GratiTuesdays: Happiness Journal

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today I thought I’d share a page of my gratitude journal. As I’ve mentioned on my Night Routine post, writing on my gratitude and happiness journals is one of the last things I do before going to bed. This is what I wrote yesterday.

I’m Grateful For:

My husband, a healthy pregnancy, my baby.

Positive affirmation:

I choose to be happy and grateful today.

The Best Things that happened today are:

Dinner with friends and getting my covid booster shot.

Today I learned:

That I need to be patient with myself.

Overall Feeling Morning:

3 stars

Overall Feeling Evening:

5 stars

What changed my rating:

Being with friends.

Something to improve on:

Maybe waking up earlier but I’m pregnant and tired.

I’m happy because:

I am loved and in love. I have great friends and a baby on the way.

What about you? What are you grateful for? What is making you happy?




2 thoughts on “GratiTuesdays: Happiness Journal

  1. Beautiful! I was just about to write a gratitude list, so this is divinely aligned 🙂 Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful thing it is to love. Magick! Have a blessed blessed day beautiful soul, thanks for sharing your light ❤ ! ❤

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