One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 24 (Handy tips I have learned)

Handy tips I have learned:

  • If you need a book for school or university, check the internet first. You can usually find it online to download. This is totally illegal but students are usually poor so I don’t care. After checking the internet, check online for used books and then ask around on Facebook, someone might have one to sell. If non of this works, then you buy new.
  • Always check if there’s toilet paper before you go. I mean it.
  • Always carry an extra cardigan or sweater with you. Even if it’s Summer. It might get cold at night or you might need an extra layer in Winter. I also carry gloves and a scarf and an umbrella with me during Fall and Winter, just in case.
  • Carry a phone charger or a power bank with you at all times.
  • Ladies, always carry and extra pair of panties with you. I’m sorry for TMI but accidents happen when you’re on your period. Also, carry baby wipes.
  • Make your mascara last longer by dropping a little almond oil in the tube.
  • After applying lipstick, place a finger inside your mouth, close your lips and pull your finger, the excess will end up on your finger and you won’t have lipstick on your teeth;
  • One positive test doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. Always take more than one or do a blood test. You can get false positives. Trust me.
  • You can eat most things way after their expiration date. Don’t waste food without trying it first.
  • When you’re writing an important email, always leave the recipient email for last. If you do this, you never send unfinished your the wrong email to anyone.
  • Always sneak food into the theater. No one is going to check and theater snacks are way overpriced.
  • Go grocery shopping after lunch and with a list.
  • If you’re at a party or event, be careful with the photos people take of you. You don’t want a photo you don’t like or that might be embarrassing to end up on someone else’s Facebook.
  • Wallets don’t belong in back pockets, neither do cellphones.
  • If you go to a hotel or a place where the bathroom is used by many, always shower with flip flops on.
  • Make sure you do frequent backups.
  • If you’re wearing new shoes (especially heels), carry a pair of ballerinas with you and band-aids.
  • Use a wet rubber glove to remove pet hair from your sofa.
  • Never drink from a can before you clean the top first. There are rats in warehouses and they pee everywhere.  Rat pee can make you sick.

I guess that’s it for now?

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