Health for days journey – July 6th (update)

Hey guys,

I’m back to tell you about my day. I couldn’t nap at all but couldn’t do much either, because I am so sleep deprived.

giphy (8)

I managed to do three things: I called Starbucks (they didn’t answer), I made a doctor’s appointment (27th of July) and texted my psychiatrist and she called me to ask me about my sleeping (or not sleeping) situation and to tell me what I should do.

giphy (9)

I tried to watch Casablanca but it was not very easy to… *coughs* illegally download from the internet. It was on YouTube but it was taking a lifetime to buffer so I had to give up. I’m gonna watch Memento with Rui right now while we eat dinner and relax.

giphy (7)

We went to town because we needed to go to the bank and to buy underwear for both. We were both in need and I kept telling him but he forgets/ignores whatever I say that involves shopping. Anyway, we had fun as I picked boxers for him and he picked panties for me. I choose colorful, fun and comfortable for him, he chose what he thought might look sexy on me. Men.

giphy (10)

We brought oven pizza for dinner because we’re having a cheat dinner (not a whole cheat day as we both ate very well today). I bought soy milk and OMG, that shit is bad. It tastes like water mixed with dog food and toothpaste. I hope my coffee can hide the taste. giphy (11)

So sorry, I’m into GIFs today. See you tomorrow?