Meet my new friend – Courtney. Everyone, let’s welcome her and introduce her to our awesome community. ❤️❤️❤️

Hey there!

I need to tell you about this awesome lady!

Her name is Courtney and she blogs over at:

Home of the Croslands

Here’s her about me page:

All About Me

I’ve been following and reading Courtney’s blog for a long time. It has been a favorite since the beginning. We had never actually “met” until very recently, and it was so special for me to finally be able to connect with her.

She has been blogging for 9/10 years but she has never really gotten to know other bloggers. She really wants to be part of our community and wants to meet everyone, after I told her how awesome you all are.

She has the most beautiful family and blogs about her daily life. Her husband and her 3 beautiful children are often mentioned in her posts. I love the way she does her meal prep, meal plan, pantry organization, among other things.

Courtney is so relatable because she has been dealing with a few issues that are so familiar to many of us her whole life. I’ll let her tell you all about it. Or you can go over to her blog and read about her journey.

I would be very happy if you would check Courtney’s blog, give her a follow, read, like and comment on her posts.

Let’s sho her what a supportive community she can find here, shall we?

Thank you so much, everyone.

Daily Planner and Journal – 05.02.2018: Trying to bring it back (about 8 hours late) + weekend

Good afternoon guys,

How are you facing Monday?

It’s a hard one right?

  • Hangover from drinking while watching Super Bowl?
  • Depressed because of THAT This is Us episode?
  • Shocked/ecstatic because Kylie Jenner has given birth?
  • All of the above?


May your coffee be strong and your chocolate be plenty.

I’m actually fine. I don’t care for the Super Bowl, I haven’t watched THAT episode yet (Lord help me) and I’ve been googling “Kylie Jenner pregnant” every day since September, waiting for news so I’m pretty satisfied. I’m not joking about the google part.

I really want to go back to my early morning planning and before bed journaling and update on how my day went and how I tackled my to-do list. I know you guys enjoy it and I feel more organized when I do so.

I would like the planning to be published at about 8 a.m and the update to go up at about 8 p.m. it would be nice to have somewhat of a schedule. I hope I can pull it off.

About the weekend: I did nothing. I was expecting it so I am fine with it. I needed a break. For real.

I have this huge freelance writing project to finish until the end of the week so I’m working on that.

I’m so much better than last week, thankfully.

See you soon, guys.


This time last year: The looking back series (30/01/2017)


First of all, and before I share my plans for this week I should give you some sort of weekend recap. Bloggers do that, I guess.

So, what happened this weekend?

Nothing much and nothing too interesting. I washed and folded a ton of laundry, which we had to take to the wash station to dry since we don’t own a dryer and it was a rainy weekend. My boyfriend washed a ton of dishes from last week and cleaned the kitchen. We cleaned some more and took care of a few things around the house and thought about changing the position of our bed but decided it wouldn’t work, so we kept it the same way. Saturday night we ate pizza for dinner and watched American Horror Story.I think we only have an episode left from the third season… now that it was finally growing on me. We also watched a movie “keeping up with the Joneses“, which was okay. I’m not a big fan of comedies. I slept a lot and after that I took naps. We did some grocery shopping and on Sunday night I cooked for the week. Boring, right?

• Put away all the laundry that I folded and iron a few things;

• Find a new psychiatrist and therapist for a second opinion and to try a different approach. I think that I should be feeling better by now and I am not, despite taking so much medication. I take anti psychotics to help with my nightmares but I have them anyway. Bad ones. I take sleeping pills but I don’t sleep that well. I sleep many hours but I never feel rested. I take something that it is supposed to help me with my energy levels and well, did I tell you about the sleepy and exhausted part? I also take mood stabilizers and antidepressants but I think that those actually help, so no problem there. My therapist… I love her but we just… talk. My psychiatrist suggested that I should try some kind of therapy that goes a little deeper and makes a bigger impact, otherwise I’m just paying to talk about my problems, something I could do with a friend. I will do some research and schedule an appointment with someone else for a second (or third) opinion.

• Sign up for a gym membership or at least decided what kind of option I want to go for. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while but lately I almost feel the need to move and to do something… sporty? I don’t know how to explain it. It is as weird as my Brussels sprouts craving from last week. Am I getting “healthy” with age? Ewww. One of this days you will find me doing a whole-30 and crossfit. Just kidding. that would never happen, right? Right??? Anyway, I want to do something and I definitely need it because 1. depression makes you gain weight; 2. depression medication makes you gain weight; 3. I sit all day; 4. I have back issues; 5. my knees hurt most days so I guess I also have knee issues; 6. It helps with depression and anxiety, they say; I love swimming and I love yoga and Pilates and anything that is kind of slow and does not require running, so that’s probably what I should sign up for. And find time for. Before my boyfriend kills me. You guys, he’s the sweetest, most amazing man in the world and keeps telling me that my health is the most important thing right now and that I should focus on trying to get better, no matter how much we have to spend or sacrifice. Love you, babe.

• Find time to take my dog to get her vaccine. Which is a huge drama. Our vet described her as a “difficult patient” because last time she broke two muzzles, bit me and my boyfriend, ripped his jeans and 4 people were needed to complete the task of giving her the shot. I’m getting nervous just thinking about it. She also needs a bath, ideally before going to the doctor. I like a clean, good smelling pup.

• Meet up with one of my besties Rita for coffee. She used to have a job that allowed her to meet me during the day when I had a break or when some student cancelled the class and I had a little time to kill. Now she has a new job (that she loves, congratulations honey!) and is only available maybe after seven, which is difficult for me because I’m rarely done before nine. But I love her and miss her so I need to do some magic and find the time!

• Answer the emails from people asking about English lessons. I don’t know if I can take anyone else so I need to check my schedule and maybe do some adjustments to see if I can fit in more people. Again, boyfriend will murder me.

• Bake a cake that actually grows!

• Cut the sugar!

• Drink more water. During the Summer I am great with my water intake (1,5 to 2 l each day) but in Winter, I forget to drink water and only drink it when I’m really thirsty or when my throat hurts from speaking for many hours while working;

• Eat a ton of fruit and veggies. This will be easy because I grocery shopped and cooked with that in mind;

• Start a book; (reading one, not writing one. I can barely handle the blog)

• Watch some of the Oscar nominees. Please! I need this.

A few reasons why I might be a bad blogger…

If you ask me what a bad blogger is, I will tell you that there is no such thing. I believe we are all good in our own way. We do our thing and put so much effort in to blogging, how can we be bad at it?

But when it comes to myself, there are a few things that always bother me, and lead me to think I’m not a good blogger:

  • I don’t always include pictures in my posts. I always include a featured image, that I get from Pixabay, most times. When I do include pictures, they are taken with my phone or with my pink, 3-years-old Sony compact camera. I don’t edit them at all. I don’t know which program to use and, to be really honest, I don’t really care. The ones I take are real and raw. But is that what people want to see in a blog? Probably not. People want to see beautiful, color corrected, no shadows, whatever (can you tell how much I know about photography?) images. Don’t they?
  • I don’t have a blogging schedule or a blogging notebook or a list of  blogging ideas. They just come to me and I write. I’ve just had this post idea while in the shower and here I am, 10 minutes later, writing. I blog whenever I feel like it, about whatever comes to mind, sometimes more than once a day (annoying bitch!!)
  • I have no filter. I’m the #queenofTMI, I write about any topic, good or bad and I say bad words, use sarcastic humor and just say whatever I want so say. I often ramble because I just want to write my thoughts, whatever they may be.
  • I don’t respect those nice blogging rules of 1000 words maximum or keep it short and simple. I write until I feel like I have nothing else to say and that the post is ready. Sometimes you get huge posts.
  • I don’t have a theme or themes. The world is my theme. You can get a recipe or a very Debbie downer post about depression or my health for days journey or something like asking for pen pals. Sometimes I come here just to tell you guys about something funny or nice that happened to me.
  • I overshare. I don’t have any issues with privacy. I’m always honest and open and tell you everything. I’m comfortable answering any questions you have, even if they are personal. What you get here, is what I am. I don’t hold anything back. Sometimes I plan things that end up going to shit but I don’t hide them at all. You get no sugar-coating or any ideas of perfection from me.
  • I care too much. I follow way too many people and spend endless hours reading their blogs. I love to be there for people and comment and actually read their work and that takes a huge part of my day.
  • I get frustrated by the numbers. I have no idea why I have almost 800 followers and only about 100 or 200 people read my posts, like, comment. I don’t understand this and it makes me feel confused. I’ve said this in the past but why follow if you don’t support, don’t read and don’t engage with the blogger?
  • I do too many tags and Awards. I had decided I would always accept them and do every single one but then I realized that might bore people to death (when you’re doing your Liebster number 87 it might get annoying) so I will just do the ones I’m already nominated for. I will also do any new ones that come my way and continue to nominate people for my tag.
  • I get anxious because I don’t have enough time to comment on everyone’s blog. I often want to say something, ask questions, give my opinion. But I follow about 700 people. There is no way.
  • To be honest, I don’t really think about what I am writing and don’t go back and edit sentences. You get things the way they come to my mind, as if I am talking to you. That’s why I probably sound rambly most of the time.

These are the reasons I think I don’t fit the pattern. I’m not consistent or professional at all. Will that ever change? I have no idea but I don’t think so.

What are your ideas on such topic?

What kind of blogger are you?

Are there any rules that you always follow?



Health for days journey – June 23rd (update)

Good evening my people!!

Today was nothing like I had planned. I woke up with a sore throat and feeling unwell and so I cancelled my therapy appointment and went back to bad. Maybe a mix of the heat with the ice water I drink? Maybe the wind and water I catch when I water the garden in the evening? No idea.

Because I’m still a bit unwell and want to avoid actually getting sick, I’ve decided to stay home for the weekend, while Rui goes and visits his family. I don’t mind being home alone (with Rosa) at all.

My whole day was spent blogging or taking care of online tasks:

  • I posted a tag;
  • I unfollowed blogs that were inactive for a long period of time;
  • I went through my Instagram account and unfollowed the accounts I’m not interested in, so it can be easier for me to look through your posts. I’m sticking to people I know and people I know from the blogging world.
  • I went through a few of the blogs I follow to make sure I was following everyone on social media;
  • I posted on my personal Facebook to say that I’m closing it and keeping only my other account, related to my blog. As soon as my friends follow me on my other Facebook, I’m closing my personal, which I have since 2010 or 2011;
  • I’ve been going through your posts;
  • I’ve been answering comments;

How was your day? Productive? I hope so.

Are you following me/Am I following you on Social Media?

I’m focusing on Facebook now so it would be great if you followed me and liked my page:






See you guys tomorrow. Thanks for reading!! ❤

Health for days journey – May, 3rd (I need a laundry maid edition)

Happy hump day!!

Half way through the week, almost half way through the year…

I don’t know where the fuck we are going but we’re going pretty fast!! (Pardon my French, but I am no lady. I’m like Demelza!!)

I’M NOT following my beautiful and very organized schedule yet, because I’m in the process of gathering materials and I also need to get this household back on track before I can do anything else. The redecoration really made a mess, I mean, we made a mess, mostly me, and I need to get things organized before I get into a studying, eating, cleaning routine.

I’ve realized I need to make a few changes!!

  1. I’m a really messy cook. I need to start washing things as I go and never leave dirty dishes in the sink for the next day, otherwise I spend hours washing up every few days!! I can also control the number of utensils I use;
  2. I should also use less kitchen towels. I keep changing them and then having to wash way too many.
  3. Same with my clothes. I wear pajamas, I don’t change and do chores while wearing pajamas, and then they obviously have to go to the wash, as I can’t sleep in dirty pajamas. Then I end up wearing a different pair every night, when I could wear the same pj’s for 3 or 4 nights in a row.

I’m sure there are many more, but these are the ones that come to mind right now.

I’ve lost weight, having no idea why because after Easter and Rui being on vacation I’ve been eating like crap.

Yesterday I had no appetite and the same goes for today. My lunch has been sitting near me for almost 30 minutes, and I have taken 1 bite only. I only feel like drinking water. But, since I take strong medication, I need to force myself to eat something!

My task list for today is the following:

  • Read blogs and comment and be up to date on the ones that I follow;
  • Make a list of all the Awards I need to post;
  • Unfollow people who never interact with me or haven’t posted in many months, or the ones I always read and comment but don’t do the same for me. I feel bad about this but I spend way too many time reading blogs and people don’t even seem to care that I follow them, so I will only follow the ones I like, the ones that interact with others and myself;
  • Fold and put away a HUGE load of laundry;
  • Dry and put away the ton of dishes that I washed yesterday and wash the dirty ones from dinner. Story of my life is laundry and dishes, rinse and repeat!
  • Clean the kitchen and the living room, at least;
  • Take pictures and show you my new dressing table;
  • Wash a few blankets and duvet and pillows;
  • Interact on social media (I always forget to do this. People like whatever I post and I forget to return the attention. This bothers me way too much!! It’s just hard to keep track of everything, you know?)

I guess that’s it for today!

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and the weather is hot. Perfect for drying laundry outside. Yes, I’m an old woman at heart.

See you guys later?