100 blog posts and My Bucket List!!

To celebrate the fact that I have written 100 posts (in two months, shit I speak a lot), I will share my bucket list with you today! Don’t expect anything too wild like swimming with sharks or bungee jumping because this is not that kind of list. A few years ago, I think before I met Rui, I made a list of all the things I would like to do with my life, so this is more a list of all the things I want to do before I die!  I decided I should come up with 100 and I did. I still remember writing them on this notebook with a cupcake patterned cover, where they still are and where I’m copying them from right this second. I would write them down whenever I thought of something new, during a class, on the bus, at home, whenever I would come up with them. This should be interesting!

100 things I want to do before I die:

  1. Learn how to ride a bike;
  2. Write a book (or several books);
  3. Read all of the books from my “books I want to read before I die list” and the thousands of eBooks I have saved up on my computer (through totally legal downloads…not);
  4. Buy an old house to renovate or just build my dream house;
  5. Having a garden and a vegetable garden with fruits and trees and vegetables and plants and herbs and flowers.
  6. Go to the United Stated and travel the 50 states;
  7. Learn how to sew, do more things in crochet and knitting;
  8. Be a mother;
  9. Feel comfortable in my own body and control my weight;
  10. Have two dogs and one cat;
  11. Finish my degree in Languages, Literature and Cultures, with a Major in North American Studies and a Minor in English;
  12. Create a playlist of all my favorite songs;
  13. Have a library full of books;
  14. Try playing tennis, volleyball, basketball, running and Pilates;
  15. Do a Master’s in American Studies or Education;
  16. Buy a car;
  17. Take a massage course;
  18. Visit all of the most important places and monuments in the world, see all of the most important works of art;
  19. See all of the best movies ever made;
  20. Take more degrees, even if I’m not going to work in that field;
  21. Do some courses and learn every thing there is to learn about English and Literature;
  22. Learn mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and do exams, so I can take degrees that require these subjects;
  23. Teach;
  24. Learn German, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin;
  25. Live in the countryside in a place full of trees and near the water;
  26. Get cured from my depression;
  27. Wake up at the same time every day and get used to going to bed early;
  28. Be more sustainable and green (recycle, use more organic things, be more self-sufficient, make less garbage and have an electric car);
  29. Have a career;
  30. Have a shop or a cafe or a tutoring center or some other business;
  31. Get used to writing a journal;
  32. Buy better and more versatile and classic clothes that will last longer (more basics, etc);
  33. Stop being afraid of swimming in deep water and learn to swim better;
  34. Have healthy, long, beautiful nails and healthy hair;
  35. Stop being lazy when it comes to taking care of myself;
  36. Organize my finances and have a good savings account;
  37. Be completely independent;
  38. Be part of some groups like a book club or choir or collective sport;
  39. Go to a dance class;
  40. Forget about my past, get over all of the heartbreak and disappointment;
  41. Create a better relationship with everyone in my life;
  42. Organize my things until I feel like I’m 100% organized;
  43. Be the best in class in the next degree in decide to take and be 100% dedicated;
  44. Fill a notebook with all my favorite poems;
  45. Buy a pink laptop;
  46. Collect postcards and stones;
  47. Exchange letter and postcards with people from other countries;
  48. Learn more about Art, Cinema, History, Philosophy and Science;
  49. Have friends all over the world;
  50. Do a trip on my own;
  51. Write articles for a newspaper or magazine;
  52. Repeat all my exams from high school;
  53. Prepare myself to be able to teach Portuguese as a second language and to tutor Portuguese students for exams;
  54. Do some online courses;
  55. Do a play;
  56. Live alone;
  57. Learn how to play the piano;
  58. Be 100% healthy;
  59. Fill a notebook with recipes;
  60. Find my religion;
  61. Do some DIY projects like jewelry or restore furniture;
  62. Have a blog with 100 followers;
  63. Have singing lessons;
  64. Get married and stay married for 50 years;
  65. Write down all my expenses and live on a budget;
  66. Be in shape and like sports;
  67. Do volunteer work (at a hospital, with the homeless, for a suicide line and with orphan babies);
  68. Win an Award;
  69. Do an album with all my pictures;
  70. Adopt a child;
  71. Learn how to do things from scratch (soap, bread, clothes, detergent, etc.)
  72. Do a PhD;
  73. Help as many people as I can;
  74. Be great at something;
  75. Create a big folder, full of English learning/teaching materials;
  76. Get to know Lisbon better, like a tourist;
  77. Be able to say no to candy;
  78. Be informed about what is going on in the world;
  79. Do some kind of course related to computers or technology;
  80. Meet a famous writer;
  81. Write a movie or TV show script;
  82. Run a marathon;
  83. Be someone’s godmother;
  84. Take my driver’s licence and pass in the first try;
  85. Stop being ashamed of getting my picture taken and be in more;
  86. Write a Master’s thesis and PhD thesis;
  87. See all of Shakespeare’s plays in the theater;
  88. Learn how to meditate;
  89. Have 15/20 students at the same time for my private classes and make a good salary from them;
  90. Keep the friends I have and find more lifelong friends;


And that’s how far I got at the time. I started this list about three or four years ago and so many things have changed. Some of them don’t make sense to me anymore, some of them I have already accomplished and there are a few new goals. I will post an update and a current list but right now I’m just going to let you get to know 21-year-old me 🙂




63 thoughts on “100 blog posts and My Bucket List!!

  1. Your 21-year-old self had a Lot of goals in life 🙂 I doubt I ever had that many. Hmm…I have to put a bucket on my head and get thinking. But will wait to see the update. Goodnight C. Hope the weekend was lovely.

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  2. This is such a lovely post, per usual. It’s such a unique idea and I like that your list items were less typical like “jump off of a waterfall” and more realistic and catered to yourself! And hey, you always have a friend here in California!

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  3. Those are some really fun goals and I would totally be up to be a pen pal from a different country! 😉

    And we actually have a few things in common, though I doubt my 21-year-old self would’ve been as driven to learn as much as possible and be well educated as you were! I am also still hoping that my sister asks me to be godmother to one of her boys (whenever they decide to get them christened) because I love them both like crazy and being their godmother would be great. 🙂

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  4. I’m impressed with the fact that you’ve kept this list. I’ve written about 3 lists like this and (I’m blaming this on the sheer number of notebooks that I own and my penchant for writing on loose sheets of paper despite the number of notebooks I own) I cannot find any of them. Looks like I’ll have to start over a 4th time! In short, good for you!

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    • I have an immense collection of notebooks and planners, I keep them all. I knew this was in this one, I don’t know why. Maybe because I know the cupcake notebooks are from 3 or 4 years ago at university and I knew I had written this then? I associate memories with each notebook lol

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      • Oh okay, I think you’re onto a simple and brilliant idea. Buy notebooks that have images. I make buying new journals a big deal, but I never thought to do a simple thing like this with my random notebooks. I just whip them all out and look through each one by one trying to find what I’m looking for. Ugh. I may write a blog post on this. Thanks darling!

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  5. First of all congrats on 100 posts!!!! Like I have 5 I think??? How??? Are??? You??? So??? Amazing????? And your bucket list is cool and realistic and so nice???? Also you have a friend in the US 😉 (Also I’ll read any writing you want to publish – and if you want to learn how to play tennis I can give you some tips 😉 )

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  6. These are reasonable and achievable things 🙂 I want to learn Japanese lol. I know English (obviously lol) and Spanish. I took German in HS but have forgotten over 50% of it. I’m currently taking ASL because it’s fun. I too would like to help people in some way shape or form. 🙂 and having my own home with a garage big enough to fit my cars with a flat driveway and a garden is my dream lol.

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    • You should not lose the rest of your German vocabulary girl!! We can be pen pals and right in German (I know like 10 words but I would manage). And go for the Japanese. It’s sort of easy to learn languages by yourself these days!

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  7. I love the variety of the list. Bucket lists are often just a list of crazy activities or travel destinations, but I like that you include everyday things too like being able to say no to candy (I can never do that :D), and buying a pink laptop. It definitely makes the list more relateable and achievable! Good luck on your quest 🙂

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    • Thank you, Angela!! This was written a few years ago, I need to update it, but I wanted to give you guys the raw version first. I still want a pink laptop but hardly think it is a life goal lol

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  8. Congrats on how successful your blog is, it’s well deserved!
    Really loving the bucket list too and I share quite a few of the hopes and dreams with you – apart from owning a pink laptop, that would be on my bucket list of ‘not-to-dos’! 🙂

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