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Day by Day – Health Journey (26.07.17) First to-do list in a while + movie update

Hey there, How is everyone? I should be doing a What's Up Wednesday post today but I'm lazy and I don't feel like doing it. It's a very calm day, I feel well, just a bit tired. I'm spending time... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – July 6th (update)

Hey guys, I'm back to tell you about my day. I couldn't nap at all but couldn't do much either, because I am so sleep deprived. I managed to do three things: I called Starbucks (they didn't answer), I made... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – July 6th (Insomnia edition)

Hello everyone, How are you this Thursday? I hope this week has been nice to you. My American people, are you cured from your 4th of July hangover or/and food comma? I really hope so. Remember a few days ago... Continue Reading →

Goals for July + Schedule + Movie challenge + Cleaning challenge

First of all, I would like to tell you that I won't be blogging for a few days. I might take the weekend, plus Monday off. Why? Because I need to keep up with your posts and answer comments and... Continue Reading →

….And I’m back!!

Hello everyone, did you miss me? No? Okay. I know I missed you so much!! I'm finally up to date with your posts!! Finally!! I still need to answer some old comments but that's another story. How is everyone? I'm... Continue Reading →

15 Films Tag – My favorite movies

My dear¬†Angela¬†has recently done this tag and I loved reading it. As a movie lover, I asked her if I could be nominated, to which she said yes, because she loves me. Favorite film: I could never pick one, so... Continue Reading →

Why I didn’t watch the Oscars

Me, Cheila, Oscar lover, didn't watch the ceremony this year. It's probably the first year it has happened since maybe 2011. And why, you guys ask. Because I was too tired! What the what? Yes. I had watched all the... Continue Reading →

Little thoughts and updates

Dear reader, I decided I should write something more personal, as my last posts have been about Awards, followers, etc, and That's not me. I want this to be a personal blog, I the last few posts don't sound like... Continue Reading →

Embrace the craziness – Plans for the week

This has been a long weekend as I haven't been working since Tuesday. It was great because I had the chance to rest and not worry, which made me less exhausted. My doctor said I was too anxious and that... Continue Reading →

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