Just another Friday – No taxes and new printer edition!

Hi there!

Are you happy it’s Friday??

I’m having a good day. I can change because Mr. R said I’ve just changed my Karma because I refused to answer a questionnaire at a store and told the lady I was in a rush. He might be right, I was in no rush and could easily have done it but, apparently, I was on bitch mode lol I’m sorry, dear God! Karma, don’t screw me over, please!

One of our local supermarkets was having an amazing sale today, and we had to take advantage of it. They weren’t charging taxes today, which meant a 23% discount for non-food items and 6% for food items. Some of the things were already on sale, which meant a huge price difference. It was really good and I stocked up on some things. In the end, we saved about 40€.

We got a great brand detergent, a big box of 120 washes, that was initial 24,99€, for 8,12€!! It’s an amazing discount and it will last a long time. I’m really happy with this particular purchase!

We also got:

2 cans of Nivea men’s deodorant – 7,18€ for two cans, a 3,60€ discount and an additional 0,66€ of tax discount, we ended up spending 2,92€ for the two cans, which is less than the original price for one (3,59€);

2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste that originally cost 3,49€, with a 1,75€ discount and an additional 0,33€ of tax discount, ended up costing 1,41€.

We got many things but these were the best deals!

We also got a new printer! We were not planning on getting a new one, just needed to buy the ink cartridges which are quite expensive. We would have to spend about 40/50€ on them. While we were looking, we saw a printer that we liked, that cost 45,99€ and came with an additional black ink cartridge. We would only have to buy the color one, which would end up a total of about 70€. We considered it, since our printer is about 3 years old already, but we decided we would check the price for the cartridges at another store. So off we went, and we found the exact same printer on sale for 35,99€!! A 10€ difference and the fact that it was a super cheap but good printer made us decide to get it. We would only have to buy the said color cartridge. When we looked for it, it was also on discount, costing 15,99€!! We came home with a new printer for 35,99€, plus an extra free black ink cartridge and a colored ink cartridge for a total of 51,98€. We are pretty pleased with our purchase.

This is our new printer:

Isn’t it cute? I love the green! It will look super cute in our office!! I’m really happy about it!! 🙂

We will print a bunch of pictures to fill all the empty walls we have in our home! I have a bunch of picture frames to fill in and I’m doing a gallery wall in our bedroom! I’m really excited about it.

We have also being looking at paint colors because the house is in desperate need to be painted, but we are going to wait until Summer for that. But we already have a pretty cool idea of which colors we want to use.

I have a recipe to share with you and also a kitchen tour, I’ll post it later today!

I hope you are having an amazing Friday!

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend?

We might go to the beach, since being close to the sea helps with our sinusitis.

Love you guys.