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Just another Friday – No taxes and new printer edition!

Hi there! Are you happy it's Friday?? I'm having a good day. I can change because Mr. R said I've just changed my Karma because I refused to answer a questionnaire at a store and told the lady I was... Continue Reading →

What the fat?

Hey loves, As you know I'm in Mr.R's hometown, staying with his parents for Easter. And I have just been called fat to my face lol A "very nice" old lady called us from her balcony (she knows Rui and... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites and a health update

This was a short week for me, as I stayed home for three days. I'm starting my second semester of university next week and that will add so much to my big to-do list. I will go back to studying,... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites and the really bad week

I'm so glad this week is over because it was a really bad one. It will be very difficult to come up with any favorites at all, because I can't think of any good thing that has happened to me... Continue Reading →

Yesterday the dog ran away

Yeiiihh, it's Friday. Just kidding, I have to work tomorrow so for me it is like Thursday. I read so many blogs and all of them have some kind of version of a "Friday Favorites" list, where the bloggers write... Continue Reading →

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