Post Covid Catching Up To Do List – Update

Happy Twosday, everyone!

A week later, I’m updating my “Post Covid Catching Up To Do List”

This is what I was supposed to do and what I actually managed to get done:

  • Water my plants. I got this wonderful Moisture Meter that tells you if your plants need watering. I’m very hopeful I’ll never murder another plant. – Done
  • Reschedule all my cancelled driving and driving theory lessons, so I can hopefully be done with my driving theory exam by the end of March. – Tried to but they won’t schedule them via email or phone, which is the most annoying thing ever. I’ll have to actually drive (obviously my husband and not me lol) 30 minutes to get there and schedule my lessons.
  • Review my course materials from last week, which I definitely half assed. – Didn’t get to it yet. I haven’t felt like studying at all for the past few days.
  • Do some grocery shopping. We desperately need toilet paper and a few other essentials.  – Done.
  • Come up with a healthy meal plan for the next two weeks. – Haven’t done it. We have been eating out a lot due to different plans or outings.
  • Catch up on laundry. – Still have a bunch of laundry to do.
  • Mail out a dress I sold online. – Done.
  • Order a new maternity support belt as the one I ordered was too small. – Done.
  • Get my husband’s Valentine’s gift from the post office, where it’s being held since I couldn’t leave the house to pick it up. – They sent it back, unfortunately. Not buying it again because it was just a naughty postcard.
  • Reschedule our second prenatal class we had to miss last week. – Waiting for them to contact us.
  • Catch up on reading my favorite blogs. – Oops, nope.
  • Schedule a dental appointment. – It turns out I don’t need it.
  • Get a haircut and color. My roots are getting scary. (Scheduled for Friday the 18th!) – Done. Feeling much better.
  • See my doctor about my glucose test results, which seem to be a bit off. (Scheduled for Friday the 18th.) – Done. The levels are borderline so I have an appointment with a Endocrinologist on Friday.
  • Buy all the furniture we need for the baby; plus some items we are getting in order to change the way we store things around the house. (Trip to Ikea this weekend.) – We ended up visiting my in laws for the weekend, so we got nothing done but spend time with family. Still want to get this done before the end of the month, though.
  • Go and check baby strollers. (Probably on the weekend too.) – Didn’t get done either as we were away for the weekend. Probably going to do it this weekend.
  • Clean the bathroom. – Not yet. It’s getting harder and harder to clean or do anything where I have to bend over.
  • Get my eyebrows done. – Not yet. They’re looking wild.
  • Check our budget and write down all our expenses from last week. – Kind of. Just need to add some shopping I did on Friday.
  • Schedule an appointment with my psychiatrist for (roughly) two weeks after my delivery (I had a videocall appointment on Thursday and my doctor said I’m doing extremely well so I don’t need to see her until after the baby is born). – Totally forgot about this one. Need to call soon.
  • Organize my email box and computer folders. I absolutely hate a messy computer. – Done while watching reality TV.
  • Take a few 3-4 Km walks. – I took one 5K walk and that was it.
  • Clean the house. – Didn’t happen because we ended up going away for the weekend. Definitely doing it this weekend.

I’m definitely still catching up on things. Now that I’m on my third trimester, I’m probably going to be doing less and less but there are still a few things I’d like to get done before the baby is here, including a good Spring cleaning.

Wishing you all a lovely week!




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