Special Guest Post “30 Days Cleaning Challenge” by Margaret Ellis

No, I’m not crazy. I know it’s Saturday. My Guest Post Series is still happening tomorrow. Today I bring you an article by Margaret Ellis. She is a writer and the owner of a small cleaning business, based in London. (No, this is not a sponsored post at all. If she gets a few clients because of this post, I’ll be happy, but I’m not getting paid to publish her article, I just thought it was really good and that it might be fun as a challenge).

Need some motivation to clean – try this 30 days challenge


What is more pleasing than getting any job done? Watching your progress and the results of the job you have done. And how can that be achieved? Not only through seeing your home being clean because this does not last long but you can make yourself a visual to help you see your progress.

The easiest way is to make a schedule for your cleaning chores and stick to it and cross off chores and see your progress. And also, you should take into account which time of the day is the most convenient for you to clean before work or after work. Set aside an hour in the morning or two hours after work to follow your cleaning schedule accordingly.

And one more thing to keep you motivated and stick to your schedule is to figure out a reward for yourself. When your 30 days are over reward yourself! You deserve it.

There are many ways you can make a cleaning schedule, you can categorise it by rooms, by daily or weekly chores, etc. It is up to you how and when you do them, but here is an exemplary 30-days challenge for cleaning your home.

If you need such motivation to clean you can try this 30-days cleaning challenge (which of course you can adjust to your personal preferences and needs) suggested by moving out cleaners Shacklewell:

Day 1: Clean surfaces in your living room and kitchen

Day 2: Clean kitchen appliances (microwave, fridge, oven, etc.)

Day 3: Clean surfaces in the bathroom – scrub bathtub, wash shower curtain, etc.

Day 4: Disinfect toilet, taps, rearrange bathroom cabinet

Day 5: Clean other rooms – laundry room, home office, guest bedroom, etc.

Day 6: Clean windows inside and outside

Day 7: Vacuum and mop all floors

Day 8: Clean and dust details – mirrors, skirting boards, pictures, knick-knacks

Day 9: Clean medicine cabinet – throw away everything empty or expired, make a list to refill

Day 10: Organize closets, drawers, throw away everything unnecessary

Day 11: Clean behind and under furniture and kitchen appliances

Day 12: Wash sofa and seat covers, cushions, curtains

Day 13: Clean walls, fixtures, light switches, etc.

Day 14: Clean and organize pantry – wipe down, throw away expired things, organize, make a list to stock up on things

Day 15: Clean the kitchen sink and under the sink – get rid of empty bottles, etc.

Day 16: Vacuum and deodorize carpeting and upholstery

Day 17: Clean TV and other electronic devices

Day 18: Wipe down bookshelves

Day 19: Clean dryer and washing machine

Day 20: Clean your vacuum cleaner

Day 21: Clean closet and get rid of unwanted clothes, organize and make room for new ones

Day 22: Organize and clean your kid’s room

Day 23: Clean doors and door frames, especially your front entry

Day 24: Clean porch or patio, take out all trash

Day 25: Dust ceiling lamps and cobweb the house

Day 26: Empty all trash cans and clean them

Day 27: Dust and wipe clean vents

Day 28: Wash bed linen and clean the mattresses

Day 29: Sweep and de-clutter the garage

Day 30: Clean your home office (if you have one) or your car

Then relax! Your one-month long cleaning challenge is completed. It is time for your reward now.

Make small check boxes next to every chore and put a cross when you complete a cleaning job to see your progress. You can even add a line with title Day 31: REWARD! And see how slow and steady you are getting closer to it and you are having a much cleaner home. Good luck!


So are you joining this challenge? Anyone? I know I am. Come on, Angela. You know you need to do some cleaning. (I thought I would make you laugh at this one so I had to mention you, my friend). It’s the perfect time to do it too. It’s almost June and we can start it on the first of the month. The timing is great because it will be like a good Spring/Summer cleaning.

Tell me what you think about it!

Thank you so much, Margaret, for such a nice challenge.


7 thoughts on “Special Guest Post “30 Days Cleaning Challenge” by Margaret Ellis

  1. I love this guest post. Margaret writes really well, and this challenge is cool! I would love to say I would do this…but we all know how bad I am with cleaning. I will bookmark this list though, but it may take me waay longer than a month 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I like the idea. Very doable. It does feel a little intimidating seeing cleaning activities listed for 30 days but I guess that’s why it’s called a “challenge”. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok i’m in! Printing this off and making my list today! Sounds like a plan batman! With to furry felines in the house it always feels like there is hair to clean and use to wipe! Will see you posted!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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