5 Goals for February 2022


Follow our weekly meal plan.

We eat better, save money and don’t waste food when I follow the meal plan I have set. I’ve been enjoying cooking and trying new recipes too, so it’s something fun to look forward to. Mostly, I like how in control I feel when things are planned and organized.


Follow our budget.

Even though we budget for every euro we spend, it’s still very easy to go off track and overspend if we’re not careful. It helps if we keep a close eye on our spending so I plan on doing just that.


Walk every single day.

I have to “train” for this 5 km walk I’m doing in March (shame on me, my husband is running a half marathon and I actually have to practice to walk 5K), meaning I should be walking every single day for the month of February. My plan is to walk 3 km a day for the first two weeks and then 4 km a day for the next two.


Visit both our families.

We haven’t seen them since Christmas and they’re missing out on my pregnancy with their first grandchild so we’ll try to make it happen.


Keep up with my journaling.

I got The 6-Minute Diary from Amazon and absolutely love it.

What about you? Any goals for February?




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