The longest Time

It has been 84 years…

Joking, but almost.

My last blog post was almost 4 months ago, which is insane.

I’ve even made my blog private for a while for reasons I won’t go over now but it’s back to being public.

I miss blogging and I miss you all.

This is just a general checking in post to let you know that I’m alive and well and that I miss you all.

I’ve changed jobs again, but it’s all good. I work for a startup now.

Our wedding is in 7 months away (October 5) and pretty much planned. I even have a dress.

I deleted all my social media 4 months ago and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

On Deleting Social Media

I’ve read about 30 books in the meantime, which is more than I read in the past 2 years combined. Some of my favorites include:

Paper Wife


The Little Orphan Girl


The Lost Letter


All She Left Behind


My Heart Remembers


Yellow Crocus


Mustard Seed

35101283 (1)

Say Goodbye for Now


Waiting for Summer’s Return


The Widow of Larkspur Inn


The Wedding Dress


Some of them have been really cheesy regency novels. Would you like a full list and reviews? That could be fun.

And that is it for my little update.

Hope to talk to you all soon.

Love, Chey.







On Deleting Social Media

Good morning everyone!

I know I haven’t written in the longest time. Some of you might not even remember or follow me anymore. I want you to know that I miss you and think about blogging every single day. So much has happened. I’ve changed jobs again, not by choice, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise. We have set a wedding date too. I want to tell you all about it, all of it. But there’s just so much to say and I’m both busy and lazy and overwhelmed by how long it has been and all the changes. I’m also embarrassed because I haven’t been following your blogs at all, shame on me.

Anyway, I’m off topic here. I came to tell you about a decision I made yesterday, while in bed, before I fell asleep. I currently work in a PCI environment, meaning no phones or paper or anything that could potentially mean an information leak. Being without my phone for 8 hours feels extremely liberating. Honestly. I know some people can’t do it or get anxiety over it but I love it. I find myself not even bothering to check it at breaks or paying that much attention to it during lunchtime. When I do, however, there’s a ton of Facebook and Instagram scrolling to be done. I’ve realized I am spending a lot of my downtime just lurking around social media, because I don’t even post that much anymore. That is precious time I could spend reading blogs or books or news or doing anything but looking at pictures I even forget to like. Also, I’m no longer particularly fond of the attention nor do I need the validation of likes or selfies or filters. That’s not how I want to live my life.

I’ve only temporarily deactivated Facebook and Instagram because there’s memories there and I could change my mind eventually. I’ve permanently deleting Snapchat. As for Twitter, I’ve just realized I forgot about it. I haven’t gone there in a long time but I might just temporarily deactivate it as well. Do I want people to remember my birthday because Facebook tells them to? No. Those who matter, know my birthday. As for events, I told my friends and coworkers that they have to invite me personally or through messenger or WhatsApp (which I’m obviously keeping).

Keep in mind I’m not saying this is the right way to live. This is what’s right for me, right now. It feels awesome. But I might learn that I cannot live without social media or miss it terribly. I know for sure I’ll learn something.

Rui says I’m now on some list because it looks like I’m trying to disappear so my FBI agent and Mark Zuckerberg are now trying to understand what I might have done haha.

I would love for you to share your thoughts on social media. What’s your relationship with it right now?

Do you have any posts on this topic? If so, please leave your links in the comment section so we can all read it and discuss different views and opinions.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Love, Cheila.

Plans for the Weekend – 20/21 January

  • Remember to drink water (1.5 l)
  • Remember to take my medication on time
  • Remember to eat fruits and veggies

(These are the things I tend to forget when I’m not in my typical routine, usually on weekends or vacation)

  • Make the changes we’ve been meaning to make around the house (bedroom will double as office, office will become closet and guest bedroom), we’ve been talking about it for weeks and postponing every time. We need to do it together as it involves moving heavy furniture.
  • Take Rosa to the vet, she might have some ear infection. It’s a nightmare. She turns into a pit bull with the strength of a friggin horse and it takes 3 people to hold her. Those three people end up being bit, scratched and traumatized. Gosh, I’m nervous just thinking about it. My sweet god turns into hulk when she goes to the vet.
  • Eat whatever we have in the fridge, I think there’s some frozen soup. Maybe try to meal plan for the week? We haven’t done it in ages, Rui would be pretty happy.
  • Sleep.
  • Read. I haven’t been reading at all since Christmas.
  • Maybe watch a show? I’m behind on a few.
  • If we have time, Rui and I can watch a couple of the movies I’ve been meaning to watch (Oscar nominees predictions), light the fireplace and have popcorn.
  • I tried flannel sheets for the first time (Rui’s grandma Christmas present) and I’m in love, so I think I want to wash them and put them back on the bed as soon as they’re dry, instead of some of our other sets. They’re so comfortable and warm.
  • Cut my hair. Literally. I do cut my own hair and it needs a trim.
  • Go and get my eyebrows done.
  • Plan what I’m going to wear next week, as I’ve been doing for a few weeks.
  • Do a 15-minute exercise video and some yoga. Now that I’m working out, I don’t want to slack off on weekends. I really need to do something every single day.
  • Decide whether I want to delete my Facebook account or not.
  • Hopefully read a few blogs.

Monthly blog report on June 26th because I forgot my 5 month blog anniversary on the 24th #Getyour****together

Hey there lovely people,

I’m so dumb I forgot my 5 month blog anniversary on the 24th. My poor blog. Mama forgot to celebrate with a nice post. Anyway, I’ll tell you this blog as given me this past 5 months:

  • A community and a support system I never imagined having.
  • New and true friends. I have amazing best friends and I would not change them for the world but it’s nice to have more friends. I haven’t had this many since I was in middle school. I miss those too, actually.
  • A way for my family and friends to know everything that is going on. I know I don’t seem shy or to keep things for myself but I do. My friends and family (apart from Rui) don’t have it easy when it comes to make me talk. I’ve had so many complains over this, as I’m not one to call and complain or to text and ask for support. This way, they know everything, because it’s easier to write about and then, when we see each other, I don’t feel so bad talking about it because they already now and we can just comment on it, instead of my poor friends trying to make me talk and getting nothing.

Dear friends, I’m sorry I push you away. I need you so bad and so many times, I just don’t know how to reach out and ask for support. I also don’t want to keep talking about my mental health because I don’t want to be the negative and boring one and don’t want to burden you. (This is meant for Rita, Catarina, Catarina, Rita, Alison, Patrícia, my sister and Ricardo). I just love you so much guys.

  • It has given me the confidence I’ve never had. Maybe because I feel like I have a big support system, I’m not afraid to be out there. I write about my personal life, good or bad, without fear, I can take pictures of myself (I hated this before), I can be in front of a camera, I can wear a bathing suit and don’t give a damn about what people are thinking about my weight, my cellulite, my stretch marks, my jello thighs. I know I’m the heaviest I have been but I don’t really care. I used to be so afraid to run into an old boyfriend, an old friend, a former teacher or neighbor and that they would see how different I look. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m sick, I’ve been sick for years, my depression and medication make me gain weight. Not saying that I couldn’t do much or do better, but it’s hard in my condition. The bottom line is: I know how I look and I embrace it.
  • I’ve lost my fear of social media. In fact, I’m closing down my personal Facebook and Instagram and mixing my real friends with my blogging friends. No time to focus on two Facebook accounts and two Instagram accounts. And since I have nothing to hide and no issues with people I know from real life reading my blog, all is well.
  • I’ve had the chance to talk to people from all over the world, learn about things I knew nothing about, different countries, religions, weathers, the whole thing.
  • I’ve won a book in a giveaway and I loved it.
  • I’ve met people who are going through what I’m going through and that can understand and talk about our issues freely.
  • I’ve become interested in learning more about photography because I suck.
  • I can write again after about 7 years of writer’s block.
  • To summarize, this blog has filled a whole that had been with me for a long time and given me so many things I didn’t know I needed.


Now, because I’m open and like to analyze, we’ll talk about numbers

Since I started: (24th of January, 2017)

Posts: 338

Views: 49,775

Visitors: 12,801

Average views per day: 328

Followers: 1365

From May 24th to June 26th:

Posts: – May 24th: 240

– June 26th: 338

=  98 posts in this period

Views: – May 24th: 35,588

– June 26th: 49,775

=  14,187 new views in this period

Followers: – May 24th: 1,054

– June 26th: 1365

= 311 new followers in this period

Views in May: 13,337

(the month is not over but I know I’m not going to meet my goal of 15,000 views in 5 days. That’s what you get from slacking)

Social media:

Facebook –  97 friends, just because I’m merging my personal account with my blog account. I’m keeping only my blog account.

Instagram – 224 followers ( +32, not much. I’ve only started to post something every day and pay more attention to Instagram a few days or weeks ago)

Twitter – 195 followers ( +11, again, not good enough)

Bloglovin – 57 ( -1 hahahaha this one made me laugh. I didn’t grow at all and someone was sick of me lol)

Pinterest – 131 ( +7, nothing impressive at all)

Now, let us see if I’ve met any of my blogging goals for this period:

  • Turn followers into readers. Nope, I still have no idea how to do that. Why do people follow and not read and how do I encourage them to read? Does someone have any good tips?
  • Be more consistent, just a little. I don’t think I have accomplished this, at all.
  • Include my own photos and take better ones. Well, I’ve been including more photos, but don’t think they are better or even good. I really need to work on my photo taking skill, which are non-existent.
  • Be more active on social media. I’ve been trying but only for the past few days/weeks. Not trying hard enough.
  • Be a better follower and reader. I absolutely suck. I’m always behind, I don’t support you guys enough. I need to improve. How do you guys do it? Any tips?

Sem Título

Blog goals for June 26 to July 24:

  • All of the above;
  • Merge my Instagram accounts and only keep the one I have for my blog;
  • Get 16,000 views (as punishment for not reaching 15,000 lol)
  • Do more videos;
  • Do ALL of the awards and tags I’m nominated for;

So today I’ll still post on weekend recap, including Monday and my “Perfect Party Series” post, wait for those, my friends.