Our Wedding: How Far in Advance to Book your Church or Venue

Hello Everyone and I hope you’re well!

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time as this is a question I get asked quite often. How far in advance did we book our wedding?

The answer is 13 months and I’ll tell you how we got to that time frame.

I’ve always known I wanted to have at least a year to plan and organize our wedding. Some of our married friends had told us they’d managed to organize their whole wedding in 2-3 months but I knew that would not work for me and my anxiety. Also, I wanted to plan everything in detail and make it special day.

We got engaged on 23.03.2018 and decided we’d like to have the wedding a year from that date, as it is also our anniversary (23.03.2013). We had no doubts about the church we wanted as it holds special meaning for us (I’ll tell you all about it later) so we immediately looked into booking it. Being it a national monument, we realized it wasn’t going to be that easy. It happens that they have this rule where they only start booking weddings for the following year in September of the current year, meaning we’d have to wait until September to book our March wedding. That would give us a 6-month planning window but we really wanted the date and the church so we decided we would have to do it.

Fast forward to September, the day had finally arrived. They were taking bookings for 2019. We decided to go have breakfast and then go book our wedding. It was during said breakfast that we chickened out and decided 6 months might not be enough to plan a whole wedding for 100+ people. We ended up randomly deciding on a Fall wedding, in my favorite month, October. And that is how we ended up with 05.10.2019 and 13 months to comfortably plan our dream wedding.

Funny thing is, we pretty much ignored wedding planning until January which is when we decided that maybe we should start looking for a reception venue. Always the procrastinator. We did end up planning the whole thing in 8 months. We were actually very good in taking care of the bigger things as soon as possible and leaving only small details to be dealt with later. I distinctly remember answering many wedding planning related questions with “everything is mostly done, we only have a few small things left to do”. If I remember correctly, by the end of February we had church, reception venue, photographers, hairdresser, makeup artist and my dress picked out.

What no one told us and I want to make sure to share is how many little things are left to be done the week before. Granted, this could have been our fault. We left a few things to be done 3 days before the wedding because we both took those 3 days as vacation days and my maid of honor and his best man would be staying over to help us. We could have printed and cut out the menus a few weeks before, I’m sure.

Knowing myself, 6 months wouldn’t have been enough. My nerves would not handle it very well and it would be too rushed as the 6 months before the wedding absolutely flew by. Also, what if something went wrong? No, I definitely needed to have at least a year.

So yeah, if you’re planning a wedding, this is my advice. One whole year.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic.

Your opinion and experience are also welcome.

Much love,




8 thoughts on “Our Wedding: How Far in Advance to Book your Church or Venue

  1. Oh gosh…yes all those years ago when i was getting married we planned for over a year. I purchased my dress a year ahead too. However the boutique kept telling me off to eat as each time I went in to try it on they had to do alterations…went from aussie size 12 to aussie way under size 8. thats a lot of sewing they had to do.

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  2. I would totally need 1 whole year too. We also would have procrastinated until the last minute lol. Glad you guys had enough time to figure everything out in the end. 😁


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