8 Random Things I’ve never done

Happy Sunday everyone,

I hope you’re having fun.

I’ve decided to turn my “8 random things” post into a series.

Today, I’m sharing 8 things I’ve never done.

I’ve never had to have surgery.

Thankfully. And I’ve ever only gotten stitches after a tooth extraction. Surgery would be fine but the anesthesia part would freak me out.

I’ve never been drunk.

My party trick is telling people I don’t drink, ever, at all and watch them try to convince to have a drink. Everyone is always sure I’ll drink at some point in the future but I know it will never happen.

I’ve never broken a bone.

I guess I’ve been lucky when it comes to my physical health, not so much my mental health.

I’ve never crossed an ocean.

The few trips I’ve taken have been restricted to Europe. I’ve been to Spain, The Canary Islands and Menorca which all happen to be Spanish Islands.

I’ve never gotten a tattoo.

It’s not that I don’t like them, I just always feel I’m not cool enough to pull it off. I’d like to get one at some point, though.

I’ve never tried oysters.

They look too disgusting to be that expensive. Not sure I want to try them.

I’ve never done drugs.

Yup, I’ve never even smoked a joint. It’s not that I judge people who do drugs (unless you’re destroying your life or going through addiction I think recreational drugs are fine), I just don’t think I’d enjoy being in an altered state.

I’ve never owned a car.

Technically, my husband’s car belongs to me as well because we’re married but I’ve never bought myself a car or owned a car that is just mine. Obviously, because I don’t have a license. I hope I can get my license soon and buy a cute little car.

What about you? What’s one thing you’ve never done?




3 thoughts on “8 Random Things I’ve never done

  1. You and I have about 5 of these in common haha! I’m not a drinker either and I don’t know that I’d like feeling out of control and having hangovers, migraines are bad enough. I’ve had a bit of alcohol before so it’s not that I never drink but it’s not something I’m interested in very much.

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  2. Being drunk is no fun! I did it once like 12 years ago, and the ensuing sickness/hangover made it something I’ll never purposely do again. Flying over an ocean isn’t too bad as long as you don’t look out the window. If you can’t see the water, then it’s easier to forget you’re flying over it!

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