Our Week With Covid – A Recap, Some Thoughts and a Catching Up To Do List

Hello Everyone!

I really wanted to keep posting every single day but I didn’t feel like writing for the past three days so I took a little break. Today I’m back with a recap and “Catching Up To Do List” as a few things were inevitably left behind since we couldn’t leave the house for seven whole days.

Here’s a couple of thoughts on our isolation week.

  • My immune system is apparently very strong. How I managed not to get infected with Covid while my husband had it, I’ll never know.
  • This is nothing new but I don’t do very well with sudden and unexpected changes in routine. Now, is this a personality trait or is it related to my Bipolar II? I’d say both. What I know is that I found myself quite depressed and weepy over my husband having Covid and the change of plans and routine it meant for us.
  • Again, if my plans are thrown off and I’m not feeling super organized, I will stop taking good care of myself. We ate like shit the whole week and I didn’t drink as much water or took good care of my skin.
  • I can’t sleep well unless I sleep in my own bed, next to my husband.
  • It was very hard not being able to touch my husband at all. Apparently, I’m needier and touchier than I thought. Or is it maybe because I’m pregnant? No idea.

Now, I DO KNOW that these are all very much first world problems and that I should be feeling very lucky that I was not sick at all and that my husband got through it with nothing but one whole day of having a cough. I know how lucky we are that things were not serious and that we’re both healthy but I must be honest and comment on how much the whole thing has affected my mental health.

Thankfully, it is over and we’re now allowed to leave the house again.

I have been left with lots of catching up to do, though. Being a list lover, I’ve made a “Post Covid Catching Up To Do List”:

  • Water my plants. I got this wonderful Moisture Meter that tells you if your plants need watering. I’m very hopeful I’ll never murder another plant.
  • Reschedule all my cancelled driving and driving theory lessons, so I can hopefully be done with my driving theory exam by the end of March.
  • Review my course materials from last week, which I definitely half assed.
  • Do some grocery shopping. We desperately need toilet paper and a few other essentials.
  • Come up with a healthy meal plan for the next two weeks.
  • Catch up on laundry.
  • Mail out a dress I sold online.
  • Order a new maternity support belt as the one I ordered was too small.
  • Get my husband’s Valentine’s gift from the post office, where it’s being held since I couldn’t leave the house to pick it up.
  • Reschedule our second prenatal class we had to miss last week.
  • Catch up on reading my favorite blogs.
  • Schedule a dental appointment.
  • Get a hair cut and color. My roots are getting scary. (Scheduled for Friday the 18th!)
  • See my doctor about my glucose test results, which seem to be a bit off. (Scheduled for Friday the 18th.)
  • Buy all the furniture we need for the baby, plus some items we are getting in order to change the way we store things around the house. (Trip to Ikea this weekend.)
  • Go and check baby strollers. (Probably on the weekend too.)
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Get my eyebrows done.
  • Check our budget and write down all our expenses from last week.
  • Schedule an appointment with my psychiatrist for (roughly) two weeks after my delivery (I had a videocall appointment on Thursday and my doctor said I’m doing extremely well so I don’t need to see her until after the baby is born).
  • Organize my email box and computer folders. I absolutely hate a messy computer.
  • Take a few 3-4 Km walks.
  • Clean the house.

This is pretty much all I’m going to be doing for the rest of the week. I’ll also be watching an unhealthy amount of Love is Blind, Marriage At First Sight AU and 90 Day Fiancé because I’m on a trashy reality TV kick, triggered by the boredom of last week.

I shall now excuse myself and go do another load of laundry.

I hope you’re all having a nice week.




Pregnancy Update – 26 weeks

How far along: 26 weeks + 5 day

Due Date: 15 May 2022

Baby size: A head of kale.

Weight gain: Nothing.

Maternity clothes: We’re isolating at home because my husband has covid so I’ve been wearing nothing but pijamas.

Stretch marks: Nothing new.

Sleep: Haven’t been sleeping very well this week.

Gender: Girl!

Best moment: She moves so much!

Looking forward to: Meeting her.

Food cravings: Strawberries. Coca cola. Chocolate.

What I miss: Strawberries. No pain when I turn in bed.

Symptoms: Nothing new, just my regular pelvic pressure and pain.

Mood: Ready to meet her.

The highs: Feeling her kicks.

The lows: Painful groin.

Throwback Thursday – Post from February 2020

Diary of a Lazy Week – 4 Days Off: 11.02.2020

Hello Everyone!

How is it almost the middle of the month?

It feels like February is in a hurry to get to March or something, which I’m definitely not because it seems like I’m always behind on something, even when I’m trying super hard to keep up with life.

I’m supposed to be having a lazy week, what basically means I have a few days off work and am focusing on school work, stuff around the house, errands, family and just having me time.

The highlight of my week (or month) and the reason I took some vacation days is because my Maid of Honor is visiting from Vienna. She’ll be staying for a couple of weeks but I wanted a day or two to be free for her. Bitch ended up deserting me because her boyfriend, who happens to be my best friend of 14 years (I introduced them because neither had a date to my wedding – I love to tell this story to every one I meet. Random strangers as well), managed to get a couple of days off. I’m now extremely pissed. Joking, I know she’ll be reading this. I’m happy he managed to get the days off, it’s not easy for him. They’re my favorite couple and I really want them to be happy. Mostly because they deserve it, also because it would be so freakin awkward if they broke up.

What have I been up to since Saturday? Super interesting stuff.

Saturday 08.02.2020

Sunday 09.02.2020

  • Grocery shopping at Aldi.
  • Organizing and printing a bunch of uni work. I know it’s not very green of me, but I can’t study unless I have paper to read, highlight and takes notes on.
  • Having salmon for dinner
  • Watching an episode of “This is Us”. It’s one of the shows husband and I always watch together.
  • Watching “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” while waiting for the Oscars to start. Husband quit half way and went to bed. I stayed up to watch the Oscars, did not get to finish the movie.

Monday 10.02.2020

  • Sleep
  • Waking up very late
  • Forgetting my nail and eyebrow appointment, thinking it was on the 13th.
  • Reading a lot and being useless in general
  • Falling asleep at 5 and waking up very confused when husband got home at 8 something and woke me up. I guess I needed to sleep?
  • Randomly zapping (I never touch the TV) and finding “The Great Gatsby” on some random channel, watching it with husband. The movie means a lot to us for a number of reasons. It’s one of my favorite books, it was the first movie we saw together at the cinema and we chose one of the songs for our first dance. Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful

Tuesday 11.02.2020 (today)

  • Trying to write a blog post
  • Finished the The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani
  • Attempting to declutter and organize our office/closet/storage room. I’ve honestly decluttered as much as possible and am now getting to the conclusion that we simply need more storage or maybe a bigger house.

What about you? What have you been up to?

Love, Chey

Bucket List Updated – 10 Things in 10 Years (Things I want to do before I turn 40)

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a great wednesday and an even better week.

I turned 30 in October and I must confess it took me a while to being okay with leaving my 20’s behind. Now that I’m finally happy and content to be 30, I decided it was time to update my bucket list.

These are the main things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 40.

Have a second child.

Ideally, we’d have three kids. Realistically, I think we’ll probably be done after two.

Adopt another dog.

We’ve been meaning to do this for years but it never seems like the right time. We’d love for Rosa to have a furry brother or sister but we’re not sure how she’d react to sharing her space and our attention with another dog. She’s not super nice to other dogs and she’s quite used to being spoiled and having both of us all to herself. Having a human sister should be hard enough and quite the adjustment so we’re going to wait and try to understand how she reacts to no longer being our only baby.

Buy a house.

We’ve been casually looking for a while but the market is impossible unless you have a lot of money laying around, which we don’t. We plan on saving as much as possible and keep looking until we find something we like and can afford.

Get into nursing school.

I have applied twice (2020 and 2021) and did not get in but I’m definitely going to keep trying. Praying that 2023 will be the year.

Renew our vows for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

My husband is not super keen on this. According to him “what is ten years if we plan on spending the rest of our lives together”. He’s right, of course, but this is something special I really want do for us and for our marriage, every ten years.

Visit a new country every year.

I’m not exactly sure what travelling with a kid will look like but I know we’ll still do it. We don’t want to be one of those couples who never leave the house again after having children. Wherever we go, she’ll go with us. We’ll figure it out.

Learn how to ride a bike.

I actually bought a bike last year and was in the process of learning when I got pregnant so that’s on hold for the next few months.

Get fit.

I know I’ve been saying this for years but I feel like I can’t live my 30’s the way I’ve lived my 20’s. Especially now that I’m about to become a mother, I want to be the healthiest I can be and to set a good example for my daughter. It won’t be easy. It was never easy but I think it will be especially hard now, after 30 and after giving birth. I NEED to lose about 40 kg or 88 Lbs, which I’ve gained over the last 5-6 years, after a mental health diagnosis, tons of medication and years and years of neglect and unhealthy habits. I have no idea how I’ll manage this but it is definitely one of my top priorities.

Be fluent in German.

I took two semesters while in university and then I quit. I think it’s a beautiful language and would like to go back to learning and become fluent at some point in the next few years.

Write a book.

Something I’ve been wanting to do since I was about 12 years old. I’ve started a couple of books but have never finished anything. I don’t think my writing is good enough as of now but I intend to learn more and get better to the point of feeling comfortable sharing my work with the world.

What about you? What’s an item on your bucket list?



Update: The Rona Got My Husband But Not Me (A Covid Rant)

You guys, what a couple of days.

It all started yesterday morning, when we were about to leave the house. My husband was going to the office to work and I had a driving lesson. Before we left the house, husband said his throat was feeling funny and that he was going to take a self test. He took the test and went to shower. After his shower, he went back to look at the test and it showed as positive. He immediately showed me the test but said he might have waited too long to check the results, which you shouldn’t look at after 30 minutes, so he decided to take a second one. Well, the second one turned out to be positive as well. I decided to take one myself (yes, we keep a shitload of tests at home, just in case) and it came back negative. Weird. I went ahead and cancelled my driving lessons, in case I might have to stay in isolation.

I’m sure it’s different for every country but here in Portugal, if you get a positive self test, you have this form to fill online, after which they’ll give you further instructions. Rui filled the form and was told he’d have to call our free SNS (National Health Service) line, which he did. He spoke to this operator who asked if he had any symptoms and he said the only thing bothering him was his throat. She said that because there were symptoms, even if mild, he’d have to be transferred to a nurse.

2.5 hours later – That’s how long he waited in line – he was able to speak to a very kind and helpful nurse. He described the situation and added the fact that his wife was pregnant. The nurse immediately booked us for two (free) PCR tests that same afternoon.

We both went to take the tests (him wearing a mask the whole time, even in the car) and were told we had to wait up to 48 hours for the results. We came home and went about our days, while keeping our distance from each other, which is not super easy if you live in a small house. We ate dinner apart and he slept on the couch while I slept in our room. When I say we slept, I’m probably exaggerating because we didn’t sleep much at all. The waiting for the results and the whole of the situation was giving major anxiety so I didn’t fall asleep until after 4 in the morning.

Next morning I woke to the results via text (they both text and email us) and was very surprised to find out that I’m actually NEGATIVE, while he’s positive. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? We spend a lot of time together, drive in the same car, use the same bathroom, sleep in the same bed in the same tiny bedroom.

Anyways, we’re now going through the motions of avoiding each other while living together. He has to quarantine for 7 days, which means he can’t leave the house at all. With him being the driver and me not having a license and being quite far away from everything, I’m not leaving the house either. I had to cancel my driving lessons, a hair appointment and we’re going to miss our second birth preparation class.

As for the arrangements, he’ll keep working from the garage/his man cave during the day and then stay and sleep in our bedroom at night. I’ll be staying and sleeping in my office, in the sofa bed. We’ll try not to cross paths in the kitchen or bathroom and we’ll wash and disinfect our hands after using the common areas.

I won’t lie and say that I’m absolutely okay with this. I miss my husband as we’re used to spending a lot of time together. I hate sleeping and eating without him. I’m grateful for the fact that I’m healthy and that he’s mostly asymptomatic but I’m still afraid I might catch it and that he’ll get really sick. I’m upset I had to cancel my driving lessons and my driving theory lessons because it means I won’t be able to finish my first set of driving lessons and my driving theory exam in February, which sucks because I really wanted to be done with my license before the baby is here in May.

Such is life. I honestly have no idea how we even managed to catch it because we’re both vaccinated and have gotten the booster, we wear masks everywhere we go and we’re super careful in general. Still, I should probably stop complaining and just be grateful that we’re both okay.

Sorry for the rant, I’m in a foul mood.

Hope you’re all healthy and safe.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, get the jab!



8 Random Things I don’t Eat – Foods I Don’t Like

Hello Everyone,

Today I bring you another random post: 8 foods I absolutely hate.

Of course, if you were to invite me for dinner I’d do the polite thing and eat whatever you put in my plate. When I’m making food for myself though, I try to avoid the following foods:


They taste like dirt to me.


The texture is horrible and they taste like freshly cut grass. Guacamole = yuck!


Gosh. The smell, the tiny deadly bones, the fishy flavor.


I feel like I’m biting into a soap tasting log.


Again, food that tastes like bitter grass.


I don’t think this is something people eat everywhere but it’s definitely a typical Portuguese food. I refuse to go near it, though. The meat itself is too sweet and bunnies are to cute to be eaten.


It tastes like soap.


Apparently, they’re everyone’s favorite nut. Go figure.

What is a food you won’t eat?



My 2021 Reading Stats – 90 Books

In 2021, I finished reading 90 books, a total of 22,564 pages!

My First book of 2021:

To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

My last book of 2021:

Second Survivor by Leah Moyes
Number of books and pages per month.
I’m definitely into romance but I’ve recently gotten into memoirs and health related books.

The longest book I read in 2021:

Hardacre by C.L. Skelton – 509 Pages

The shortest book I read in 2021:

If the Fate Allow by Rainbow Rowell
– 39 Pages

The average length of the books I read was 306 pages!

Guess I wasn’t super impressed in general, huh?
It seems that I enjoy crying my eyes out while reading…
…and that I mostly go for medium paced books.
I like big books and I cannot like.
I read mostly fiction…
… and I have a thing for Portia Macintosh.

Number of books and average rating by month:

January: 9 – 3.3

February: 4 – 3.25

March: 9 – 3.75

April: 12 – 2.85

May: 6 – 3.33

June: 4 – 3.0

July: 4 – 3.0

August: 8 – 4.0

September: 4 – 3.25

October: 4 – 3.75

November: 15 – 3.33 (WOW!)

December: 11 – 3.0

Books I rated 5 stars/My favorite books of 2021

Where the Light Enters: Building a Family, Discovering Myself by Dr. Jill Biden

Unspeakable Things by Jess Lourey

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

When Things Go Wrong: Diseases: from The Body by Bill Bryson

Ramblers in Cornwall: Slow Travels Through a Salt-Licked Country by Arundhati Basu

Compendium Pandemica: A Guide to Horrible Infectious Diseases by A.D. Gray

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

The Moonlight Child by Karen McQuestion

Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner by Judy Melinek, T.J. Mitchell

2021 was definitely my best reading year yet. I don’t think I’ll reading that much in the near future, since I’m becoming a mom in May, but I know I’ll always be a reader.



8 Random Things I’ve never done

Happy Sunday everyone,

I hope you’re having fun.

I’ve decided to turn my “8 random things” post into a series.

Today, I’m sharing 8 things I’ve never done.

I’ve never had to have surgery.

Thankfully. And I’ve ever only gotten stitches after a tooth extraction. Surgery would be fine but the anesthesia part would freak me out.

I’ve never been drunk.

My party trick is telling people I don’t drink, ever, at all and watch them try to convince to have a drink. Everyone is always sure I’ll drink at some point in the future but I know it will never happen.

I’ve never broken a bone.

I guess I’ve been lucky when it comes to my physical health, not so much my mental health.

I’ve never crossed an ocean.

The few trips I’ve taken have been restricted to Europe. I’ve been to Spain, The Canary Islands and Menorca which all happen to be Spanish Islands.

I’ve never gotten a tattoo.

It’s not that I don’t like them, I just always feel I’m not cool enough to pull it off. I’d like to get one at some point, though.

I’ve never tried oysters.

They look too disgusting to be that expensive. Not sure I want to try them.

I’ve never done drugs.

Yup, I’ve never even smoked a joint. It’s not that I judge people who do drugs (unless you’re destroying your life or going through addiction I think recreational drugs are fine), I just don’t think I’d enjoy being in an altered state.

I’ve never owned a car.

Technically, my husband’s car belongs to me as well because we’re married but I’ve never bought myself a car or owned a car that is just mine. Obviously, because I don’t have a license. I hope I can get my license soon and buy a cute little car.

What about you? What’s one thing you’ve never done?



8 Random Things That Really Freak Me Out

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

My post for today is very random, I know. I was walking the other day and actually crossed the road so I wouldn’t have to walk under some scaffolding. It got me thinking “What else freaks me out this much?” and so I came up with a list.

These are the 10 things that I try to avoid like the plague.

Walking under scaffolding.

Yes, I’m afraid someone will drop a hammer or a whole person will fall on top of me.

Getting any sort of anesthesia.

People keep asking me if I’m afraid of giving birth and honestly, for now, my only fear is getting anesthesia. I’m not sure I want an epidural and it makes me very nervous to think about getting anesthesia in case I need a cesarean section. There’s something very scary about being sedated or not being in possession of my full capacities. Maybe that’s why I’ve never drank or taken drugs.


Oh the anxiety I get every time I have to get an x-ray or a CAT scan. It’s a nightmare. Just the little radiation danger signs give me the hibby jibbies.

Deep, dark water.

If I can’t see the bottom, I’m not getting in. And I’ll never ever jump from a high place into a pool, lake or river.

Security cameras.

No idea why, they just scare me.

Answering calls from unknown numbers.

I’ll do the millennial thing and google the number before I take the call. I’m always afraid someone is calling me before something bad happened or somebody died.


They’re very dangerous and I wouldn’t ride one if you paid me good money.

Airplane takeoffs.

The speed, the noise, the feeling. I hate it. I won’t stop travelling by plane anytime soon, but I can assure you I’ll be hating every minute.

What about you? What freaks you out?

Would love to read about it in the comments.



Five Friday Favorites 04.02.22

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope you’re healthy, safe and happy.

This morning I’m sharing my very favorite things from this week, in no particular order.

Number one: Dinner with friends

Our friends have just bought a new house and invited us over for dinner on Monday. We talked a bunch, ate delicious homemade tuna lasagna and I got to sneak in a few cat cuddles with sweet Margarida.

Number Two: Our first prenatal class.

We were not sure what to expect but it turned out to be very informative and fun. There are 8 couples and only two are having girls so a bunch of boys being born this year.

Can’t show a picture so here’s a beautiful sunset instead

Number Three: This beautiful new plant I bought on thursday.

Not much to say about this. She’s beautiful and I had to have her.

Number four: Getting to vote on Monday.

The day was lovely and so we walked all the way to the polling place. I am very thankful that we live in a democracy and that we are able to express our opinions and wishes and to vote on our leaders. This is not something we take for granted.

Number Five: Blogging

I’ve been on a blogging kick lately and genuinely feel like writing every day. I hope this stays with me for a while as I’m enjoying being back.

What was your favorite moment this week?

Wishing you all a fun, relaxing weekend!