5 Goals for March 2022

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re all as excited for March as I am.

February a bit tough and I was so ready for it to be over. I love a fresh start and I feel like I get one on the first of every month. I’m also looking forward to Spring.

These are the things I’d like to accomplish in March.


Finish a 5K walk on 20/03.

I’m confident I can do this, even though I haven’t been walking that much lately. The other day I ended up walking 5 km without planning it and it wasn’t so bad. My pelvic pain and heavy belly make it harder but not impossible.


Get everything ready for the baby.

We’re pretty much done with the things we need to buy and the changes around the house but I still need to get a few things and wash all her clothes.


Finish and pass my Training Course.

This training course I’m taking is ending next week and I need to prepare my final presentation. Fingers crossed it will go well and I’ll get my diploma by the end of the month.


Go on a weekend getaway to celebrate our 9th anniversary.

I’m not sure where we’ll go yet but it will double as our babymoon.


Deep clean the whole house.

I’m excited for Spring cleaning. My nesting instincts are kicking in and I feel like getting rid of all the clutter and cleaning every nook and cranny until the whole house is sparkling.

So, yeah. If you need me, I’ll be working on these goals.

What about you? Any goals for March?




5 Goals for February 2022: An Update

Hello everyone.

February is over (finally!) and so I wanted to check on my goals for the month.

We’ve been thrown a few curveballs this month, so I don’t think I worked hard enough on some of my goals. Let’s check them one by one.


Follow our weekly meal plan.

Well, this definitely didn’t happen. Between my husband getting covid, us being quarantined for a week and me getting recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes (I’ll update on that later), our meals have been all over the place. Hopefully, we’ll do better in March.


Follow our budget.

Not sure. Still need to check with my husband and do our monthly budget meeting but I’m pretty sure we overspent on a few categories.


Walk every single day.

Definitely not. We were stuck at home for 7 whole days and then I didn’t really manage to do much walking the rest of the month because I simply wasn’t in the mood.


Visit both our families.

We were able to see Rui’s family twice and some of his extended family (unfortunately, while attending a funeral) which was quite lovely as we don’t see them often. I saw my sister a couple of times too. Didn’t see my mom but I’m meeting her later this week for lunch.


Keep up with my journaling.

Not at all. I’ve been on a journaling block for the last couple of weeks. I’ll do my best to get back to it this month.

After reviewing my monthly goals and the month of February in general, I have to say it was pretty meh. I’m hoping March will be better.



Bucket List Updated – 10 Things in 10 Years (Things I want to do before I turn 40)

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a great wednesday and an even better week.

I turned 30 in October and I must confess it took me a while to being okay with leaving my 20’s behind. Now that I’m finally happy and content to be 30, I decided it was time to update my bucket list.

These are the main things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 40.

Have a second child.

Ideally, we’d have three kids. Realistically, I think we’ll probably be done after two.

Adopt another dog.

We’ve been meaning to do this for years but it never seems like the right time. We’d love for Rosa to have a furry brother or sister but we’re not sure how she’d react to sharing her space and our attention with another dog. She’s not super nice to other dogs and she’s quite used to being spoiled and having both of us all to herself. Having a human sister should be hard enough and quite the adjustment so we’re going to wait and try to understand how she reacts to no longer being our only baby.

Buy a house.

We’ve been casually looking for a while but the market is impossible unless you have a lot of money laying around, which we don’t. We plan on saving as much as possible and keep looking until we find something we like and can afford.

Get into nursing school.

I have applied twice (2020 and 2021) and did not get in but I’m definitely going to keep trying. Praying that 2023 will be the year.

Renew our vows for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

My husband is not super keen on this. According to him “what is ten years if we plan on spending the rest of our lives together”. He’s right, of course, but this is something special I really want do for us and for our marriage, every ten years.

Visit a new country every year.

I’m not exactly sure what travelling with a kid will look like but I know we’ll still do it. We don’t want to be one of those couples who never leave the house again after having children. Wherever we go, she’ll go with us. We’ll figure it out.

Learn how to ride a bike.

I actually bought a bike last year and was in the process of learning when I got pregnant so that’s on hold for the next few months.

Get fit.

I know I’ve been saying this for years but I feel like I can’t live my 30’s the way I’ve lived my 20’s. Especially now that I’m about to become a mother, I want to be the healthiest I can be and to set a good example for my daughter. It won’t be easy. It was never easy but I think it will be especially hard now, after 30 and after giving birth. I NEED to lose about 40 kg or 88 Lbs, which I’ve gained over the last 5-6 years, after a mental health diagnosis, tons of medication and years and years of neglect and unhealthy habits. I have no idea how I’ll manage this but it is definitely one of my top priorities.

Be fluent in German.

I took two semesters while in university and then I quit. I think it’s a beautiful language and would like to go back to learning and become fluent at some point in the next few years.

Write a book.

Something I’ve been wanting to do since I was about 12 years old. I’ve started a couple of books but have never finished anything. I don’t think my writing is good enough as of now but I intend to learn more and get better to the point of feeling comfortable sharing my work with the world.

What about you? What’s an item on your bucket list?



5 Goals for February 2022


Follow our weekly meal plan.

We eat better, save money and don’t waste food when I follow the meal plan I have set. I’ve been enjoying cooking and trying new recipes too, so it’s something fun to look forward to. Mostly, I like how in control I feel when things are planned and organized.


Follow our budget.

Even though we budget for every euro we spend, it’s still very easy to go off track and overspend if we’re not careful. It helps if we keep a close eye on our spending so I plan on doing just that.


Walk every single day.

I have to “train” for this 5 km walk I’m doing in March (shame on me, my husband is running a half marathon and I actually have to practice to walk 5K), meaning I should be walking every single day for the month of February. My plan is to walk 3 km a day for the first two weeks and then 4 km a day for the next two.


Visit both our families.

We haven’t seen them since Christmas and they’re missing out on my pregnancy with their first grandchild so we’ll try to make it happen.


Keep up with my journaling.

I got The 6-Minute Diary from Amazon and absolutely love it.

What about you? Any goals for February?



My goals for 2022

Hello everyone,

As you might have noticed, I seem to be on a blogging kick. I find myself looking forward to writing and interacting with you all, which is wonderful.

I came up with my goals for 2022 back in December, and they have been living in both my head and the back of my planner, where they were originally written and where I can keep them with me at all times.

So my goals for 2022 are:


Create a new routine after my baby is born. I know my life is about to change forever and that I’ll have to adapt to being a mom and taking care of someone else 24/7. As excited as I am to become a mom, it is definitely scary to think about the changes that are coming. As someone living with mental illness, I deeply care about my routines and habits, as they keep me sane and balanced. It’s a bit nerve racking not knowing what my days will look like after May but I’ll know my husband will have my back 100% and that together we’ll figure it out.


Lose weight after baby. Not that I have actual baby weight to lose (not yet, as I’ve lost some while pregnant) but I’ve been wanting to lose weight for years. I definitely want to be fit and healthy for my daughter, so I plan on doing my best to lose some weight while on maternity leave (breastfeeding would be a huge help, if I’m able to do it.


Get my Driver’s License. Ideally, I’d be done by the time my baby girl is born but I don’t think it will happen. My deadline is the end of the year, though. I’ll be driving by the end of 2022 (manifesting here, as the kids say).


Finish my Trainer’s course. I’m taking this course to become a Certified Professional Trainer, meaning I’ll be able to provide corporate training and such. I’ll be done by March, if all goes well.


Lose fear of driving. This is something I’m currently working on, while having driving lessons. Hopefully, I’ll be okay with driving by the time I’m finished.


Read 24 books. My goal for 2021 was 100 (I got to 91) and I wish I could be as ambitious this year. However, new moms are not known for having much free time, so I’m not expecting to get much reading done after baby is here. I’m counting on reading all 24 before she’s born. Current 2022 book count so far: 7. Not bad.


Watch Breaking Bad. It’s my husband’s favorite show and I’ve been promising him for YEARS that I’ll eventually watch it. Seemed important enough to make my list lol


Drink 1,5l of water, every single day, for the whole year. I wrote this and then found myself wondering if I should count all liquids as water? I drink plenty of coffee, tea, orange juice, lemonade and milk. Am I counting that to my daily water goal? Yes, I have been. Otherwise I would probably drinking too much, especially as a pregnant lady who pees constantly.


Take a walk, 5 times a week. Take Rosa and then the baby. I have been walking a few times a week, definitely not 5, though. Probably around 3. The days have been gorgeous and I love to take walks on cold weather so I should definitely get moving a little more.


Spend 15 minutes outside, in the sun. Most days are sunny and beautiful here, even when they’re cold so I plan on getting as much vitamin D as I can take. This is also something that greatly improves my mood.


Weekly video chat with my group of best friends. We’re currently living in different countries (two here in Portugal, one in Belgium, the other one in Ireland) so it’s super important that we keep up. We haven’t been doing weekly calls but we’ve managed to chat almost daily, which is great.


Monthly family lunch with our families (mine, his or both). Not easy with his family living 2 hours away and mine is not super close either. My sister is a busy bee (working while getting her master’s), so it’s hard to catch her. Also, covid. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to see everyone in February.


Sit at the table for dinner every night. So, let me start by saying this is NOT how we were raised and that both our mothers disapprove but we’ve been having dinner sitting on the sofa for the past 7 years. I know, it’s awful. Since the beginning of the year and because we’re about to become parents who want to set good examples, we’ve been having our meals at the table instead.


Go to bed with a tidy and clean kitchen every night. Again, our poor mothers would die if they knew that we have ever gone to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes. Not that it would happen most nights but it did happen on occasion. We’re making an effort to change by cleaning the kitchen as soon as we’re done with dinner.


Finish one crochet project. I’ve been crocheting on and off for years a have yet to finish something that’s not a baby hat. I’d love to crochet a blanket for my baby. Three and a half months to go, I should start soon.


Cook something new every week. I love trying new recipes. I’ve been doing it, mostly. Not always something fancy but definitely something new.


Go to Porto. Yes, I’m Portuguese and I’ve never been to Porto. Shame on me. I’d love to go before the baby is here.


Be less wasteful and focusing on being more sustainable/green. Not that I’m super wasteful but I’m not Greta either. There are some habits I’d like to change and some products I should stop using.


Work on my anxiety. Mostly, I should schedule therapy sessions more often.

I apologise for the odd number but I wasn’t going to make something up just to make it 20.

If I had to come up with something now, I’d say I’d love to keep blogging regularly but I won’t be making it a goal for now.

What about you? Do you make New Year’s Resolutions/Goals?

How have you been doing so far? Would love to know.