flow sucks, I feel ya. Treat yourself (but don’t eat your dog 😂).


  6. It’s a mixed bag here in the US. Some of us shave, some of us wax. 🙂
    I loooooooove Orange is the New Black. I was really behind though until just recently when I caught up on the previous season. Now I’m all ready for the new one when they pop it up on Netflix. 😀


  7. Ah the spam folder! When I discovered it is had exactly the same reaction! They should really make it more obvious for us to find!
    Excited to hear about the new project😄And awww no pizza😔 I hope you found something else to satisfy you (and Aunt Flow😂😉)

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  8. So fab about the number of followers you have, that’s incredible! Re: the hair thing, I think it is cultural. I know in some circles the whole ‘fully waxed’ look is very ‘in’, but I find that a little creepy (adult women should have hair there because they’re not little girls anymore, right?) Shaving is quite popular, but not the best for smooth skin. Waxing, epilating and IPL type stuff is also common for ‘tidying around the sides’!

    Have you seen the film Lion? I saw that and it was quite watchable and a little different to the norm.

    Enjoy seeing your friend – I know you know this, but she will be over the moon to see you, and won’t care one little bit about your weight – she’ll just remember and appreciate the beautiful person and friend you are!  ♥

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    • I agree with the little girl look not being so good on adult women. But it feels so much cleaner, I think. The problem with waxing is that really hurts and is super aggressive. I think most people here just take it all out, at least younger women. I’ve started to watch Lion and haven’t finished, thank you so much for reminding me of that movie. I really want to finish. I’ve been with my friend. We’ve had so much fun. She’s going back to Vienna tomorrow, I miss her already 🙂


  9. I really love this type of post Cheila! You should do it more often! I think that you are since it says #1 ??? Lol. I saw Neelas page and followed from May, have you read her first official post?!? I need to check my spam folder asap. I watch OITNB but I haven’t watched the new season. Can’t wait to see your new project! I’m the US as far as I know both are pretty normal

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  10. It’s pretty typical in America for women to both shave and wax. I’ve personally never waxed anything professionally because I am TERRIFIED of the pain, but there’s nothing worse than cutting yourself or getting razor burn in your, um, downstairs. Waxing seems wayyyy better.


  11. Sad about the pizza. Truly unacceptable, they should make special trips for you! I mean, don’t they know that you need blogging fuel? Plus Aunt flow too- yeeeessshhh!

    I LOVE that you followed up with his hairy…question in your blog. It was fun reading the responses. As most mentioned, it’s pretty mixed here in the US. Me personally, I have the world’s most sensitive skin, so I have not tried the waxing bit. Shave, trim and hope to god no razor burn or ingrown hairs pop up 😂😂😂. Nothing sexoer than raging red skin in the privates.


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