What’s Up Wednesday

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What we’re eating this week:

We’re trying to eat healthier, especially me. We have tonnes of fruits and vegetables (in a controlled amount, so they won’t spoil) and we plan on using them. We’re also eating fish over meat (we only have turkey and some pork), and only wild-caught fish. I bugged Rui so much at the supermarket to ONLY GET WILD-CAUGHT FISH that he decided to obliged and we only bought that kind. I thought you could only pick with salmon, but apparently we have so much wild-caught fish to choose from here. Am I saying “wild-caught fish” too much? I know, I know. Yesterday Rui made Russian salad (with tuna) and there are enough leftovers for tonight’s dinner. Tomorrow we’ll have grilled turkey steaks with brown rice, sautéed white cabbage (his mom sent us a huge cabbage that we need to eat before it goes bad) and a salad and, on Friday, we’re probably have grilled salmon (wild-caught haha) and a salad.

I’m doing my best to stay away from sugar and dairy. I’ve bought brown sugar and that’s the only thing I will use, in a small amount. No more Stevia, unless I decided to buy certified pure and organic and to make sure it doesn’t mess with my insulin levels – that’s the rumor. I only add 1/3 of a tablespoon of honey to my oatmeal and only a little bit of milk. For my frapuccinos, I used to do a cup full of milk and then some coffee and ice. Now I do 1/3 of the cup coffee, then ice and whatever room there’s left is for milk. I’m drinking tonnes of water, eating all the veggies and way less carbs and fats.

What I’m reminiscing about:

Nothing, I think. I’m more focused on the present and future.

What I’m loving:

My diet, my blog, my plants, my lists, my dishwasher, my home office, good sleep, having only one Facebook account and only one Instagram account, interacting more on social media.

What we’ve been up to:

I’ve been doing a general internet cleanse.

  • I announced on my personal Facebook that I would only use the account that I use for my blog. I followed everyone I was interested in, asked them to like my Pink for Days page and then received a few friend requests. Again, I’ve only accepted the ones I wanted to. Then, last night, I deleted my personal Facebook account that I had since 2010. Didn’t even blink. I couldn’t manage two so, using my blog account, I can post both for my real friends and family and for my followers at the same time. Everyone can see what I post and what’s going on the blog.
  • I announced on my personal Instagram that I was going to shut down the account and keeping only the one associated to my blog. I followed who I was interested in keep following, unfollowed some people I didn’t know in real life or from the blogging world (otherwise I don’t have time to focus on your Instagram posts, the ones I WANT to check) and then, a few hours ago, I deleted my old Instagram account.
  • I unfollowed a bunch of people I didn’t know, on Twitter, just to clean up a bit and to be able to keep up with you guys.
  • I announced on Facebook that I have a YouTube account, in case anyone is interested in subscribing.
  • I deleted all of my phones old photos. No, I don’t save my meal or plant photos.
  • I unfollowed blogs that were inactive;
  • I unsubscribe to junk mail on all of my email accounts (I have 6 but only really use 3 or mostly 2 right now, since the other three are for work and the other is for my university emails)
  • I unfollowed a few people on Bloglovin.

I still want to go through my Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp and contact list on both my phones.

This is SO liberating, I highly recommend and general cleanup.

What I’m dreading:

Nothing. Let it happen. I can deal with it.

What I’m working on:

Usual. The garden, the house, getting back to reading and watching movies, making a habit tracker, using my planner again, getting better at taking pictures (no results, though), getting healthy and feeling good.

What I’m excited about:

We’re having dinner with a couple we love and that we have been friends with for a few years on Saturday. Shoe shopping for Mr.R. I’m a simple girl with simple needs…not.

What I’m watching/reading:

I’ve watched Zodiac and half of Apolo 13 last weekend. I’m reading the second book on the Harry Potter series.

What I’m listening to:

Trying to get back into my Spotify account.

What I’m wearing:

Usual. Old workout leggings and T-shirts, shorts, light dresses, my blue romper, pajamas and sports bras.

What I’m doing this weekend:

Go to a dinner and chilling.

What else is new:

Nothing. It rained today, actually.

Now before I go:

  1. Have you submitted anything to the first issue of Bumblebee Magazine? 3 days left. Are you going to miss out on being part of the first issue?




2. Have you subscribed to my YouTube account? Do you have one I can subscribe to?


3. Are we friends on Goodreads?


That’s all for now, guys!! Thank you so much.