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Home office tour – Shared with Mr.R (27.04.2017)

Finally, I have an office tour for you! The office is quite a small room, with a roof window. It is, however, big enough to accommodate us both comfortably. We access it through a door in the living room. It's... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – May 30th (Staying away from oatmeal edition)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Is everyone happy and okay? I hope so. I'm back to my normal life after yesterday's adventures. Still not knowing what might suddenly kill me if I touch it. I'm exaggerating a bit (Am I?).... Continue Reading →

Health for days journey – May 3rd (update)

Hey there, Did you have a good day? How are you? I'm fine, I had a calm day. Since I have a few things to show you, lets go straight to my to-do list: Read blogs and comment and be... Continue Reading →

Kitchen tour!! Aka Rosa’s room!

The time has come for me to show you my kitchen. I love it because it is quite big (for Portuguese standards, anyway) and so it has enough space for cooking and enough storage. So, what do you think about... Continue Reading →

Tiny bathroom tour – Get ready for more pink!

Now it's time for my bathroom tour. I actually hate it because it is extremely tiny and I was used to bigger bathrooms before I moved to this house. I can overcome the fact that we only have one, but... Continue Reading →

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