Days of March: March 2018 in Review + Plans and Goals for April

In March I:

– Got officially engaged.

– Bought a cute dress, a cardigan and two pairs of basic leggings.

– Had my sister over for a couple of days.

– Had a baking competition at work and was probably the biggest loser because I took two different things and they both looked like shit.

– Decided I wanted a second job.

– Began looking for a second job. Sent many applications, got many calls and went to a couple of interviews but it was hard to find something I could do while keeping my current job, which I love.

– Had our 5th anniversary. We’ve been together for 5 years and a few days.

– Had 2 extra days off.

– Worked a few mornings because the kids were off on Easter break and we had them from 10 a.m to 1 p.m.

– Didn’t go to the pool at all.

– Just came to Rui’s hometown for Easter. We got here Thursday, 30th at 9 p.m and are going home on Sunday afternoon.

– Got to 2500 followers on WordPress.

– Read 3 books. Not nearly enough but more than I usually do.

– Watched the Oscars.

– Watched a few movies, finished the second season of This is Us, the second season of Divorce, the first season of The Good Doctor, and we’re almost done with The Alienist.

– Spent a little time with friends and family.

– Announced our engagement, told our family and the wedding party.

– Decided on a date (yet to be announced) and began brainstorming wedding plans. The countdown is on!

Review of my March Plans and Goals:

• Celebrate our 5th anniversary. We’re planning on maybe taking a little trip to a city I’ve never been to, here in Portugal. We have friends there too so we’re probably going to visit them.

– Boy, did we celebrate. We got engaged.

• Plan a little getaway trip.

– Didn’t happen.

• Paint our house. We really wanted to have done this last Summer but ended up not doing it. I think we’ll do it this month instead of waiting for the Summer. We really need to paint all of our inside walls and our patio walls too.

– Didn’t happen.

• Spend Easter with Rui’s family. Although they’re catholic my family don’t celebrate Easter so we always spend this holiday with Rui’s side of the family, traveling to his hometown and spending the long weekend.

– We’re here now.

• Get little Easter treats for everyone, on a budget. I hate this time of year because we always spend so much on chocolate. I hate giving presents that people are just going to eat and be done with.

– We bought eggs for the kids and nothing else.

• Have my sister over for a few days.

– Done.

• Watch the Oscars.

– Done.

• Make sure the kids finish this term with good grades. Please, God! Put some sense into their little heads. They can be so lazy and careless. I try to do my part but I cannot study for them or force them to work.

– Done.

• Finish my freelance work project until the 15th.

– Nope.

• Blog every day. There are a few things I really want to post this month:

1 Guest Post Sunday

2 Freelance Work and how I make money online

3 How we save money part II

4 Question of the day

5 The loveliest quotes

– Nope.

• Get our garden ready for Spring.

– It rained a lot so no! But we changed a few plants.

• Lose 10 pounds.

– Hahahaha

• Go to the pool at least 3x a week.

– Hahahahahahahaha

• Keep on decluttering.

– Tried but we had rain and guests and we’re busy.

Plans and Goals for April:

  • Find a second job.
  • Work on our garden.
  • Read 5 books.
  • Decide on a wedding budget.
  • Finish the first draft of our wedding guest list.
  • Finally finish that freelance project.
  • Blog every day.
  • Go to the pool three times a week.
  • Declutter and Spring clean our house.
  • Caught up with laundry.
  • Try some baking recipes. I’m trying to learn and become good at it.
  • Probably paint our house.
  • Look into buying a new bed and mattress.
  • Try intermittent fasting.
  • Watch a few movies.


  • Watch La Casa de Papel.

16 thoughts on “Days of March: March 2018 in Review + Plans and Goals for April

  1. Congratulations on your engagement!!! I love the format of this post and might look into something like it for myself to stay can you tell me about freelancing and how I can make money writing online?


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