Pregnancy Update – Weeks 27 and 28: Officially in the Third Trimester

How far along: 28 weeks.

Due Date: 15 May 2022.

Baby size: A head of lettuce.

Weight gain: 700g or 1.54 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Even my maternity tights are becoming too tight so I think I’ll skip them as soon as it warms up. Still wearing all my regular dresses.

Stretch marks: Nothing new.

Sleep: Not the best. It’s getting hard to find a comfortable position to sleep.

Gender: Girl!

Best moment: Showing off my bump. People are starting to notice that I’m pregnant which is nice.

Looking forward to: Bringing her home.

Food cravings: Strawberries. Coca cola. Chocolate. Bread.

What I miss: Not being in pain every time I walk, sit down, get up, turn in bed, get in the car, get dressed.

Symptoms: Pelvic girdle pain and heartburn.

Mood: Worried about how mobile and comfortable I’ll be in the next three months. Very excited about meeting her!

The highs: Feeling her kick, talking to her.

The lows: Definitely all the pelvic pain.