I’m here, my friends!! – Updates

Hello everyone,

How is it going? Do tell.

I’ve been working on blogging and general computer stuff I had to do since about 9 a.m. It’s 5.24 p.m now and I’ll take a break to take care of the kitchen, unload the dishwasher and load it again, and make something for dinner. But I do have a little time to talk to you.

First of all, my interview went very well. It’s just a part-time as an English and Portuguese tutor. I will obviously make less money than I did working for myself but I like the no-stress part, at least for a while. It’s 13 hours a week and the money is actually pretty good, way better than I had expected. They’ll say something on Monday or Tuesday so I’m currently waiting for an answer.

I didn’t go to any of my exams. When we realized we had money to pay my tuition, some of them had already happened and the others were pretty soon after. I’ll have the chance to do them in September so no harm done.

I’ve been really good at eating well and drinking my water, but doing 0 when it comes to exercise. I’ve been feeling very tired, maybe from the medication or maybe because I’m cutting carbs and sugar. I’m mostly eating, fruits and vegetables, protein and very little carbs. I don’t miss them that much but my body might. But I’m really happy with my current meals, they’re healthy and balanced and I feel good.

I’m pissed because we washed our couch covers and cushions (the actual cushions, not the pillows) and they’re taking so many days to dry so we are currently without a couch. We’ve also washed a rug but that is already dry, just need to remove hairs from a certain four-legged friend of mine.

I have a psychiatrist’s appointment tomorrow and I need to go to H&M to return a pair of shoes and bring the next one. I didn’t look well enough, I guess, and brought a smaller number. So me.

I’ve moved some of my plants and they’re happy and thriving. I’m in love with them. In other news, so bastard bird or snail or whatever is eating away my sunflowers. They were looking perfect so I’m deeply sad.

We have a ton of tomatoes!! I can eat tomatoes every day until fall at every meal if I want too. There’s so many of them. And strawberries. And the cucumbers and bell peppers are coming soon as well.

So, yeah, this is all I have to tell for now. Maybe I’ll come back later.

Love you guys!