Exciting New Project – Bumblebee Magazine

Remember when I told you I had a new and exciting project that was still a secret but that I would be able to talk about it soon? Well, you can stop wondering. The day has come.

First of all, I need to start by telling you about our amazing CEO or Chief Editor. She calls herself “The girl on the go” (can I call you by your name, dear boss?) and blogs over at https://wordscantfathom.wordpress.com/. This all started because she had a dream. She wanted to start an online magazine, and so she reached out to people in this post: https://wordscantfathom.wordpress.com/2017/05/21/struck-with-an-idea/. Of course I had to be a part of this, immediately offering my services for whatever they might be needed. Some other amazing bloggers did the same and that is how this team was created. It’s with great pleasure to introduce you to the other members:












Along with our Queen Bee.

 This is our amazing logo:


And these are our rules:

🐝 From today June 1st until June 30th, we will be accepting submissions.

🐝Everyone is welcome, blogger or not. You can invite your friends to submit their work, if you know someone who would like to participate.

🐝Your work must be new (never published elsewhere, not even on your personal blog) and original. We will make sure all articles are compliant with those rules.

🐝Abusive or offensive content will not be tolerated. We reserve ourselves the right to refuse an article if we believe it to be offensive or discriminative in any way.

🐝To submit your work, all you have to do is sent it to either one of this email addresses (or both, if you prefer):

sweetsymphony8@gmail.com (Queen Bee)

pinkfordays@outlook.pt (me)

🐝 We accept the following categories:

  • Travelogue
  •  Book Reviews
  •  Short stories
  • Essays
  • Fiction/non fiction piece of writing
  • Poems
  • Facts/Tips
  • Photography
  • Interviews
  • Daily News
  • Fashion articles/Beauty/make up
  • Movies/shows/Music
  • Food and recipes

To finish, you’re welcome to watch our presentation video:

Thank you so much for reading.

And let the bees guide you home!



46 thoughts on “Exciting New Project – Bumblebee Magazine

  1. This is exciting, Cheila! I have to tell you that one of many Adi’s nicknames for me is Bumblebee. That’s ‘cos he thinks I sting like one. I love the name of the magazine therefore and I shall wait to see the first edition. Congratulations on being a part of the team and I hope to see your articles too. Whee! Have fun with the project xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. this looks very interesting, looking forward to hearing more on it! will you be looking for content each month from a set few or will it be open to all?? xx


  3. What a wonderful idea that you’ve become a part of. I really admire your drive and devotion to the blogging world. It sounds really exciting and I’d love to contribute.


    • Thank you, Oriana. It means so much that you would say that. I don’t think it will be that big but it’s fun to play journalist. I love talking to people, getting to know their stories 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Who knows ! Did you ever consider journalism as a career option ? Since you study languages it could be a great asset if you were to choose that path 😊


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