My 8 Reading Resolutions for 2020

Dear friends,

First of all, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

I know I’m late but I hope 2020 is wonderful for you and that we’re all entering our best decade yet.

I feel that I’ve never blogged that much about books which is rather strange since I spend a good portion of my time reading.

My goal for 2019 was 100 books. That was probably too ambitious as I was planning a whole church wedding and reception for 100 guests. I managed to read 71 books and I’m very proud of my literary accomplishments, even though I would have liked to meet my goal.

My second goal was to get out of my comfort zone of classics and historical novels. I wanted to explore different genres, and so I did. I read contemporary novels, fantasy and fell in love with thrillers, something I didn’t care for at all. I learned that a book doesn’t have to be the greatest piece of literature ever made for me to enjoy it. A silly romance is okay, and I can allow my literature major Cheila to like it.

All in all, it’s been my best reading year in a very long time. I was a former avid reader who didn’t read that much anymore and now I’m back to my bookworm ways. It feels like home.

I definitely want to keep it up in 2020 so I’ve come up with a list of reading goals:

1. I want to read some non-fiction. I find it mostly boring, to be honest, even if I’m interested in the subject. I understand that there are some great non-fiction books out there and I’d like to read a couple.

2. I’d like to finally finish the Grapes of Wrath. It’s my third attempt and I’m not loving it this time either. I don’t usually finish a book I don’t like (I don’t mind reading a few chapters and deciding it is not for me) but I’d like to finish this one for some reason. I think this is an old quarrel with a university professor I hated.

3. I wish I could finally stop being too lazy to write book reviews. I love following my reading on Goodreads but I never write any reviews, even when the book is perfect. I’m not sure I’ll ever become the kind of reader who writes reviews but I might as well put it out there.

4. Write a monthly reading list on the blog. I mean, I used to envy those bloggers who actually do this, simply because I was not reading enough to post a list myself. But now I am, so there’s nothing stopping me from posting my own monthly list. Maybe I can share great books with you guys and get great recommendations as well.

5. Highlight my favorite passages or quotes. It often happens that I read something that leaves me thinking “wow, this is beautifully written” or “this is definitely true”. Do I think to highlight this? No. Because I’m LAZY. I mean, it’s a Kindle. All I have to do is press and drag.

6. Read 5 classics. I absolutely love classics. There was a time it was all I would read. Then I decided I needed to be more adventurous and now I read just about anything. However, I seem to have forgotten how much I love a good classic. Which is a shame as there is so many I want to read. Sure, I do look at my copy of War and Peace and feel like crying because it is thicker than the Bible but I would like to devour the story at some point. I’d also like to eventually finish Vanity Fair and The Portrait of a Lady. I’ve recently taken them off my bookshelf and placed them on a side table, hoping I’ll look at them more often and remember I want to read them.

7. Read 5 paper books. Okay, please don’t murder me. If you’re one of those people who think a kindle is something from the devil and that I should be punished for using one, I used to be just like you. For a very long time I was personally offended by people who used this horrible devices to substitute a book. I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes all the way back every time I encountered one of these “readers”. Then, I personally met Kindle. And Kindle unlimited. And I read about 100 more books than I had in many years. Now I’m now longer a book snob and I’m fine with whatever, as long as people are reading. On the other hand, if you’re one of those “people” who don’t like to read, you should choke on your coffee. Joking. Maybe. Still, I still love real books above all and want to keep reading them. I’m aiming for 5 this year.

8. Read 100 books. This was my goal for 2019 but I ended up at 71. I do want to try for 100 again, now that I’m no longer planning a wedding. I want to be able to say “I read 100 books this year”. It sounds like the perfect number. Besides, reading makes me very happy. Is there a better reason?

Do you have any reading goals for 2020? How many books did you manage in 2019?

Do share!





8 thoughts on “My 8 Reading Resolutions for 2020

  1. Hey, I read 71 books last year as well! 😛 My 2019 goal was actually 80 books but I failed so I’m trying again in 2020 – hopefully, I nail the goal this time around! I’m trying to read more classics as well. I’m currently waitlisted for 3 classics from my public library, and I’d love to read more true crime and fast fashion books this year.

    Best of luck with your 100 books goal this year! Let’s crush our reading goals!

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    • Oh we will definitely crush them! Let’s ignore the fact that I’m already 3 books behind because I ended up reading this huge 800 page book “by accident” 😂 non-fiction is not an easy read for me but I do have a couple on my list. I’m currently trying to go through “the 7 habits of highly successful people”. I want know what the fuss is all about lol thanks for coming by 😊


  2. Wow. You guys read a lot. My goal is to read about 25 books for 2020. I am not really a fan of Kindle either however, I think I will be converted just like you very soon as my bookshelves are overflowing. I read about one book every 2 weeks and then I try to do a book review.:) Happy reading and good luck with your goal.

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  3. Good luck with your reading goals! That’s amazing that you read 71 books last year especially with how busy you were!
    I should also read some non-fiction this year since it’s a genre I normally avoid.

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  4. 71 books is so amazing, Cheila! Especially for such a busy year. Can I recommend that you try the memoir genre for your goal to read more non-fiction?

    Grapes of Wrath was actually one of the only books I finished in school. I hope you get to the end of it. 😊 & I would love to start reading some reviews from you!

    Hope you reach your goal of 100 this year! Best of luck. ♡

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  5. I actually just posted my book reviews for January this morning. I stopped putting a number goal on my reading, but I keep track in a journal and write up reviews on my blog, both of which help me to remember and think about what I read. I only read about 40 books a year, but that’s with two kids, Netflix, and the amount of sewing I do so I feel pretty accomplished. I read on my Kindle a lot more until we moved back to the States and I now have THREE library cards. Now I always check out more books than I can read.


  6. Ahhhh…… 71 books?!?!?! Seriously I thought 20 books was a good goal for 2020 :O
    Now I have to rethink it.
    2019 I only read 10 books, so I doubled my reading goals.
    My goal this year is to make sure that I share as well with either a book review or just sharing tid bits from what I have learned since most of what I enjoy reading is non-fiction.
    I am going to see about posting my first review in a while today 🙂

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