A Day in the Life: Monday 31.01.22 (Pregnant and on Medical Leave)

Good evening, everyone!

Day in the Life posts are my absolute favorite to read, so I thought I might attempt posting my own.

Expect nothing exciting, just a pregnant lady wobbling through her day while trying to get stuff done.

Here’s my day, Monday the 31st.

11.20 AM- Woke up. Late. Because I’m pregnant and tired and need all the sleep I can get.

11.22 AM – Breakfast. Toasted bagel with butter and some coffee with milk in my unicorn mug. Ate at my desk while checking on blog notifications, emails and news.

12.19 PM – Got my Covid booster shot. Signed up for it as soon as it opened for my age group. Covid is no joke and I want all the protection I can get.

12.46 PM – Stopped by Aldi to get orange juice and coffee filters. One of my pregnancy symptoms is being thirsty all the time, for something other than water.

1.39 PM – Very unhealthy lunch because I’m pregnant and that’s what I was craving. Ate at my desk (husband was in his man cave/office working) while watching Call the Midwife, season 11.

2.06 PM – Decaf and chocolate.

1.58 pm – Laundry, two loads. I feel like I do (or should be doing) laundry every single day. My husband either runs or goes to the gym 5-6 times a week, which adds up. I’m sure I’ll be forever buried in laundry once the baby is here.

3.30 PM – Laundry is hanging to dry. Most of our days are sunny, even in Winter, so we don’t own a dryer.

3.44 pm – Studied for this training course I’m taking. My husband keeps making fun of my glasses chain but I love it and will keep wearing it.

5.08 PM Also studying for my driving theory exam.

5.32 PM – Whipped up a quick dessert because our friends have just invited us for dinner at their new house and I wanted to take something. Took me about 10 minutes to make this.

6.09 PM – Showered and put on this beautiful dress which was a birthday present from my friend. She has yet to see me wearing so it’s the perfect outfit for tonight.

8.16 PM – Spent some time with our friends’ cat. Her name is Margarida and she’s the fluffiest.

12.57 AM – Back home after a wonderful dinner with out friends. Putting on my pajamas and starting my night routine.

12.58 AM – Getting in bed and finishing my day with some reading.

Good night!

Love, Cheila


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