A General Update in 10 Topics

We’re both still working from work and should be home until, at least, January.

I applied to nursing school back in August but didn’t get in. (I have this very old dream of becoming a doctor. Nursing school first is a possible way in)

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on October 5th.

I’ve never thought I’d be telling you this but I’ve become a Pokémon Go player. It’s been great fun. I’ve been going on walks and have been outside more for the past couple of months than in the past few years. It’s something Rui and I do together and I absolutely love it.

My reading challenge goal for 2020 is 72 books because that’s how many I read in 2019 and I wanted to read at least as many, but I’m currently at 42 so I’m way behind. Maybe I should blame Pokémon Go.

We had a wonderful vacation in Lagos, Algarve back in September when things seemed to be back to normal, right before everything went to shit again.

I’m off social media again and have been for 3 months. I don’t plan on returning. My life is so much better “off the grid”

One of my very best friends and made of honor is getting married next year and I’m just so happy!! Her fiancé is a wonderful guy (and fellow Pokémon trainer) and they make a really great, very compatible couple. I can’t wait for the wedding.

I’ve just finished a Geriatric’s Aide online course, just because. I know it’s random but I’m interested in health in general and I feel I might volunteer or find a part time job doing something that actually matters, especially now, during the pandemic, when the elderly are so vulnerable.

I dyed my hair auburn and cut it shoulder length.


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