Health for days journey – June 23rd

Good morning!!

It’s Friday, so you’re all probably really happy. Everyone loves the weekend!

Do you have big plans? Do share.

Today I have to go back to the city for another therapy appointment at noon. I have 2 this week and two next week. We’re catching up on things.

I don’t know what I’ll do with myself during the whole day. Shall I go back home? Should I stay in the city? I have no idea.

This weekend we’re going to Mr.R’s hometown for a family lunch. Rosa is going with us for the first time. I’m not sure how a roadtrip with her will look like. I’m kind of nervous. We might go to the pool or river beach on Saturday. I think we’re going tonight or tomorrow morning. On Sunday we have our family lunch and then we come home.

Since I’ll be out, there won’t be a video this Saturday, only next one.

I might take the day to catch up on blogs and schedule a few posts for the weekend, because I won’t take my laptop and I don’t use my phone to write posts. There are a few nice cafes where I can spend my morning, then go to the appointment and then go back to a cafe, while waiting for Rui to leave work.

I may take this time to write my postcards as well, just need to remember to pack them before we leave, at 9 a.m.

Considering the circumstances, my to-do list for today is:

  • Catch up on blogs;
  • Answer some postcards and letters;
  • Schedule posts for the weekend;
  • Answer to old comments;
  • Answer a few emails;
  • Work on some award posts;

See you guys later?

Thank you for reading 🙂



Catching up – 16.06.2017

Hey there everyone!!

How are you?? Happy it’s Friday? I hope you have great plans for the weekend!!

I went to my psychiatrist today and got some answers on my latest laziness, lack of motivation and fatigue, but this subject deserves its own post, so I’m not telling you anything right now. Also, I haven’t discussed it with my friends and some family yet, so I think I should talk to them first.

It was so hot in the city today. About 37ºC (about 98ºF?). Everyone was commenting “I wish I was at the beach” lol It’s funny how people always say the same things, especially when it comes to the weather.

We’ve just finished cleaning up the kitchen and putting Betty to work. Betty is my dishwasher, not my slave. We’ve had an amazing dinner, cooked by Mr.R. He’s an amazing cook and made a traditional Portuguese dish – “Carne de Porco à Alentejana”.



Does it look good? It tastes even better! We ate it with a nice salad and some strawberry lemonade, made with some beautiful lemons that we had just picked from the tree.



And then we decided we would eat outside because it’s warm and not windy, thankfully. We lit a candle and set the table. It was really nice.



What else?

  • Oh, I’m happy because my favorite cleaning product “Cillit Bang”, which is quite expensive, was on sale for 1,29€ instead of 4,49€. I obviously bought two.
  • My psychiatrist appointment began an hour later than I was expecting so I got some time to read, which was great.
  • I really want to watch the movie about Churchill soon, I’ll probably go by myself on Wednesday. I’ll have to go to the city for my therapist appointment so I will probably have the whole day to myself and hang around Lisbon.
  • My mother’s new kitten, Daisy, thinks her cat, Gatsby, is her mom. Oh yes, there are videos of her trying to breastfeed and all. And he lets her.

What are our plans for this weekend?


  • My doctor said that Rui has to manage to get me out of bed by 10 a.m. That’s the latest I can sleep, according to her. So we plan on waking up some time before that, having breakfast (we bought fresh bread and cheese today) and then going to the garden center to get some lettuces and red cabbage to plant in our veggie garden. We love red cabbage and we had so many last year. Oh, before that we need to stop by the pharmacy, because I’m running out of meds. Then we’re coming home for lunch (we have leftovers from dinner) wash the car and go to the beach.
  • After the beach we plan on coming home and doing some gardening and a few things around the house, before dinner and movies, probably. At some point, probably as soon as I wake up, I will film my vlog, where I’ll answer your questions and announce the winner of the most original question. Oh, and Rosa is getting a bath for sure.


  • We’ll get some groceries, that’s for sure. We’ll buy some nice snacks to eat while we watch Portugal play at the Confederations Cup. We’re playing against Mexico. We love watching our team play in European cups (which we have won in 2016 for the first time) and world cups. We just go crazy about it.
  • Then we’ll probably hang around the house, watch some movies or read (he’s reading 1984 and loving it) and cook something for dinner.

I want to tell you about this amazing post by Ipuna. She was nominated for the Heart Beat Award, created by Anju and she has chose me as her nominee. Here’s the lovely post: Heart Beat Award – Spotlight Cheila.

I was so happy and honored that I definitely had to share this with you guys. Do you know these ladies? If you don’t, please go over to their blogs and give them a big follow and some well-deserved love.

Thank you, Ipuna. I’m honored, I really am. You’ve made my day!

I want to introduce a new blogger today. I’ve just met her as she left a comment on one of my posts. She is a newbie and she needs to get to know our family. Will you go over to her blog, check if you like it and give her a follow and maybe some support? We all know how easy it is to start and the feeling of writing our first posts and getting our first followers. This is her: Dreaming Of Pink. I mean, she has pink as part of her blog name so we shall be friends, for sure. I’m not too happy that she calls herself “therealpinkblogger” as I thought I was the real pink blogger, but she is sweet so I can forgive her. haha. I’m joking. I love being Cheila or Chey, as some very nice blogger friends of mine have decided to call me.

I guess that’s it for tonight.

I’m looking forward to filming my blog tomorrow and catching up on yours posts tonight.

Do you have some fun plans for the weekend? I’d love to know.

Big hugs.




The MIA diaries

Hey guys,

I’m not technically MIA, since you do know that I’ve been busy and doing what.

I’m late with my blogging challenge. So far I have missed:

Day 19 – Why I started my business; I did have a business so I do have a lot to say about this topic

Day 20 – What makes my products unique; I sell nothing so this doesn’t apply at all;

Day 21 – Goals for my Etsy shop; I don’t have one so…

I will do all of these posts, finding something to substitute the prompts for day 20 and 22. Do you have suggestions? It would be super helpful!

So now, let me tell you what I’ve been up to for the last few days!

My parents-in-law were coming on Friday afternoon and I had a whole to-do list to complete before they got here:

  • Make our bed with fresh sheets. We are giving them our room and sleeping in an air mattress in the living room; – Done;
  • Air the bedroom and make everything fresh and clean; – Done;
  • Gather everything that we need from the bedroom so we don’t need to get in there once they are here; – Nope, I had to get in there to get a few things the next morning after breakfast but that’s not an issue for us;
  • Mop the bedroom floor; – Done;
  • Quick bathroom cleanup (new towels, toilet clean, spray and rinse shower, open window, make sure everything is clean and that they have enough soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) – Done;
  • Leave some tissues in the bedroom; – Totally forgot;
  • Make a shopping list so Rui can stop by the store later (we need some cheese, meats for the grill, drinks, ingredients for my Oreo mousse) – We went there together;
  • Make sure to take out the bags that have been in a corner of the bedroom for weeks (clothes to donate, toys to donate, picture frames to hang) – All in the storage room;
  • Tidy up the living room and office (very quickly) and air both; – Done;
  • Tidy up kitchen; – Done;
  • Wash dishes from breakfast; – Done;
  • Do some salad prep; – Did it just before dinner;
  • Pick outfits for both of us for tomorrow; – Nope, we chose them in the morning;
  • Buy graduation gift (I know, the day before. We had so many months to do it, but we choose to leave it for 12 hours before. We are really Portuguese. No question there. It’s a cultural thing.) – It hasn’t happened yet. How cool of us.

They got here a little after 6 p.m and we took them to our favorite coffee shop for a snack. We then went to the supermarket because we needed to pick up a few things for dinner and some fruit. We have a few supermarkets to choose from and I have an amazing app where we can check the pamphlets for each store and the discounts for that day or week. I love it. I had checked the store with the lowest prices for fruit and we went to that one. We don’t usually go there but it was good to get there because now I know they have a great supply of foods for those who don’t eat a regular diet and great supplements too, while most stores don’t.

My in-laws brought us SO MUCH STUFF. They are so amazing! Our fridge and freezer are full of goodies and I have no room left. They brought us 2 chickens they had killed that morning (sorry if this is TMI or offensive to you in any way but we are a farming family and this is normal for us, although I don’t kill any kind of animal, not even flies or spiders), so many eggs, a cake my MIL had made, 4 heads of lettuce, potatoes, olives, cheese, watercress, strawberries, bread, etc. They are really generous and kind.

For dinner, we had some grilled meat with brown rice (I made it too salty, sorry) and a salad. For dessert I made my Oreo mousse but it was too liquid. Some days you just can’t do shit right. We then watched TV and went to bed.

On Saturday morning we woke up, had breakfast, got ready and went to lunch hahaha. We met my brother-in-law, his best friend and one of our cousins and we had a delicious lunch at an amazing restaurant. We all ate way too much. Then we went to my brother-in-law’s school for the graduation ceremony. They were doing it in order, by course and his was number 6. It was a little hard because we had to wait a long, long time, standing, sometimes in the sun. It was super hot. 30ºC. Lisbon can be a nightmare if it is that hot and no breeze in sight. After such a big lunch, with such a high temperature and standing for such a long time, I began not feeling so well. Adding the fact that I hadn’t sleep a wink. My hands, legs and feet started to swell and I felt dizzy and super hot. I was feeling like shit until after dinner, when I finally cool down.

We went to one of our aunt’s home for dinner, which was delicious but I could barely touch it because I was feeling so bad.  It was really good because we got to spend time with family, have a very nice and civilized discussion about politics (of course I had to participate, you know me) and I got to hold our sweet 2-month-old cousin. I love me some baby cuddles!

We got home and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep again, at all. The air mattress is not comfortable at all, Rosa wanted to sleep with mommy and spent the whole night trying to get on top of us, etc. I was supposed to go to my other aunt’s house for lunch but after two sleepless nights and feeling so bad last night I just couldn’t go anywhere. Today I feel like shit, I thing I was in the sun for two long. My back hurts badly and my abs (that I haven’t seen in 20 years) hurt like crazy, I can’t even laugh. I have no idea why I feel so beat lol I guess the air mattress and the heat and the sleepless nights and the excess food did a number on me. I should be fine by tomorrow.

Friday was also a very special day because I hit 1000 followers! I have so many comments to answer. Many of you were so kind as to congratulate me and I need to thank you for being so sweet.

I’ll come back tomorrow with my health for days journey. Or maybe I should do a week of a detox journey, ha!


  1. What should I write about instead of the day 20 and 21 prompt?
  2. What have you been up to this weekend?

Miss you guys.


Sunday girlfriend funday

Do you like Sundays?

I mean, if you work and don’t like your job, you probably have a love-hate relationship with Sundays, am I right?

I used to feel a mix of “Than God I don’t have to work today” and “How is it Sunday already? I didn’t finish all of my weekend tasks, haven’t done anything that fun and tomorrow I’m off to a 60-hour work week”. Is this your reality? If so, I tell you: Leave all the shit undone and take the rest of the day to yourself. You deserve it. You’ll never catch up on laundry. N-E-V-E-R. Especially if you have kids so… Might as well let it go. Take the rest of the day and do something you love, give your body and mind some love and care before you tackled yet another week. I don’t know shit and my advice is not worth much but you know you want to do it. You just need to know you deserve it. Enough with my Dr. Phill crap.

I’m actually having a nice Sunday.

I’ve had leftover cupcakes for breakfast. With coffee. Yum! I’m about to go get ready and go have dinner with some of my favorite people, my girlfriends. It’s girls night. Not quite. Just dinner. Tomorrow is a work day. Not for me, obviously. You know I don’t work right now (although I’m always busy, have no idea why or even how. It too this time to rest and I have yet to spend a day on the couch during the week). I’m in desperate need of some girl time, so I’m excited. We’ll probably bitch about everything, curse life for being so hard and gossip about people we know. Just being honest. I’ll make sure to stay away from dessert, though. I have had so much sugar in the last couple of weeks days that I might get into a sugar comma any minute now. I’m a case of diabetes waiting to happen, seriously. And next week I have my brother-in-law’s graduation which comes with about 6 family dinners and lunches and snacks and Oh Lord, help me. I need a hamster wheel.

I need to rectify something. (Is rectify a word? It makes me think of ass, for some reason)

I forgot to mention three of my favorite bloggers on my Favorite Bloggers post and I MUST do them justice!!




I love you, I’m so sorry I forgot to mention you.

Do you know these amazing girls? If not, you’re missing out. Trust me!

So, I’m off to get ready. I’m so lazy. I feel like I want to put on something nice (which is hard these days, nothing looks good), do my makeup and all but then there’s a part of me that wants to throw on some leggings and call it a day. I need a shower, though. That’s not optional.

What are you doing with your Sunday?

Are you hangover? Need to know.

See you later.


P.S I just discovered 13 Reasons Why is getting a second season and I’m trying to find 13 reasons why????

Super lazy Sunday

Hello, dearest friends!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

I’m having a super lazy day today.

My sister, Rui, Rosa and I plan on spending our day in the sofa, each of us on our on computer, watching our TV shows of choice. I mean, not Rosa. She doesn’t have a computer or a favorite TV show. We have dog TV (the channel) but she could care less about it. It’s more entertaining to us than it is to her.

My sister is going through Game of Thrones.

Rui is going to watch Logan now.

I’m focused on reading blogs because I’m way behind and watching Poldark.

Rosa is sleeping as usual. She needs her naps, all day long.

We plan on going to get McDonald’s ice-cream later, maybe. They have this new Maltesers Mcflurry that I want to try. Do you like McDonald’s ice-cream? What do you usually order?

The weather is not very nice, it’s quite windy and cold and not sunny. Our beach plans for this weekend were delayed.

I should be folding laundry, I have a pile that is getting taller than me. But I’m feeling so lazy after this week’s work on the house, so I’m just going to chill today.

We have Kitchen nightmare to watch later today, our Sunday night ritual.

Rui cooked dinner last night but we have no leftovers, so I need to figure out what I’m making for dinner tonight. We have so many eggs to use up (we had about a dozen and my mother-in-law sent us a bunch when we went there for Easter) so I might cook some nice omelets with some fries maybe? And black beans and a nice salad? It sounds good to me.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday and Rui’s last day at home. He goes back to work on Tuesday and I go back to my Health for days journey, to my Spring cleaning and to studying for my exams. I really need to focus on these things, as they are my priorities right now.

I’m going to write my April’s wrap-up post next, so stay tuned for that, along with my plans for May!

How are you spending your Sunday?

Share with me!!