My hospital adventures (and the Russian House M.D)

Hey there, dear friends!!

If you read my blog often you probably missed me for the last 24 hours. I usually post at night and then at lunch time, which I didn’t do.

After my last post, I began to feel very unwell again, extremely dizzy (almost passing out) and experiencing nausea and a huge headache. I called my psychiatrist and she said I should go to the hospital, to make sure it’s just side effects of the pills. She told me that, if they didn’t find anything, it was probably my medication and we would adjust that.

I showered and Rui came home early.

Where we live, there’s a health care center that is open 24 hours and takes care of emergencies. We decided that should be enough and went there. We waited for about 2 hours, until I finally got a very rude doctor, who wouldn’t even let me speak. He asked me when was my last period, took my blood pressure and sugar, and asked for a urine sample. After all of that he called me and said they were just going to give me some fluids (some saline)

And I got pissed!


Me: But why?

Doctor: Because you have dizziness!

Me: But no diagnosis?

Doctor: That’s a diagnosis!

Me: Isn’t that a symptom?

Doctor: Being dizzy is a symptom, dizziness is a diagnosis. (WTF? ISN’T THAT THE SAME SHIT WITH DIFFERENT WORDS?)

Me: But I would like to have some exams done or something else.

Doctor: That’s supposed to be with your family doctor.

Me: Which I don’t have… we don’t have one. There aren’t enough doctors.

Doctor: Yes, you do. It’s doctor x.

Me: Why did they tell me I had no doctor?

Doctor: When was that?

Me: About a month ago. You don’t take blood samples here?

Doctor: No, this is a healthcare center, not a hospital.

Me: ….

Doctor: Unless you want me to refer you to the hospital so you can have some blood work.

Me: Yes, I would like that


Doctor proceeds to shove the results he had in an envelope and give them to me and refer me to the hospital.

So we went there (it’s about 20 minutes away, maybe more) and I had to wait from 9.34 p.m to almost 1 a.m to be seen by a doctor. Yes, Portugal has free healthcare, but you die while waiting so…

The doctor called me and asked a bunch of questions, in his Russian accent, measured my blood pressure again, took my temperature and told me “Go do a (something) nasal x-ray and come back here)”.

I went and did my ex-ray and came back. He immediately showed me my x-ray on his computer and said:

Doctor: See here. You have acute frontal sinusitis. That’s what causing the dizziness, the nausea, the balance issues, the headache and all of the symptoms. This is a sponge tissue that gets inflamed and creates pressure against your skull, which makes your head hurt. This is chronic and it has no cure. You need to be careful about a few things…. (as he proceeded to explain me everything about my situation and the things I needed to be careful about)

Me: (thinking to myself) Are you like… the Russian version of House?

The guy was spot on, instead of telling me to pee in a cup. I was amazed.

So guys, this is why I have been unwell for the last week or so… I’m having a crisis, there’s inflammation, which explains everything.

I finally got a diagnosis!!

It’s shit to have this because my ears will always be super sensitive, I can’t eat certain foods and I might have a crisis a couple of times a year, but at least I know what I have and can take care of it!!!

That’s it for now!!





78 thoughts on “My hospital adventures (and the Russian House M.D)

  1. Sorry you had to go through all that to get an answer. Happy you found out what it was, though! Hope you feel better soon!

    (You got me over here from Twitter. Loving your post titles lately! They are working for you. <3)

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    • hahaha I’ll keep on finding funny ones. Thank you so much for reading!! The intention wasn’t even to be funny this time, the guys was my Russian, obese house. With a mustache lol Thank you so much, now I just have to take my anti-inflammatory and something for the nausea if it gets too bad. And maybe quit dairy. That’s shit for me, I love me some milk lol

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  2. Awwww, so sorry about your whole experience, sounds quite awful honestly. Sounds even worse because that first place seemed rude and awful! Least now you know what it is, I hope you feel better!

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    • I just get rude doctors all the time. I have no idea why but every single time. And it’s not a reaction to me at all, I’m always polite and nice, unless they get really rude.

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  3. I hate it when you can’t get a word in edgeways with doctors and when they don’t give a crap! I hope you feel better soon! At least you know why now, I always find that a little reassuring and helps me feel better.

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear that, Chelia!!! I can definitely relate to sinus problems; I get sinus infections every year almost. They’re not severe, but definitely annoying!!! Because then common colds turn into bacterial infections, and I’m allergic to the antibiotics that take a few days to finish…so I have to take the couple week ones. Ugh. And rude doctors are so awful! I’m sorry that’s who you got seen by. They make it so hard to figure out what help or medicine you need.

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  5. Oooooh my..
    some of these doctors just need that money…

    They are not upholding their oath..
    they give you medicine..
    Don’t explain shit..

    Rush you out..

    And you felt still not knowing what is wrong with you or what is causing your illness..

    So glad you find ” house “..
    now you can do whatever it takes to deal with your issues….

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  6. Sounds like you had a horrid time, but still got a sense of humour! Sinusitis does make you feel pretty bad, but at least you know what it is now. Feel better soon!

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    • It does, it gives me the worst headache! Yes, I am happy to know what I have and to have the medication for it, which I hate taking, but something needs to end this inflammation.

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  7. I’m sorry that your symptoms aren’t just side effects of the meds, but at least you now know what’s going on. I hope you’re feeling better.

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  8. Good for you for insisting on getting a referral for the hospital. Small time clinics don’t give a shit about patients. Well, some do, but not all. At least you finally know what is wrong and what you can do to prevent it. Stay healthy doll!

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    • Thanks, my dear. Yes, I was about to snap at the doctor because it wouldn’t be the first time I left a doctor’s office without an answer and even worse than I felt when I got there, because they manage to get me nervous.

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    • He was trying to outsmart me, just because he’s a doctor. But I’m not always dumb so I knew that it bullshit. He was just basically saying “shut up and go” with his “diagnosis”. I’m fine now, dear! Thank you!! xx

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      • It is annoying to have doctors bullshit you because you are putting your trust in them. But it takes all kinds to make this life interesting. You should send him the post link, but that is if you are changing doctors 😉

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  9. Sorry you had to go through all that, but I’m glad you eventually got to see someone and get some real answers. Even though answers don’t always mean a cure or anything like that sometimes it’s just better to know what’s going on at the very least. Good thing you trusted your instincts. 🙂

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    • Yes, I knew something was going on. I knew how I was feeling and that I was not a problem of hydration or nourishment. Fluids would do nothing for me. It might not have a cure and be annoying but now I now what to do when I have it. That’s the important thing. 🙂

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  10. It’s so unfortunate that a lot of doctors are rude like that! Smh and then the only thing they want to do is prescribe some pills or send you somewhere else. And the waiting of course is horrible. Not enough doctors or rooms in hospitals for that matter. I was in a bad car accident a couple of years ago, rushed to the hospital and my bed had to be placed in the hallway, with others because no rooms were available. I’m glad you finally know what’s going on!

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  11. Some doctors are like that! While House made for a very entertaining show, when stuff like that happens in real life, it’s miserable. Unfortunate that you had to go through that. I hope you are feeling better now, dear.

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  12. That’s scary stuff! I’m so glad “House” took care of you. It’s funny, last year my Dane Levi had a partial stomach torsion. The local vet was concerned that it was very unusual and wanted a board certified surgeon to come and do the surgery. What was the vet’s name? You guessed it! Dr. House. I about died laughing…to myself, of course. 😉


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