One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 8 (My biggest pet peeve)

Hey guys,

It’s time for today’s challenge post.

As I’ve done with the last one, I’m keeping it simple.

I’m supposed to share my biggest pet peeve with you but it is so hard to choose just one!

Can I give you three?

Okay, if I have to choose the biggest one, it would probably be people who have no clue that others need space too. Do you know the kind? Stop in the sidewalk to talk, walk in lines or big groups, slowly, not bothering to let others go about their business, stop in a place and leave you no space to even walk around them and don’t move at all? I hate them. This happens in stores, in the street, supermarket, whatever. It’s the kind of person that thinks that they are entitled to all the space and others should just find a way to move around them. They give me murderous thoughts.

Number 2: Vegetarians who give you shit for eating meat, every single time you have a meal together. I respect everyone’s choices. Do I try to convince you to eat meat? No. Do I criticize you for not doing it? Never. So why should you try to sell me your personal choices? I have a mind of my own.

Number 3: People who listen to music in public places out loud. Why do I have to listen to your music choices while I’m doing my own thing? Are you the assigned DJ? Who asked you for music? How do you know I like your gangster rap or your lady Gaga or Beethoven? You don’t. And you don’t care.

So, these are my pet peeves. Maybe I’m being mean and bitchy but these are the things that can really get on my nerves.

What about you? What makes you angry and annoyed? What are your biggest pet peeves? Please share with me, so I won’t feel so mean!!

Don’t forget to check Maggie and Angela‘s biggest pet peeves! We’re challenge buddies, thanks to Maggie, who started it and was so kind as to share it with us.

Thank you for reading!!


P. S. If you’re one of such people, I love you anyway. You just annoy the shit out of me and I might feel like killing you sometimes.