The incontinent mailman and the crazy taxi driver. Oh, and it’s cold!

Hey guys!!

It’s just so damn cold!!

It’s 8 degrees Celsius or about 46 Fahrenheit and raining. I guess that’s not so cold for some of you guys but it is here, especially because it was a sudden drop. I can’t wait to get home and cuddle my little space heater. My knees, feet, nose, hands and butt are freezing.

How’s the weather where you are?

Are you happy it’s Friday? Do you have big plans for the weekend?

We’re changing some things around the house (again, last time was in April) because we want to transfer my side of the office to our bedroom (which is pretty big), get Rui’s desk somewhere and turn our office into a closet/a place with a guest bed. We have a ton of shit to move around and organize. And clean. And I just want to sleep. Or read. Or watch the second season of The Crown, which I have yet to do. Have you watched it?

I’m tutoring 8th grade science and 10th grade Art History until 8 p.m. I have a headache and I really want to go home. Rui has this dinner to attend so I’m probably having sandwiches for dinner. Or cereal.

My favorite part when I get home is checking the mail to see if I’ve gotten any mail or delivery from my online shopping 😍 My second favorite part is changing into my pajamas (especially taking my bra (a.k.a boob prison).


So, I had to stop writing because the kids were done with their worksheets and we had to wrap things up for the weekend. I have to take the bus and a taxi because Rui is at that freakin dinner and it’s pretty freakin cold!! Like feeling the could under my coat and warm, turtleneck sweater and thick scarf. Gosh. I was waiting for the bus when I realized I had no money so I had to run to an ATM and then run because I literally saw the bus was coming, just as I was withdrawing the money. Man, I don’t like running, nor am I good at it. But I made it. At least I’m warm now. I just hope I don’t get the taxi driver that likes to talk and look back while talking. He’s pretty nosy and freaks me out because I can imagine us running into a tree very easily while he’s not looking at the road. Yes, there are only a handful of taxi drivers here and they’re from the same company and family so I know them all. I also know the mailman by name. Oh and we’re pretty intimate now since I caught him peeing against my garage wall when he thought I wasn’t home, like a fucking dog. He did apologize and say “I’m so sorry, I thought nobody was home” – “Oh, okay. Don’t worry”. What the fuck do you answer to that?

I did get the talkative taxi driver but he wasn’t in the mood to talk, thankfully. I’m already home, in bed, with my heater and Rosa. Why can’t she just lay a few centimeters away from me? She needs to be almost on top of me. So I have to bear the weight of at least half dog. She looks pretty cute, if I forget that she stalks me into the bathroom and comes to our room to throw up (just a few minutes ago). OMD. Oh my dog.

I guess this is the most random post ever, right? I’m going to post it anyway. Bye now, there’s a true crime podcast waiting for me.

Love you all.

Have a nice weekend!


I’m gonna post it anyway.


19 thoughts on “The incontinent mailman and the crazy taxi driver. Oh, and it’s cold!

    • 9 degrees that is almost a heat wave here….. well some days anyways it has been under zero Fahrenheit many times in the last several weeks. I guess I just got used to it. It’s only when I am in the car that it really bothers me because I am either to warm or too cold. Never really the right temp in the car.


  1. Oh my gosh – this post is the best!! Thank you for all the funny stories. And YES The Crown! I have only seen a few episodes but my roommate is into it and it is so good!
    Also – I have had my fair share of running to catch the train. Once I made it and once I didn’t. Haha.
    Thanks for posting it anyway. 🙂 Happy Friday!

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  2. Thanks for sharing about your day! 🙂 i laughed out loud when you talked about the talkative taxi driver and sighed in relief when he’s not in the mood to talk. Haha it’s nice to know that you know everyone there in your neighborhood. It feel safe. 🙂 i kinda envy a little bit your weather there. Would love to feel the cold. It barely happens here in our country since we’re in the middle of equator. 🙄 and it’s Saturday afternoon here now. Weekend is already starting. Have a great weekend! x


  3. I bet she felt better after throwing up on her mum. You know, nothing can beat the comfort of being cosseted after. Give her my hugs and the nerve of the mailman. I hope you did not treat him to tea after 😛


  4. Why against the garage wall is my question? He has a car, he couldn’t drive to a bathroom somewhere? Strange people.
    Anyway, I’m still enjoying summer weather 😛
    I’m holding onto it as tight as I can, cause I know we’ll be swapping positions in a few months


  5. Oh my gosh, you are just like me. If my boyfriend is busy I have to eat a sandwich or something for dinner, too, and I hate driving myself so I’d rather take a cab when he can’t drive me lol.
    I don’t feel it was okay for the mailman to pee on your garage wall if you were or weren’t home, what the heck?! I would have told him to clean it up lol.
    And just as I was reading this (I’m laying in my bed, hehe) my cat laid right on top of my stomach and I was just wondering why can’t she just lay next to me instead of on top, hahah!


  6. hahaha so if he thought you were home, he would have what, knocked on the door and asked to USE the bathroom, or went and urinated on the neighbours garage wall?…oh my goodness. It’s freezing here, which is rare and it’s been going on for a week, burr. I am ready for it to go away! hahahaha at “boob prison”

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  7. My cat has been banished from my room for pretending like she doesn’t know my bed is off limits. Her shedding is a nightmare and I refuse to find cat fur up my ass in the middle of the night. She’s lucky to live indoors and needs to be grateful, damn it. End of story.
    Your mailman couldn’t even bother to find a patch of grass to pee on instead of the wall?! I think we’ve all had at least one emergency bathroom visit in an unsavory place, but on someone’s garage! At least it wasn’t in your flower beds (my attempt to console you).
    I would love to take an Art History course again, but starting from the Renaissance. Anything medieval and prior makes me want to take a nap. I just can’t get into another painting of a pale bony saint looking miserable in a dark room.


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