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15 Films Tag – My favorite movies

My dear Angela has recently done this tag and I loved reading it. As a movie lover, I asked her if I could be nominated, to which she said yes, because she loves me. Favorite film: I could never pick one, so... Continue Reading →

The Lottery Tag

The Lottery Tag was created by my dear friend and one of my favorite bloggers, Natalie. Here's how she describes her tag: A quick synopsis of The Lottery Tag: Imagine you won the lottery. There is no set sum of money... Continue Reading →

Do you know any awesome bloggers to introduce us to? – Friends For Days Tag

Would you like to share some of your favorite blogs with us? Some not so well-known bloggers? Someone new? Here's your chance to give them a little support by doing my tag, introducing us to new bloggers you follow, or simply... Continue Reading →

Friends for days Tag – Second round of nominees!!

Hello guys, I decided I should nominate a few more veteran bloggers to do this tag, so they can introduces us to new bloggers they follow, or simply to bloggers that they feel deserve our love and attention. The logo:... Continue Reading →

“Thankful for…The Tag” and The Blue Sky Tag #4

I was nominated for both this Tags by Sangbad, who blogs over at Thoughts of Words. If you don't know him, please make sure to go over to his blog, read a few posts. You will find great fiction and amazing,... Continue Reading →

Friends For Days Tag – Check the first nominees!

After getting so much support from so many of my reader friends, I decided to go for it and create the logo. The main idea is to encourage new blogger or some that are shy and don't engage in the... Continue Reading →

Friends For Days Tag

Dear friends, I decided to create a TAG!!!! First of all, this is my logo: The rules are: Say who created the Tag; Thank the person who nominated you! Choose 5 blogs you don't know very well or that are... Continue Reading →

The Blue Sky Tag #3

I have been nominated for The Blue Sky Tag once again, this being my third time doing it. I don't mind at all and I'm extremely happy and honored that my dear friend Natalie thought of nominating me for it. I highly... Continue Reading →

The Blue Sky Tag #2

I was tagged again, this time by Azra and even though I have done this post very recently, I could not pass on her amazing questions could I? Also, the fact that she tagged me is reason enough to do it. She's... Continue Reading →

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