Kitchen tour!! Aka Rosa’s room!

The time has come for me to show you my kitchen. I love it because it is quite big (for Portuguese standards, anyway) and so it has enough space for cooking and enough storage.

My toaster corner, with our bread basket right next to it (covered by a pyramid of drying dishes)
Our little coffee and beverage station 
Up close
Our fridge (Rui’s plant nursery on top)
A little laundry station (yes, we have our laundry basket in the kitchen, it’s closer to the washing machine and the bathroom is tiny)
Just a rug
The sink + a huge pile of drying dishes
Rosa’s bed and food
Open shelving and bonus dog
Chalk board that Rui says it looks like a 6-year-old write on it (sorry for not having an artsy bone in my body)
The shelves of our beverage unit
My lovely, easy to clean stove
The goodies I got with a super discount today (minus the sunscreen, that shit was expensive)
From the stove corner (where the bathroom door is, I hate that you access the bathroom through the kitchen)
Little decor
From the toaster corner
My big IKEA cutting board (wet, not dirty)
From the fridge corner, where the living room door is
Miss Rosa’s corner, under the window
From the front door (we enter the house through the kitchen)

So, what do you think about it?

I quite like it.

Do you have a big kitchen?

What’s your favorite thing about your kitchen?



Tiny bathroom tour – Get ready for more pink!

Now it’s time for my bathroom tour.

I actually hate it because it is extremely tiny and I was used to bigger bathrooms before I moved to this house. I can overcome the fact that we only have one, but it bothers me how small it is. We can barely fit in there to brush our teeth at the same time, so we usually have to take turns. The shower is quite big (you couldn’t see it behind the curtain because I didn’t clean it, haha), it has doors, which you can’t see behind the curtain and a window! I love it because it’s bigger than the one we had in our previous home and the water pressure is great!

I try to keep the bathroom nice and clean so I can hate it less. I’m pleased with how it turned out after the redecoration (it was decorated in an orange theme before, which I hated) so It might start growing on me. I still need a toilet paper holder, a towel rack and to hang 3 picture frames we are using to decorate the wall. I also love my turquoise seat!

Let’s get to the pictures, shall we?

Pink toothbrush holder and soap dispenser!
Lots of toilet paper, so no one runs out! And we usually have bidets in Portugal. Are they common in your country?
Close look at the shelves and the bidet lol 
Shelf again! I swear I have more towels lol they are either dirty or drying!
Brown towel hooks, as brown is one of the colors of the curtain! (Baby wipes, always at hand)
Have you had enough of the bidet? lol
The look from the door
My cute toilet and pink (it looks red in the picture) trash bin
Just the sink!
The mirror and sink, from the door (blurred as always)
Little corner
From the door, once again
Take a good look at my toilet! haha
The mirror, seen from the trash bin corner
Shelves again, don’t know why!

I’m so sorry I take shitty, unedited pictures. The lighting was not the best either, despite the fact that the bathroom is one of the rooms in the house with the best lighting. It’s evening and the sun is setting but during the day it’s really bright!

We loved the pattern of the curtain and decided to get accessories in such colors. Pink, turquoise, blue and brown!

What do you think of my little tiny bathroom?

Do you have a big one or are you as unlucky as I am in the bathroom department?


I’m so tired I can’t even come up with a title..

Good evening dearest friends,

As you know, we’ve spent the whole day reorganizing some things around the house. We decided to start by our home office, which is almost finished. But it was a huge mess and so full of things, which meant a lot of work.

We had to take everything out, clean, assemble some furniture, pick and choose what is trash, what is to sell, what is to donate and then finally moving everything in (there are boxes, books, folders, tons of teaching and studying materials – one can accumulate so many pencils and pens and post its and little things… Oh my! I have so many things. But they are organized now. Well, most of them are. We still have so much to do tomorrow. But worry not, will see pictures of everything. We are doing a mix of Spring cleaning, changing furniture and decoration around and including some new things that came from my office and that we have bought. Things are looking nice and neat.

In the meantime, I’ve had 0 blogging time and I miss you guys so much!! I have comments to answer to, so many posts that I want to read and comment on. Let’s see if I can get to it now, since we’ve just had dinner and I don’t plan of doing anything else today. We’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow, or maybe the day after because tomorrow is actually a National Holiday here, which celebrates freedom (we lived under a dictatorship for many years before it finally ended on April 25th, 1974). I think we’re meeting some friends in the afternoon and maybe stopping by my mom’s house.

Today, April 24th is my 3-month blog anniversary!! I’m happy to have come this far!! I keep loving every single minute of it!

I’ve won an amazing giveaway hosted by the wonderful Kristen on her amazing blog The Brunette Bookworm Blog! I won a book of my choice from book depository, up to $20 USD!!! Is that amazing? I’m so happy! I never win anything and I’ve won two giveaways in 3 months!! I’m feeling really lucky these days!!! Thank you so much, Kristen! You’ve made my day!!

I guess that’s it for today, my friends!! I will go, answer some comments and read some blogs!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!!





Saturday lazy day… not!!

Good morning folks,

I’ve actually woken up early today. I guess less meds is working and I’m needing less sleep, which is really cool. More time for procrastinating.

So far I’ve had my oatmeal, 1/3 of the water I need to drink for today (can’t let my little plant die) and some coffee. I’ve also broken a glass. My drying dishes pile situation is usually on point, but there was a slip and… well… may his soul rest in peace. His 11 twins shall miss him.

I have big domestic plans for today, like the middle age housewife that I am. Stay-at-home mom to Rosa and my one surviving plant. I’ve even manage to kill a bamboo. (Not making fun of housewives or stay-at-home moms, at all. I plan to be a stay-at-home mom one day)

Saturday’s fun list:

  • Fold and put away the biggest pile of laundry EVER!
  • I need to finish doing laundry, I still have about one load to do;
  • Go through our clothes, decide what’s to donate, what’s to trash, what’s to mend, what doesn’t fit and needs to be put away (My weight changes a lot, not going to throw everything that doesn’t fit away), maybe sell some things (would you like to shop my closet? I have a ton of unworn items!!). Also go through our underwear and pjs and  throw away things that are too old, too used or in bad shape. I obviously don’t mend or donate socks and panties/boxers. Organize all the existing clothes!
  • Make rags and wash cloths out of old towels. Keep some towels for cleaning emergencies, leaks, etc;
  • Do the same with shoes;
  • Finish cleaning my kitchen (clean microwave, dry and put away yesterday’s dishes, clean fridge, clean open shelving, clean table, clean floor, clean counter, clean oven and stove top, clean door);
  • Find a way to force the damn chicken breast to be departed with the freezer. I won’t give up on my chicken curry for tonight!
  • Take pictures of all the things I want to show you;
  • Do all of the Award posts I’m nominated for;
  • Call the library;
  • Clean the bathroom;
  • Read all the posts that show up on my reader;
  • Come up with a schedule to start applying for next week, one that includes my study hours and exam preparation;
  • Do my yoga;
  • Change my sheets and make bed;
  • Put away the billions of things I have on my dinning table that don’t belong there;
  • Drink 1,5 l of water;
  • Cut up some pineapple, Rui loves it!
  • Make some jello;
  • Call my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my mother-in-law, my aunt Lena and my aunt Amelia;
  • Plan something with the girls;
  • Write a bunch of postcards and letters to mail on Monday;
  • Be super nice and iron a few shirts for Rui, for the whole week;
  • Buy bread, fabric softener, cheese, apples;
  • See if my sewing machine is working;
  • Think about buying that Ikea mirror that I want because it’s finally on sale;
  • Wash the trash can;

That’s it. I love doing chores on Saturday. Plus I woke up early so I will probably have time to do everything. I’m excited! Let’s be productive?

Who’s with me?

Are you going to have a productive day or a lazy day or a fun day?

Tell me in the comment section, you know I’m nosy and live to know what everyone is up to!!

Love ya!