Health for days journey – May 31st (update)

Hey guys,

How are you? Did you have a nice day?

I did have a good one but I feel a little tired.

Also I’ve just burned a batch of brownies so…

Let me tell you, I don’t know what’s happening today but I’m having my second best day in terms of views ever. I’m at 731 right now. My best number was 863 on March 20, 2017. Come on guys, keep reading, I want to go over that lol

Let’s check my to-do list:

  • Priority one: Gardening. I want to plant the seeds I’ve bought yesterday, water the garden and plants, pick up Rosa’s poop and wash her “bathroom area” with bleach, pick up a big bunch of weeds, branches, leaves and pine needles and transport them from the garden to the vegetable garden. So they can be turned into fertilizer? I think that’s why Mr. told me to take them there. I’ve also offered to do some weeding  in the veggie garden and now I have to do it, otherwise Rui wins. Lord help me. It must be hot and I’m lazy. – Did all of the above but didn’t do any weeding in the veggie garden. Was gardening for 2 hours but didn’t finish planting all my seeds. I plan to finish on Friday.
  • Priority two: Damn kitchen. Today IS the day I cleanup the whole thing. Kill me if I don’t, please. I hate it when I plan on doing something and then just procrastinate for one reason or the other. Makes me feel stupid because I write it down and then don’t do it, even if no one is going to read it. – I washed a bunch of dishes, cleaned the fridge, clean some shelves, cleaned the coffee machines but am not finished. Still need to cleanup the table, microwave, coffee station, floor and stove.
  • Priority three: Laundry. I need to get it from the clothesline, fold it and put it away before I lose control of it. – Still in the line. Shit.
  • Make some Jello. And it’s fresh and yummy. – Done.
  • Change my sheets. Mr. R came to bed last night before I could do it. – Will do before bed.
  • Drink my 1.5 l of water. – Not even close.
  • Do my yoga. – I’m too sore from the gardening, I’ll skip it.
  • Write a few postcards. – Didn’t get to it.

Tomorrow there won’t be a health for days journey post. I will leave home early to go to my driving school and finish my enrollment and then to spend time with parents and sister, so I won’t be writing until the evening. I also have a psychiatrist’s appointment at 4.30 p.m, so I’ll have that to attend.

I might take a chance to take a few photos for you, around Lisbon and with my family. Would you like that? I might get some nice ones. My phone has a nice camera and I’m trying to be more careful with angles and light and such. Still not editing but paying more attention to how it might look. Living and learning, right?

I’ll have an update of my day for you tomorrow night. I might turn it into a day in the life post, if I’m feeling adventurous. It’s so great that my step-dad has a day off so we can be together, the 4 of us. My sister has to work at 5 p.m and I have my appointment at 4.30 p.m but we’ll have fun before that.

You’ll have my “Perfect Party Series #4” starring Dippy-Dotty girl.

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a good night/day!

Love you.


13 thoughts on “Health for days journey – May 31st (update)

  1. I shall wait for the tons of photos because I get a look at Lisbon all over again through you. How I love that city. Lucky you to be a part of its beauty. Burnt brownies should not be too bad. I love the burnt bits. Hope the outing with the family was gorgeous xx

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