Sunday girlfriend funday

Do you like Sundays?

I mean, if you work and don’t like your job, you probably have a love-hate relationship with Sundays, am I right?

I used to feel a mix of “Than God I don’t have to work today” and “How is it Sunday already? I didn’t finish all of my weekend tasks, haven’t done anything that fun and tomorrow I’m off to a 60-hour work week”. Is this your reality? If so, I tell you: Leave all the shit undone and take the rest of the day to yourself. You deserve it. You’ll never catch up on laundry. N-E-V-E-R. Especially if you have kids so… Might as well let it go. Take the rest of the day and do something you love, give your body and mind some love and care before you tackled yet another week. I don’t know shit and my advice is not worth much but you know you want to do it. You just need to know you deserve it. Enough with my Dr. Phill crap.

I’m actually having a nice Sunday.

I’ve had leftover cupcakes for breakfast. With coffee. Yum! I’m about to go get ready and go have dinner with some of my favorite people, my girlfriends. It’s girls night. Not quite. Just dinner. Tomorrow is a work day. Not for me, obviously. You know I don’t work right now (although I’m always busy, have no idea why or even how. It too this time to rest and I have yet to spend a day on the couch during the week). I’m in desperate need of some girl time, so I’m excited. We’ll probably bitch about everything, curse life for being so hard and gossip about people we know. Just being honest. I’ll make sure to stay away from dessert, though. I have had so much sugar in the last couple of weeks days that I might get into a sugar comma any minute now. I’m a case of diabetes waiting to happen, seriously. And next week I have my brother-in-law’s graduation which comes with about 6 family dinners and lunches and snacks and Oh Lord, help me. I need a hamster wheel.

I need to rectify something. (Is rectify a word? It makes me think of ass, for some reason)

I forgot to mention three of my favorite bloggers on my Favorite Bloggers post and I MUST do them justice!!




I love you, I’m so sorry I forgot to mention you.

Do you know these amazing girls? If not, you’re missing out. Trust me!

So, I’m off to get ready. I’m so lazy. I feel like I want to put on something nice (which is hard these days, nothing looks good), do my makeup and all but then there’s a part of me that wants to throw on some leggings and call it a day. I need a shower, though. That’s not optional.

What are you doing with your Sunday?

Are you hangover? Need to know.

See you later.


P.S I just discovered 13 Reasons Why is getting a second season and I’m trying to find 13 reasons why????


23 thoughts on “Sunday girlfriend funday

  1. Nice post! I couldn’t agree with your last line more – IT doesn’t need a second series!!! Glad you’ve had a nice day I’ve had a lazy one although I have done a tone of revision! xoxo


  2. I can TOTALLY think of thirteen reasons why, 13 Reasons Why needs a second season
    What happens to Justin?
    What happens to Alex?
    What does Mr Porter do with the tapes?
    Does Bryce answer for his crimes?
    What happens with Jessica and her journey to recovery?
    How do Mr and Mrs Baker react to the tapes?
    What do they do with the tapes?
    How does the school overcome the butterfly effect after Hannah’s death?
    What does Clay do now?
    Will we get to know Tony more?
    Do we learn about Skye’s life?
    What does Tyler do with his collection of guns?
    Will life every be the same for any of them?
    Basically, the thirteen reasons why 13 Reasons Why needs a season two are all questions I NEED answering!😭😂
    What…? Of course I’m not obsessed…*nervous laughter*

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  3. Haha Sundays are pretty nice for me. Generally they’re my lazy day, so that’s why! I also try to write and schedule as many blog posts for the week as possible! Wait, so I guess they’re not lazy? Oh no, Cheila I’m having a sudden revelation in your comments section.


  4. Sundays are my favourite days – bike rides and good food.
    I agree about the second series of 13 reasons why – but apparently it’s all going to be focused on Jessica getting justice etc – hopefully they won’t drag it out too much.
    Love Leigh


  5. I would quite like to know what happens next in 13 Reasons Why actually. Like your friend, All the Jazz, makes the case. That is a chilled out Sunday. One filled with cupcakes sounds bliss. I made a terrible dessert for one at night and sat digging into it after heaping it up with nutella and sobbing and laughing at the same time as I watched Anne xx


  6. Sundays are usually pretty nice. 🙂 This Sunday just so happens to be Mother’s Day here so I spent most of it with my family doing presents, dinner, margaritas, and we had brownies for dessert that I made. It was fun.
    I actually just started watching 13 Reasons Why this weekend with my boyfriend. We’re only about half way through, but I’ve heard a lot of other people saying the same thing as you about why they’re doing a season 2. The show really pulled us in right off the bat. I can’t wait to go back over and finish season 1.


  7. I was going to comment about the joys of dessert for breakfast and how I am right this second dealing with Sunday night blues. But after reading all of the comments, I think instead I need to go start 13 Reasons Why…


    • That’s the way to go!! I always complained because Saturday came and I was so tired, just wanted to sleep and relax instead of spending the day cleaning and organizing and running errands. It would feel like a 6th work day. But then I would have a bunch of things to do on Sunday, and start the week super tired. Silly me

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  8. That’s cool deciding to have a funday in a week, but you could also spend atleast an hour for yourself among your workaholic routines. I hope that could get your spirits on cloud nine even if you decided to work even on sundays. Cause some works have to be accomplished by time. And obviously happy dinner 🙂

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  9. I have a love hate relationship with 13 Reasons Why. The cast keeps talking about how important it is to receive help and all this stuff, but they don’t portray ANY of that in the show!


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