Books I hope to read soon!

When I started this blog I thought I would do a ton of book reviews. Well, I have done any kind of reviews at all. Things have taken another turn, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like and won’t do reviews or posts related to what I am reading. I love promoting Portuguese authors too, so bear with me.

It’s no secret that I’m starting “ Harry Potter and the Camber of Secrets” tonight. That one needs no review or presentation at all!! I know you guys are all fans!!


Secondly, I finally want to finish my best friend’s book. You’ll get a full review and interview with the author. That one is really important to me because my friend wrote it and it was such a big accomplish for her and I’m super proud!!


Next, I would love to read a book that was lent me by Rui’s aunt. I need to give it back to her, so I would like to finish it before Easter, when I’ll next see her.

“remember me?” by Sophie Kinsella

I know the author by name and I’m almost 100% sure I have read some of her books before, just can’t remember which. I’m hoping this will be a light reading, so I might get through it quickly.

The next in line is a classic by a very important Portuguese author Eça de Queirós. The name of the book in Portuguese is “A Ilustre Casa de Ramires”  and it is one of the few books by this author that I haven’t read. It’s a 19th century author and we study his work in school. It’s one of my favorite Portuguese authors.

Here’s the Portuguese cover: (one of the many, actually)

The author’s biography

This book has, sadly, only been translated in English (The illustrious house of Ramires) and Catalan (La il·lustre casa de Ramires);

Book number four is also by a Portuguese author Vergílio Ferreira and its title is “A Aparição” (which means the apparition)I’m familiar with this author and his work but I’ve never actually read any of his books. This one is on my list of books to read before I did so I am looking forward to reading it. Also, I have had many teacher and other people tell me it’s really good.

Here’s one of the Portuguese covers:

The author’s biography

This particular book has not been translated into other languages, which is sad.

The next novel was written by our Nobel Prize winner, José Saramago. He actually won the Nobel prize with a book about the construction of the Palácio Nacional de Mafra, which is ten minutes from our house, and which I have shown you a picture of. I have read that book many times (we study it in school also) but the one I’m going to read now is not so well-known. Mr. R has read it (weird) and loved it. It’s called “As intermitências da Morte” and the story line is basically people stop dying and all the consequences that come with such thing. It’s really interesting!

One of the Portuguese book covers:

The author’s biography

This book has been translated into English, at least, so you can enjoy it if you are interested. The title is “Death without interruptions” and here is the cover:

So, this is what I hope to read in the next month or so. I know it’s a lot and I might not get to even half of it, but I like to plan and share with you!! What do you intend to read in April?