Are you mentally tough?

If you want to unlock confidence and will power read this. The post 45 Minute Plank For Mental Toughness appeared first on Fitness and Fueling.

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My friend Greg wrote this amazing article that I think many of you would love to read. It’s inspiring in so many ways! It shows you that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, because your mind is more powerful than you know.

This is inspiring not only when it comes to fitness and body resistance (your mind gives up before your body does, most times) but also when we talk about being strong when facing life’s challenges. It can boost your confidence, and teach you that you are much tougher than you think. Which I’m learning through my journey of fighting depression.

This is not an article I would read before, but I have learned (in a short amount of time) that my body and mind are more connected than I could ever have imagined. If this is something you would like to learn about, this particular article is extremely inspiring.

If you like fitness and nutrition in general, this blog is one you are going to love. Greg is very nice and willing to help when it comes to these subjects.

Thank you, guys!!



37 thoughts on “Are you mentally tough?

  1. Karen, is an excellent source for a program. This program changed my life. Their are various levels you can choose to follow. Access to their programs does come at a monthly fee but it is fairly inexpensive. Good luck in your journey!

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  2. 45 minutes… I am already tired thinking about it. I believe a friend of mine, now in India, had a plan to do something similar that came down to where your brain is always first to give up. I would definitely be interested in such when I take the road again.

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  3. People often do not realize how much stronger the mind is than the body. To build a tough body you need to first build a tough mind. Everyone is capable of improving their mental toughness.

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      • I think everyone struggles with some sort of mental issues to some extent. Creating a healthy lifestyle and surrounding yourself with positive people is the key to success in anything!

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  4. Mentality is definitely an important part of choosing a healthy lifestyle and being able to withstand that challenges of good fitness. I’m studying to become a sports psychologist so your content is very interesting to me!

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