One Month Blogging Challenge – Day 14 (My favorite quotes)

Loveliest friends,

I’m back with another challenge prompt. I’m on time for this one, too. Isn’t that super weird? I know, I know. Today I’m supposed to tell you about my favorite quotes. I’ve mention the same ones in a few posts and Awards or Tags, so I thought I might search the Internets for some quotes that I like.

My Favorite Quotes:








Can you relate to any of these quotes? What are some of your favorite (or current favorite) quotes? I would love some new ones for inspiration so I’ll be waiting for your suggestions.

Please remember to stop by Maggie and Angela‘s blogs and check out their favorite quotes. We can always use a little inspiration or some wise words, can we not?

I would like to finish with my absolute favorite.

Thank you so much for reading, friends!



P. S. None of these images belong to me. I mean, they do now that I’ve stolen them. But you know, not mine originally.