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I’m here, my friends!! – Updates

Hello everyone, How is it going? Do tell. I've been working on blogging and general computer stuff I had to do since about 9 a.m. It's 5.24 p.m now and I'll take a break to take care of the kitchen,... Continue Reading →

A job interview and how to rock it

Hi everyone!! How are you? I've missed all of you so, so much! Say hi if you have the time ❤ Today I'm going to a job interview. I'm not actively looking for a job because I haven't yet decided... Continue Reading →

Home office tour – Shared with Mr.R (27.04.2017)

Finally, I have an office tour for you! The office is quite a small room, with a roof window. It is, however, big enough to accommodate us both comfortably. We access it through a door in the living room. It's... Continue Reading →

Study tips and time management tips for working students!

I thought I should do a post sharing my experience as a teacher, tutor and working student. I have learned a few things along the years, things that might be helpful to you, either if you're still in high school... Continue Reading →

Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time! – Part II

This is the second part of my list of favorite TV shows ever. The shows from part one are no longer running but, in part II, only two have been cancelled. The other three I'm still watching but have already... Continue Reading →

Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time! – Part I

Today's post is about my favorite TV shows ever. I've watched so many over the years and most of the shows on this list are no longer running but they have touched my heart (or just my taste) in the... Continue Reading →

Introducing Mr.R – A love story (11.02.2017)

Today I want you to meet by better half, Rui. I keep talking about him in every post but he's so great that he should have his own post. I will also write about our story and how we met.... Continue Reading →

My Morning and Night Routines

Hello everyone, If you kind of remember my schedule for June, today I am supposed to share my morning and night routines with you. I thought I might leave that and do a video, but it was possible, so we're... Continue Reading →

Hey, hey – Q&A (Part II)

Favorite day of the week? Friday afternoon. The beginning of the weekend, endless possibilities. Knowing you're going to have two whole days just for yourself. Love the feeling. What is your favorite quote and why? "Be the change you want... Continue Reading →

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