Days of May – A monthly wrap-up

In May I:

  • I’ve been slacking a bunch with my exercise, water intake and diet. This is not how it’s supposed to go. I need to focus on getting healthy, when it comes to my anxiety and depression but also when it comes to my weight. I’m too short so at 1.58 cm and 85 kg I’m considered obese. The tittle doesn’t bother me but the weight does. It could seriously affect my health and I could get diabetes or worse. Also, clothes don’t fit well, I have a million stretch marks, too much cellulite and I hate seeing myself like this. I gets me anxious and frustrated. It’s not about size, not at all. It’s about feeling stronger and healthier and on track and more confident. Also, it would help immensely with my anxiety and depression.
  • I haven’t read anything. I feel a bit frustrated because I so want to get back into that habit. I have a bunch of books that I have started and I need to finish them. I want to read the Harry Potter series and I can’t seem to finish the second book.
  • I’ve also been slacking a bit on the house, which comes from poor organization and planning and sleeping too much which leaves me with less time for tasks and hobbies.
  • In general, I feel like May has been a setback. I had made some progress but the month was hard and not productive at all. April had been a bit difficult too, but I feel worse about May.
  • But not everything is bad. We celebrated Mother’s Day, my brother-in-law’s graduation and spent time with Rui’s side of the family.
  • I reached 1000 followers and threw a massive party and giveaway.
  • I became super interested in plants and gardening and have been doing a bunch of things in our garden and taking care of our inside and outside plants.
  • I received a bunch of postcards and letters from dear blogging friends.
  • I saw my friends.
  • I met new blogger and made new friends. I did my Guest Post Sunday series, blogged every day and finished our one month blogging challenge.
  • Celebrated my 4th month of blogging.
  • Finished watching Poldark
  • Started watching Big Little Lies and the 5th season of Orange Is The New Black
  • Had my sister over twice, once with her friend.
  • Got an allergic reaction.
  • Baked cupcakes for the first time.
  • Met my friend Catarina, who I hadn’t seen in 2 years;

In May, I’m grateful for:

  • Seeing family and friends;
  • Good weather;
  • Lovely plants;
  • Gardening;
  • Nice TV shows;
  • Pizza;
  • Getting mail;
  • Naps;
  • Alone time;
  • Being outside more;
  • Funny phone calls with mom and sister;
  • Great guest posts;
  • Blogging friends;
  • Writing;

I’m also glad about my blog views. In April, they I had less views comparing to March, thankfully, I was able to do better in May.

March: 12,097 views; 2,723 visitors; 5,342 likes; 2,800 comments. 

April: 11,393 views; 2,967 visitors; 5,485 likes; 2,759 comments. (-704 views)

May: 13,134 views; 3,268 visitors; 6,179 likes; 3,928 comments. (+1,741 than April; +1,037 than March)

The numbers are looking pretty good. And yes, I do care about them. I spend so many hours working on this blog and I don’t get paid, obviously. Numbers are my reward, my productivity report. Do you understand what I mean? Can you relate to this or you don’t care about numbers at all?

In June, for my blog, I want to:

  • Get to 15,000 views.
  • Get to 1,250 followers (currently at 1,118)
  • Have a guest post every sunday
  • Post every day
  • Post something useful (maybe tips or an informative article) and maybe some poetry or short-story)
  • Meet new bloggers;
  • Keep my “Perfect Party Series” going
  • Help new bloggers kick-off their blogs
  • Catch up on Awards
  • Do my cleaning challenge
  • Share more photos taken by me
  • Keep up my “Thursday meal planning and recipe share” posts
  • Write the following posts: My morning routine, my night routine, my body routine, my makeup routine, what I’m wearing this Spring with no shopping, what’s in my bag, day in the life, studying schedule;

In June, I want to:

  • Drink 1,5 l of water every day.
  • Do my yoga every single day and find one video with exercises for back pain to add to my regular yoga routine;
  • Go to the beach;
  • Wake up early every day, maybe 8.30h would be a good time;
  • Go to bed earlier, between 11.30 and midnight;
  • Take a walk in the morning, at least 3 times a week;
  • Do some gardening, at least every other day;
  • Keep up with house chores, they count as exercise;
  • Go swimming;
  • Watch 2 movies a week;
  • Finish reading 3 books I need to finish and get back to the library. (bonus points for 5 books);
  • Go to therapy once a week or every other week;
  • Finally schedule a gynaecologist appointment, a dental appointment and a dermatology appointment;
  • Don’t slack on self-care: Wash face morning and night, use toner, moisturize, exfoliate once a week, do green clay mask once a week, do hydration mask twice a week. Moisturize body, exfoliate twice a week. Brush teeth 4 times a day. Do a pedicure and manicure. Make sure I get sun protection. Keep taking my multivitamin and my hair supplement. Do hair masks twice a week. Take my pills. Don’t sleep too much.
  • Cook healthy meals.
  • Never let food spoil.
  • Make breakfast for Rui and leave his clothes prepared every night. (I like taking care of him and he has a lot of responsibility and stress at work so I like to help as much as I can so he can focus on work);
  • Spend more time with friends and family;
  • Spend more time outside;
  • Drink less coffee, eat less sweets and fast food;
  • Try new baking recipes;
  • Study hard and in an organized way for my exams;
  • Reach out to people I haven’t talked to in a long time;
  • Send postcards and letters;
  • Wash dishes after dinner;
  • Eat three meals and three snacks each day, be more consistent with meal times. Do a food journal.
  • Do a habit tracker;
  • Get more plants;
  • Try to cut back on laundry and spend less water and electricity (we’re paying too much);
  • Slowly get back to work. I’ve got some students already and I’m happy I’ll be able to work from home;
  • Save money;
  • Help Rui with the veggie garden;
  • Work on our relationship (we are fine but we’ve been better. We’re both stressed out most of the time and need to focus on being nice to each other. We rarely fight but we can really say mean things and be nasty);
  • Celebrate my mom and grandmother’s birthdays;
  • Start taking my driver’s license;
  • Call people (family and friends) more often;
  • Invite people over;
  • Work hard on accomplish all of my goals. I know I can do it if I’m more organized and better with my schedules.

In May, I would like to: (update)

  • Really focus on my health for days journey, not leaving weekends out of it. Having only one cheat day and enjoy only one treat on that day; I’ve been slacking a lot; (slacked even more)
  • Exercise every day. Leave Sundays as a rest day. I know I’m being too ambitious but I REALLY need this. Plus, my doctor told me to walk 4 km every day. If she thinks I can and should do it, I should follow her advice, right? (hahahahahahahahahaha)
  • Read the books there are on my current list. I really want to get back on the habit of reading every day and more books. It used to be such a big part of my life (I’m a literature student) and I miss it so much; (Pfff)
  • Watch more movies. I have a huge list of films I have been meaning to watch and I’ll never have as much free time as I do now; (Watched about 2 or 3)
  • Spend Mother’s day with my mom (next Sunday) and give her a nice present!!  (Done)
  • Go to my brother-in-law’s graduation and buying something nice for him. My parents-in-law are coming to stay with us and I’m excited about that; (Did go but poor guy is still waiting for his present)
  • Rui has a wedding that I’m not going to, but I need to get his clothes in order for that; (Was done)
  • Finish my Spring cleaning and organization; (Let’s not talk about it)
  • Come up with a nice schedule. I have a draft already, just need to make it into a real thing; (No)
  • Do a habit tracker; (No)
  • Spend time with people I love; (Somewhat)
  • Get outside more, maybe work on the garden and go to the beach; (Did work on the garden. A lot, actually)
  • Start studying and exam preparation. I think I need, at least 3 hours a day; (Haven’t started. Best student award)
  • Keep blogging and reading blogs, discovering new ones and making good friends! (Yes)
  • Keep making and eating healthy meals; (Sometimes. But mostly ate like sh*t)

On another note:

Some of you have been asking for blogging tips and I said I would do a post. Would you like me to do a vlog about it? You have never hear my voice or see me talk so it would be fun. I’m not becoming a YouTuber or a Vloggers anytime soon but a video might be fun.

I thought I might also do one to answer the questions left on my survey, which are:

  1. Can we do a collaboration soon?
  2. Do you have any blog post ideas?
  3. How are you so great??? (hahaha this one was good)
  4. What has been your biggest AND oldest aspiration?
  5. Also, what do you do when you’re stressed out?
  6. How do you structure your time getting all things blog done? I need a kick up the bum for me on mine! Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated!!
  7. How do you post everyday without running out of ideas?
  8. Hi. How are you? How are you getting on with thinking about going back to work? How’s Rosa? How’s Rui? How’s the weather?
  9. How has your day been?
  10. How do you find the time to do it all?? I can barely handle my tiny little blog.
  11. What is your favourite post?
  12. How do you keep so up to date and make time for blogging? that is what i am struggling with the most.

Would you like me to answer this questions in a video? What do you think about it?

Do you have any more questions you would like me to answer? Keep in mind that this survey is anonymous (I have no idea who come up with such sweet questions) so you can do it there, if you don’t want me to know your questions or you can leave them in the comments below. Also, lets vote for the video. Who think I should do it?



What was May like for you? What do you expect to accomplish in June? Share below.

That’s it for now, my friends. I hope you have an amazing month of June.

Love and hugs.



<a href=””>Should I answer your questions in a video? Should I do one with blogging tips?</a>


32 thoughts on “Days of May – A monthly wrap-up

  1. I understand about wanting to see the stats for your blog. You do put a lot of yourself(time, effort, and you) into it. I didn’t even know how many followers I had, much less about stats. Maggie showed me where to find them LOL Love the list but you know this about me, I love a good list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You accomplish a lot in a month. Kudos to you. I am also a list maker and love to cross them off as I achieve them. An idea I have for your blog is categories and take-how to use them successfully and how are they different. Should you have more of one than the other? How to improve traffic using categories and tags. I’d love to hear your advice on this:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! I do use categories and tags. I might talk about it soon. But you should always categorize and definitely use tags so people can find your blog!


  3. Great monthly wrap up post!! It’s great to not only remember the things that you didn’t get done that you wanted to but to be reminded of all the great accomplishments and lovely things you’ve achieved and done this month!! And it’s great that you’ve hit 1000 followers and got better stats in May than you did in April or March!! 😁💗 xx


  4. This is a mega wrap up post!! June is a super long list, so pace yourself my friend. I would say start with self care, that’s the most important right? 🙂
    I have been considering making goals for myself and sharing them on the blog, but I tend to keep forgetting. Maybe next month.
    Also I vote for video, I’m curious about hearing your voice 😀


  5. I loved reading this post! Congrats on all your success from last month. I hope next month is even better for you!
    May was an amazing month for me! I spent more time with my family going to parks which we haven’t done in what feels like years. I also exceeded my blogging goals which I write on a spread sheet each month. I had less than 100 followers at the beginning of the month and I ended the month with 485! I hope you have an awesome day Cheila. Many Blessings, Grace ❤


  6. You have achieved a lot in a short time. I love that you look for new ways to improve and add value to your blog. It keeps it interesting. The fact that you also take time to get to know some of your following says a lot. Thank you.


  7. Nice monthly wrap up! 🙂 I always admire how organized you are with your structured goals and updates. Well done! I’m still using my monthly goal board at home and it’s always so satisfying to check things off. 😀
    Can you believe we’re already in the sixth month of the year?? Where is all the time going to? lol I’m planning on making the most of this second half of the year. I dedicated this year to self improvement and so far I’ve accomplished some really big life milestones that I’m hoping to see pay off soon. 🙂
    Good luck to you with the second half of the year. You’ve accomplished a lot in the short time I’ve known you, so I look forward to seeing where life continues to take you. ❤


  8. I’m sorry May hasn’t been your best month – I almost feel the same. It’s been so busy with the end of school as well as so much work, I can’t wait for summer to finally start!


  9. I would love to see you on video Cheila! That would be so cool and might be fun for you☺️ you definitely should. I pay attention to the numbers but not a bunch. Like if my followers stay the same for a month and I’ve been blogging everyday that’s gonna be a problem to me. But if I gain just 10 I’d be fine with that


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