Hello everyone,

I’m super late for this, I know!! It’s almost May 7th here.

I was out all day.

So, today’s topic is:

5 things I can’t live without

Don’t forget that I’m doing this challenge with my dear friends Maggie and Angela. What can’t they live without? Go over to their blogs and check it out!

What about me? What can’t I live without?

To make this more interesting, let us forget the obvious answers: Family, friends, oxygen, water, food, hot water, a roof over my head, electricity, my phone, etc

Not thinking about the ones I love and basic necessities (I know my phone is not a basic necessity but I need it to be able to communicate with people, and for work. Am I cheating? Totally.), I can’t live without:

  • Hair bands
  • A notebook
  • A pen
  • Books
  • Cute and comfortable pajamas

What do you think about it?

Do we share any essentials?