My Pregnancy Purchases – First Time Mom

Hello there,

Today I’m sharing my pregnancy related purchases. As a first time pregnant mom, I’m not always sure what I’m going to need, so I’ve been buying things according to recommendations and based on what I feel I’m needing at the moment.

So far, this is what I’ve gotten.

Before I had read that there isn’t much you can actually do about stretch marks and that they’re mostly genetic, I got this belly butter to use on my belly and breasts. Even if it won’t prevent stretch marks, I’ll definitely keep applying it as a regular lotion. I like that it’s 99% natural, scent free and super smooth and creamy.

This pillow looked so comfy, I just had to get it. In reality, it’s definitely comfortable but it takes way too much space. It would be perfect if I slept alone or if we had a bigger bed. I shouldn’t definitely have gotten a smaller one. I’ll still try it as a nursing pillow.

I’m currently in love with this journal. I think it will be lovely to come back to in a few years.

My regular jeans don’t fit anymore, so I needed something comfortable and cheap that I can wear for the rest of my pregnancy. These go with pretty much every top and sweater I own, so they’ll do just fine.

I love to wear dresses year round, always with tights when the weather is cold. My many pairs of tights have now become too, well, tight around the waist so I had to get a couple of maternity tights. I’m probably get a couple more pairs as I’m wear mostly dresses these days. I wish these were thicker, though. I usually go for a matte, opaque look and prefer them to be at least 80 denier.

Because my regular bras are no longer comfortable. I’ve been living in sports bras but they don’t look quite right with regular clothes so I decided I’d get something that’s close to a sports bra but that I can keep wearing after pregnancy and while nursing.

I’d definitely welcome some recommendations from fellow moms.

What were your pregnancy essentials?




One thought on “My Pregnancy Purchases – First Time Mom

  1. I also used that belly butter! It didn’t stop the stretch marks so much, but it definitely helped with the itching. I looked just like one of those guys who sits there and scratches his beer belly. LOL! Other than clothes that fit, I don’t think I bought anything for pregnancy.

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