Hey guys, 

It’s mother’s day here and I’m spending the whole day with family. We’re out to lunch and then we will be together until dinner time, then eat at my parent’s. I’ve has such a busy weekend and a bad week before that, so I’m feeling overwhelmed. I have a so,so many comments to answer to, text messages, emails, facebook messages, instagram messages, whatsapp messages, etc. I also have a few calls to make. There are probably hundreds of posts I have yet to read. 

Besides everything that I have to do related to blogging and social media and answering back to people, I still have a few last things to solve regarding my business. I also need to get my home in order, because it’s still kind of messy after the redecoration. I need to meal plan, so I can go back to my super healthy eating habits. I need to get into my planned routine in order to get ready for exams. Exercise needs to become a part of my routine again. 

To accomplish all of these things I need to get organized and settled. 

For that, I’m taking today, Monday and maybe Tuesday off. I’ll still be publishing the blogging challenge posts, though. 

I’m so sorry, my loves.

I’ll miss you like crazy and talk to you soon.