Hey there!!

It’s Monday. How are you guys handling that? Monday blues or super excited to start the week? Lazy or productive?

I NEED to be productive because I have a ton of things happening until the end of the month:

  1. We’re taking my sister, her friend and my brother-in-law to the “Semana AcadΓ©mica” which means “Academic week” that being a week before graduation, where students party and get drunk and there are concerts and things to do and it might be fun. I’ve never been to something like that and neither have the kids (Of course Rui has, he’s done a whole lot of partying in his days) and it should be fun. Then, the girls are coming to stay with us and will spend Thursday here with me.
  2. My parents-in-law are coming to stay with us for my brother-in-law’s graduation. They arrive Friday night and so I have to provide dinner.
  3. We have family lunch with them and maybe some other family members on Saturday, before the graduation.
  4. We have the graduation on Saturday at 2.30 p.m and then we’ll be out to dinner, possibly with family.
  5. On Sunday, my side of the family might come for lunch and so I need to provide lunch for 8 people.
  6. My in-laws leave on Sunday after lunch.
  7. On Tuesday (23rd) we’ll be going to the movies with my friends.
  8. On either Monday or Wednesday I might spend the day with a friend of mine who is on vacation, we might go to the beach.
  9. On Saturday (27th) Rui is going to a wedding, probably living on Friday night.
  10. On Sunday, I will meet my best friend Catarina who is here from Austria to attend a wedding.
  11. Ufff…

Also because I have people staying over, the house needs to be spotless and laundry needs to be done and put away, grocery shopping must be done, and I need to figure out what to feed people.

I need to make sure Rui’s things are ready for the wedding and that he is packed.

I need to bathe Rosa, to make her more presentable haha.

How the hell did I do this when I was working is still a mystery to me. I mean, I remember last June, when Rui’s parents came to stay with us, we were shopping until midnight and then woke up at 6 on a Saturday to clean the whole house in 3 hours, before they arrived.

Well, we have indeed been stretching ourselves too thin for a few years. No wonder I’m like this.

So for today, my task list is:

  • Scrub the bathroom from top to bottom. Make sure I have towels, toilet paper, tissues, soap, extra toothbrushes and everything the guests might need in a place where they can immediately see it and ready to use;
  • Wash the dishes I haven’t washed during the weekend. Clean the stove. Clean the open shelving, behind appliances and the floor. Wash Rosa’s bed;
  • Do some laundry, put away a basket that is already washed;
  • Change and make my bed;
  • Water the plants;
  • Read some blogs;
  • Read and answer comments;
  • Make dinner;
  • Organize my general to-do list;
  • Exercise;

I think this might be enough for today.

Can you believe I still haven’t started my exam preparation? There’s just to much to do, something always comes up.

Now, about the tittle of this post.

I’m currently obsessed with plants! Probably because, for the first time in my life, I can keep them alive. I have one in my bathroom, one on my dressing table, FOUR on my desk, and I’ve just bought 3 succulents yesterday. I have some outside too, but Rui takes care of those. I’ll show you pictures of my plants later.

Now, tell me about you.

Do you have a lot on your plate for today? For the next few weeks?

Are you a plant person? What are some of your favorites?

See you later.