8 Random Things I don’t Eat – Foods I Don’t Like

Hello Everyone,

Today I bring you another random post: 8 foods I absolutely hate.

Of course, if you were to invite me for dinner I’d do the polite thing and eat whatever you put in my plate. When I’m making food for myself though, I try to avoid the following foods:


They taste like dirt to me.


The texture is horrible and they taste like freshly cut grass. Guacamole = yuck!


Gosh. The smell, the tiny deadly bones, the fishy flavor.


I feel like I’m biting into a soap tasting log.


Again, food that tastes like bitter grass.


I don’t think this is something people eat everywhere but it’s definitely a typical Portuguese food. I refuse to go near it, though. The meat itself is too sweet and bunnies are to cute to be eaten.


It tastes like soap.


Apparently, they’re everyone’s favorite nut. Go figure.

What is a food you won’t eat?




Happy Happiness Day!! (Sorry about the redundancy) + 50 Things That Make Me Happy + What I’ve Got Going On Today: 20.03.2018

Happy Happiness Day, Everyone!! Are you happy? Hope so.

Today I’m sharing a few things that make me happy:

  1. My small family, when they’re not acting crazy.
  2. Rui.
  3. Rosa.
  4. My best friends.
  5. My students.
  6. This blog.
  7. Books.
  8. A good movie.
  9. World and European Cups (Football), especially when my team in winning. Who am I kidding, ONLY when my team is winning.
  10. The Oscars.
  11. TV shows.
  12. Food.
  13. A clean house.
  14. Shopping.
  15. Sleep.
  16. Loosing weight.
  17. Days off.
  18. Working.
  19. When my students pass their tests, get good grades or get into university with my help.
  20. Getting something in the mail.
  21. True crime podcasts.
  22. Gardening and beautiful flowers.
  23. When I found something with a great price or discount.
  24. Good hair days.
  25. When I reach my step/water/fruit/vegetable goals.
  26. My water fitness classes.
  27. Babies.
  28. YouTube videos.
  29. Candy.
  30. Good conversation.
  31. Colorful stuff.
  32. Stationary.
  33. Finishing a to-do list.
  34. Blogger friends and WordPress community.
  35. Taking pictures.
  36. Sunny days.
  37. Rainy days.
  38. When I make extra money.
  39. Warm showers/baths.
  40. The beach/countryside/mountains.
  41. Throwing parties and feeding people.
  42. Pink.
  43. Coffee.
  44. Those days when laundries dries outside in 30 minutes.
  45. Free online courses.
  46. Jokes/puns/quotes.
  47. Cutting my own hair.
  48. Massages.
  49. Crochet and Knitting.
  50. Cute things in general.

What about you? Can you tell me 3 things that make you happy?

Today is Tuesday, March 20th and the first day of Spring!!

I’m already thinking about longer, warmer days, sunny weather and my garden. The old lady in me is also excited about Spring cleaning and drying laundry outside in the sun. I’m definitely a fall girl, but Spring is a lovely season as well. To be honest, I do love all of the seasons. It’s great to experience the changes and different weathers throughout the year. We never get bored. At least I don’t. I do know quite a few people who complain if it’s raining, then complain if it’s hot, complain if it’s cold as well… I mean, never happy. Do you know any weather haters? I’m sure you do.

I woke up early and had breakfast with Rui. Toast and coffee with milk. I actually have two job interviews today (one of them is by Skype) and I decided I might as well get this eyebrows done and my hair professionally washed and blow dried, which I never do. You know by now that I cut my own hair (in layers, using a YouTube video which I can share) and was very happy and pleased when the hairdresser said the haircut was very well done. She asked me if I was a professional, ha! No way, I’m just good at following very simple, my-dog-could-do-it instructions.

You also know I do have a job already, but I must tell you I am actually quite bored of working sixteen hours a week. I’m used to a fast-paced rhythm and don’t really know what to do with myself sometimes. Yes, I have some freelance projects but it’s just not the same as having a work routine. We could obviously use the extra income as well, obviously. I won’t tell you what I’m interviewing for yet, but I’ll update you as soon as I know something, promise.

Well, now I need to get ready for my Skype interview which is at 12. It’s 11.19 a.m here.

Talk to you guys later. Thank you so much for coming by.

Desenho sem título (4)

A Week in The Life Kind of Post – Updates

Last time I posted any kind of planner and journal was on Wednesday morning. As usually, I didn’t follow through with everything I had planned, but I think I got quite a few things done.

On Tuesday Evening, I promised I would show you how our dinner experiment would go and if it was tasty. Remember? Trying this Indian store bought sauce for the first time?


It was really good. Not too spicy at all. Really yummy!! Would definitely buy again. We ate it with broccoli and rice. That’s sparkling water with lemon and red currant syrup.

I had to go to work for two hours on Wednesday morning and then I came home to this:

(I mean before being folded)

And this:

Nap hard, play hard.

I then worked for a few hours and got a few other things done, before taking a break and watching an episode of a show before they boys came home.

I can’t really remember what I did on Thursday but I obviously had to work so I did that for sure. I went to hydro gymnastics on Friday morning, worked and then we went out to dinner with my friends. My pregnant friend is already showing and I’m so happy for her. We had a good time.

On Saturday, we had to get up earlier than usual because I had an appointment with my psychiatrist at 1.30. I talked about it here:

I Have Great News

I looked like this:

That evening, we had dinner with one of Rui’s friends. I should say our friend, otherwise he’ll get pissed at me for saying he’s only friends with Rui, although they have known each other since high school. There was a game on and we watched it while having dinner.

On Sunday, we invited that same friend for coffee at our favorite cafe. Rui’s brother, Tiago, came with us this time. Rui’s friend really wanted to buy us a drink so we drove to the beach (10 minutes away) o have something.

It was a beautiful afternoon. We went grocery shopping and I making dinner while looking like Hulk.

It was really yummy!

Oh, I forgot to say, I made some spaghetti with the store bought sauce for the boys lunch and they said it was pretty good. I didn’t eat lunch so I have no idea.

Monday – I started this post, and wrote this:

I am in a good mood and feeling positive despite not sleeping a wink and having had a bad day tomorrow. My mom had to take my grandmother to the hospital yesterday. They called an ambulance and were there from 7 p.m to about 1 a.m. I wanted to go there but my mother said there was no need because only person would be able to get in and we would just be waiting outside for hours, having to get up early for work today. So we stayed home and I went to bed but I kept waking up and texting my sister and mother. My mom finally texted me saying she was home at about 2.30 in the morning and I fell asleep, but woke up several times after that.

So, about my grandmother. You know she suffers from dementia. Most of her brain cells are dead and it’s simply getting worse. She was also somewhat dehydrated. She is really thin because she has no appetite and doesn’t really feel like eating. That’s why my mother took her to the hospital. Unfortunately, there’s no getting better for her and we all need to make peace with that which is really sad. Heartbreaking. If she were to see herself now, God. But she doesn’t,  which is a good thing, I guess. She can’t tell how bad she is. But we do witness everything and it hurts.

My grandfather passed away when I was 19, a week after my birthday. He was old and sick but I wasn’t expecting it. No one had ever really died. Not my people. But then he did. It was pretty traumatic, let me tell you. My family pretty much fell apart and was never the same after that. I guess he was the glue and we had never realized it.

I met my father’s mother but she was very old. She used to visit me when I was little and I think she was in her seventies. Then she passed away. I don’t remember that much about her, other than she would visit me. I never met her husband, my grandfather. He died before I was born. Everyone tells me he was extremely violent towards his wife and children, so may he rest in hell, I hope it’s warm and cozy there.

I’m closing the sad subject here.

Thank you for reading.

I was able to wake up earlier on Monday and go to the 9.15 a.m hydro fitness class. It was a lot of fun and harder than usual, which I like and my lower back didn’t.

Well, let me tell you, I’m 90% sure the teacher was high as a kite. Oh yeah. He was looking at the horizon rather than looking at us, he would smile and laugh alone and close his eyes for way too long. He was also enjoying the routine way too much. It was so funny. I’m going again next Monday to confirm if he’s a stoner or if he just looks like one.

I had plenty of veggies for lunch:

I worked, worked, worked, got home and went to sleep.

On Tuesday, I wanted to go back to the pool but was still sore so I just went to work and decided to go back on Wednesday, which I did. The class was pretty intense but with a different teacher. Because it was Wednesday, I had to wear pink:

Joking. It was a coincidence.

So, today is Thursday and I’m still sore from yesterday which feels pretty good. I stayed home and tried to sleep in because I haven’t been sleeping at all. I couldn’t get more than 30 minutes to 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep. Don’t know why.

I’m about to get to work, I’ll work from 5 to 8 and then head home.

Tomorrow I plan on going to a hydro gymnastics class and then a swim class as I’m trying to improve some techniques. I have to dedicate some hours to freelance work and then work from 5 to 8 again. We’ll have dinner with friends after work.

As promised,

Here are some pictures of my planner:

Would you be interested in a post on how I organize it? I would love to do one.

To finish, I’ll leave you with some Springy pictures. Thank you for reading.

General update + grocery shopping haul and meal plan

Hey guys,

I hope you had a nice weekend and that your Monday was short and sweet.

Let me tell you what I’ve been up too.

As you know, Mr.R went to his hometown to see his family on the weekend and I stayed home because I had a sore throat and did want to get sick, which I didn’t as it eventually went away.

What did I do being home alone?

Hung out with Rosa and nothing really interesting. I blogged, I did a Facebook, Instagram, Blog and twitter cleanup and I watched one and a half movies. Zodiac which I loved and half of Apolo 13. I love Tom Hanks so I’m sure I’m going to love it as soon as I get to it. Zodiac was good and even better because I’m actually fascinated by serial killers and love to read about them and watch documentaries. Am I the only one? Oh there are more weird thing that I watch. I love crime documentaries and… brace yourselves, live surgeries and autopsies. No I’m not a sociopath or Psychopath, I just really want to be a doctor and have no issues with blood, needles or watching anything really. I can stomach most things, unless they involve an animal. Then I have to look away and cry.

That’s pretty much what I did. Nothing especial. Oh and I slept and watered my garden.

Now the more interesting part (I think)

I decided to take pictures of our groceries (we just came from the store) and show you what we eat in about three weeks and our eating habits.



We bought:

Whole wheat pasta (macaroni) 4 packs or 1 kg for 3,36€ It’s quite expensive when you compare it with regular pasta. We would have gotten the same amount for less than 1€, but I’m staying a way from processed food.

Ciabatta bread with seeds  (It’s whole wheat) – for 1,09€

Whole oats – instead of the flakes I used to get. As soon I realized there’s a healthier version I had to substitute) – 0,85€

Brown sugar – I’m obviously staying way from refined sugar and I don’t really trust stevia, so I’m only using brown sugar and organic raw honey as sweeteners – 250 g for 1,99€ which is expensive but I’m going to make it last as long as I can.

Peanuts – Rui likes to snack on them and so do I. They’re to mix with my almonds, hazelnuts and raisins. – 1,59€

3 different flavors of jello – (peach, orange and strawberry/passion fruit ) I like to eat as a snack because it’s sweet but not that bad for me, especially if I add a little more water than what is recommended, to dilute it. – 3,27€

Whole wheat crackers with salt – (the ones on your right, looking at the picture) because to add them to my lunch as carbs or eat them as a snack. – 1,49€ (I think they come with 14 packs)

Whole wheat crackers x 2 packs – I wouldn’t have bought if I had read the label before. They have high-fructose corn syrup and I run from it like the plague. That and aspartame are my NEVER EAT foods. – 1,30€

4 cans of tuna (in water and not vegetable oil) – we like to use it in salads or sandwiches and it is healthy. – 3,40€ (for almost 500 g)

1 can of chickpeas – We like them in salads as well. – 0,59€

2 cans of black beans – I didn’t eat beans before but I’m used to them now and sometimes used them as a meat substitute. 1,18€

2 cans of sweet corn – I absolutely love it in salads. – 0,98€

2 cans of sliced mushrooms –  (I do plan on not getting any canned foods, we’ll be getting frozen sweet corn and fresh mushrooms next time) – 1,58€


Fruits, veggies and dairy:

Bananas – 1,36,€ for 1,300 g or 6 bananas. I eat a banana every day.

Fuji apples (my favorite) – I eat one every day, usually. – 1,120 kg for 1,56€

Peaches – 900 g for 1,23€

(We have about 5 kg of oranges that Rui’s mom sent us, as well)

2 cartons for skimmed milk – I’m giving up on milk, but we bought just in case we need some or Rui wants some. – 9,94€

16 cups of plain Greek yogurt – I’m giving up on milk but keep eating plain Greek yogurt as a source of protein. – 3,29 €

Frozen baby carrots – one of my favorite things to add to my lunch and to have as a snack. I eat them frozen and it’s so refreshing. – 450 g for 0,89€

2 packs of flamengo cheese – regular and light, in case I want to have some, I have the light version for myself – 3,38€

1 pack of mortadella (with olives) – for Rui. – 0,89€


Fabric softener – 2,39€

Baby wipes – We use them in the bathroom. I’ve been thinking of not buying them anymore and just use soap and water to wash myself after I use the toilet. It worries how many we go through and how bad they are for the environment. – 2 packs for 2,14€

Q-tips – we are running out. – 0,49€

Paper napkins (recycled)  – 0,45€. I have been thing about switching them (although we always buy recycled) for fabric napkins. I could buy some fabric and sew a few.

2 recharges for those things you plug-in your socket so the mosquitoes don’t eat you alive at night. – 9,99€ (it comes with a new plug)

Those toilet things that release some detergent when you flush the toilet. These have bleach on them. I love using bleach as a toilet cleaner so. – 2 for 1,29€

Daily sanitary pads – I know I shouldn’t wear them as they don’t let your skin breathe and can cause infections down there, but I feel dirty without them. Do you girls wear them? (can we talk about this or is it offensive?) – 1,05€ (I buy the thong ones because I can wear them with all my panties. I do wear thongs but not every day as they are not good for you)

Dental sticks for Rosa – She doesn’t cooperate with us to brush her teeth so we do what we can – 1,99 €

What else did we get?

1 huge bag (20 kg) of dog food – 16,59€

So much fish:

White fish/hake – 1,850 g for 11,13 (it will enough for 10 portions)

Salmon – 400 g for 3,68€

Mullet snapper – 1,140 g for 9,11€

Some meat:

Turkey steaks – 4,40€

Turkey breast – 1,370 kg for 8,89€

Pork chops – 1,142 kg for 4,33€

And that is all. We already had some things at home: Some pork, cod-fish, frozen veggies, cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini, oats, one white cabbage, a huge bag of potatoes and onions my mother-in-law sent us and some other little things.

Our total: 115,45€ – which was cheap, actually, for the amount of stuff we got.

We think this could last us about 3 weeks and that we can meet our monthly grocery budget of 150€. We have  34, 95€ left in our budget and that is probably enough for when we run out of fruits and veggies or bread.

Next week we’ll probably have cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries for our garden.

I’m trying to eat plant based and eating my portions in fruits and vegetables. I’m also trying to stay away from sugars, processed foods and refined flours. We’re both focused on eating more fish or leaner meats.

Meal plan:

Tuesday, 27th – Tuna and black bean salad.

Wednesday, 28th – we’ll have enough leftovers.

Thursday – Turkey steaks with rice and cabbage.

Friday – Grilled salmon with boiled potatoes and a salad.





Thursday Meal Plan and Recipe Share #2 (3 days late, just like everything in my life)

Dearest family,

By now, you already know I’m a f****** disaster. (Sorry, person who doesn’t like bad words, better now? Thanks). I had meal planned for the whole week but the whole week didn’t go as I had planed at all. I’ve been sick twice (maybe I’m getting punished for swearing) and I’ve been out to dinner when I didn’t think I would. Let us check last week’s Meal Plan:

Friday, 26th of May

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. Coffee with milk. – Check.

Lunch: Leftovers from Thursday. – Probably skipped?

Dinner: Watercress vegetable soup with potatoes, zucchini, carrots, turnips and onions. – Nope. Had CEREAL!

Saturday, 27th of May

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. Apple. – Probably.

Lunch: Leftover watercress vegetable soup. – Nope.

Dinner: Leftover watercress soup again, since I will be alone. – Nope.

Sunday, 28th of May

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with toast and fruit. Coffee with milk. – Oatmeal, I think.

Lunch: Eating out. – Skipped.

Dinner: Black beans, brown rice, mushrooms and a salad. – Out. Not good restaurant.

Monday, 29th of May

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. Apple. – And it tried to fucking kill me!!! (Sorry lady or whatever who you are)

Lunch: Leftovers. – NADA.

Dinner: Roasted chicken with potatoes and veggies. – Pizza. I was in need.

Tuesday, 30th of May

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. Coffee with milk. – Nope. Cereal, I think.

Lunch: Leftovers. – No idea.

Dinner: Grilled fish, veggies and rice. – Nope, I cooked what I was supposed to have cooked on Sunday.

Wednesday, 31st of May

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. Apple. – NO WAY!

Lunch: Leftovers. – Maybe.

Dinner: Pasta and veggies with coconut milk. – Nope. Cooked the fish I was supposed to have cooked on Tuesday.

Thursday, 1st of June

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with toast and fruit. Coffee with milk. – Nope.

Lunch: Leftovers.  – Pff.

Dinner: Pork and mashed potatoes. Salad. – No. Leftovers.

Okay, enough fun now. Let’s be more serious this week and really hope things go as planned, preferably without trips to the E.R or food trying to kill you or whatever. As you know, this was supposed to be published on Thursday, so I’ll tell you what I’ve been eating so far. No recipe share either since I had no time or patience to photograph anything. I’m really sorry, I’ll be better this week.


Weekly Meal Plan


Friday, 2nd of June

Breakfast: I think I had some jello and just some coffee with milk. Was not feeling well, as I’ve told you.

Lunch: Was taking a nap.

Dinner: Rui took me out to dinner, had some amazing pizza.

Saturday, 3rd of June

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. (didn’t try to kill me, I think we’re good)

Lunch: I had some cherries. And later some coffee with milk and a small piece of dark chocolate as a snack. Later I had some olives.

Dinner: Mr.R said he misses cooking so he’s taking care of it now. Chicken, I have no idea how he’s preparing it. But he’s an amazing cook so we’re fine.

Sunday, 4th of June

Breakfast: Trying the oatmeal again.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Pork + mashed potatoes + veggies + salad.

Monday, 5th of June

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. Apple. (If there’s no problem so far)

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Pasta + shrimp + veggies + coconut milk

Tuesday, 6th of June

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. Coffee with milk.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Boiled eggs + tuna + potatoes + broccoli

Wednesday, 7th of June

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. Apple.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Baked pasta + chicken + veggies + soy cream + cheese

Thursday, 8th of June

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with toast and fruit. Coffee with milk.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Beans + raw chopped onions + lettuce + tomatoes + cucumber + corn + carrots

Snacks: (options)

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Dark chocolate (85% cacao)
  • Yogurt
  • Piece of fruit
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Tea and toast
  • Olives
  • Crackers
  • Jello
  • Popcorn

How was your week when it comes to food? Did you behave? What are you eating this week? Do share!


Thursday Meal Plan and Recipe Share (Weekly)

Initially, this post was supposed to be a Wednesday post, but I was only able to get it today so, from now on, I will share my weekly meal plan on Thursday, planning from Friday to Thursday. This week you’ll see my meal plan from Friday, 26 of May to Thursday, 1st of July. I’m not sharing recipes now, as this is the first post but, next week, you’ll get the recipes from this week’s meals.

Weekly Meal Plan

Friday, 26th of May

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. Coffee with milk.

Lunch: Leftovers from Thursday.

Dinner: Watercress vegetable soup with potatoes, zucchini, carrots, turnips and onions.

Saturday, 27th of May 

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. Apple.

Lunch: Leftover watercress vegetable soup.

Dinner: Leftover watercress soup again, since I will be alone.

Sunday, 28th of May

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with toast and fruit. Coffee with milk.

Lunch: Eating out.

Dinner: Black beans, brown rice, mushrooms and a salad.

Monday, 29th of May

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. Apple.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Roasted chicken with potatoes and veggies.

Tuesday, 30th of May

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. Coffee with milk.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Grilled fish, veggies and rice.

Wednesday, 31st of May

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, assorted seeds, honey and cinnamon. Coffee with milk. Apple.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Pasta and veggies with coconut milk.

Thursday, 1st of June

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with toast and fruit. Coffee with milk.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Pork and mashed potatoes. Salad.

Snacks: (options)

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Dark chocolate (85% cacao)
  • Yogurt
  • Piece of fruit
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Tea and toast


One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 9 (My favorite types of food and recipes)

Hey there, friends!!

I’m still on a blogging break, going through of your posts, as I’m way behind!

First of all, let me remind you that I’m doing this challenge with Maggie, who came up with the idea of doing this amazing challenge and finding the prompts on Pinterest and Angela, who decided to join us, making us a happy little trio! Don’t forget to check their daily posts for this challenge.

Once again, let’s keep it simple.

Need to go back to catching up on your posts and watching Eurovision. Pooooortugaaaal!

My favorite types of food:

I love food. I mean, you can probably tell by looking at me. Actually, not really lol I’ve gained a lot of weight due to my depression. I used to eat all the wrong shit, but not anymore, thankfully. I mean, I had pizza today, because we’re doing a date night in. So we got pizza, since we’re watching Eurovision. Anyway, I’m far from the point.

I don’t like strong flavors or sauces or spicy foods. I like simple foods, with simple flavors. Anything too strong, makes me feel sick. For example, I love lasagna, but I can only eat a small amount, because of the sauce. I love pizza, but if it’s made with too much tomato sauce, it makes me feel sick. Until a few months ago, I could not tolerate cinnamon, for example. I don’t like salad dressings. I only use a bit of olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt. I love sweets, but they can’t be too sweet.

I’ve changed my food choices and my diet recently and many of the things I eat now are more natural and healthy. Less sugar, less processed foods, whole grains, seeds, nuts, etc. This has led me try new recipes, new food combinations, which has been fun.

My actual favorites are: (In no particular order)

  • Pizza (duh)
  • Anything pasta
  • Portuguese food (Bacalhau à Brás, Bacalhau com natas, Polvo à lagareiro)
  • Hot dogs, with ketchup and mustard
  • Hamburgers
  • Fries!!!!
  • Strawberries, grapes and cherries
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Sweet corn
  • Cucumbers
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Portuguese traditional pastries
  • Chocolate
  • Anything with potatoes
  • Anything roasted


What are your favorite foods? Do we share any favorites?

Thank you guys!!