Question of the day #29

Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

Do you like rainy days?

What’s your favorite season?

What’s your ideal weather?




32 thoughts on “Question of the day #29

  1. Jim says:

    Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Hot. cold? brrrrrr!

    Do you like rainy days? Absolutely. They are great for walking in.

    What’s your favorite season? Summer

    What’s your ideal weather? A nice, crisp Autumn day with the sun out and the leaves golden, orange or red on the trees.

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  2. wonderwall360blog says:

    Hot. In Scotland at moment and the days with sun been fantastic. It is great not having to walk round with coat just been a couple times where cooler or raining when could have done with it.

    As George Fisher says there is ‘no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing.’So walking in lakes district in UK in rain with waterproofs on is fine. Rain is good for garden but best if can rain whilst inside at work!

    Prob like summer best.

    Sun. But not too hot!

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  3. Dewni Pathegama says:

    I’d take cold over hot any day!

    Yes! A rainy day, hot chocolate and a good book! (Yes I’m a walking cliché)

    Winter is my favourite season probably because I haven’t experienced a proper cold-to-the-bones winter yet.

    Ideal weather for me depends on my mood. Some days I want to just lie in bed the whole day and read a book. If so I prefer rain. Some days I wish I could spend my whole life hanging outside with my friends and if so I prefer a bright and sunny day.

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  4. iwannabealady says:

    I prefer hot days, and I’ve grown to appreciate rainy days more and more. Spring and Fall are my favorites because Summer in Florida is hot and rainy. I don’t much like the two together. I love a balmy day with a soft, cool breeze.

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    • Cheila Belinda Cruz says:

      Definitely cold. Love everything about it. Being by the fire, winter colds, cozy pajamas and blankets, tea. And I don’t do well in Summer. My fluid retention gets crazy, my legs are super swollen by noon. I have a heat rash on my chest and tummy and sweat burns (like a diaper rash that babies get) under both my boobs, which burns like hell. Hot weather is hard on my body

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  5. AJ says:

    I don’t love hot or cold- give me temperate:)
    I love rainy days as I don’t feel guilty for knitting and reading by the fire with my cup of tea. Plus I feel like my run counts for double?
    My favourite season is Spring!
    My ideal weather is a crisp, clear day:)

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  6. kittyp0p says:

    I much prefer colder weather! I don’t mind rainy days, but not when they’re humid. My favorite season is definitely autumn and my ideal weather would be partly sunny with a breeze on a 65-degree day (:

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  7. Britney says:

    Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
    – Somewhere in between.

    Do you like rainy days?
    – No. I would rather have sunshine because sun puts me in a better mood. Rain always makes me tired and lazy, and it also makes my hair really frizzy if I have to go out in it.

    What’s your favorite season?
    – Fall

    What’s your ideal weather?
    – Lots of sunshine, but not too terribly hot.

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  8. Dippy Dotty Girl says:

    Autumn, winter and spring for me, please.
    I love rainy days. The pitter-patter, the sound of thunder, the gush of the heavens bursting open… they all put me in a dreamy state of mind.
    My favourite season is autumn (and I am throwing in winter too).
    Lastly, my idea of the perfect temperature would be 20°C.
    What about yours? xx

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    • Cheila Belinda Cruz says:

      I’m definitely an autumn and winter girl. My favorite time of year is September through December. The light, the colors, the clothes. Unfortunately it’s been crazy and we don’t really get mid seasons anymore. It goes from 27 to 15 and rainy in a week.

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      • Dippy Dotty Girl says:

        I have been hearing about the heat wave. Hope it feels better soon, C. I feel light-headed when it is too hot. But it seems autumn is going to be knocking at our doors soon! 🙂 May it make itself felt in your lovely corner for some time. xx


  9. starringpamela says:

    Ooooooo I’m super late to this I think but here’s my answers.
    Do you prefer hot or cold weather? More on the cold side because I love to wear sweaters.

    Do you like rainy days? Yes if I don’t have to drive anywhere.

    What’s your favorite season? Spring!

    What’s your ideal weather? Slightly chilly, light breeze, and plenty of sunshine!

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  10. frugaldod says:

    I live in Minnesota where it is about as cold as Antarctica, but I love it. The weather may be cold, but the best part of cold is that you can continue to add layers.

    I hate rain when I have to work, but when I am relaxing and there is time to have fun and splash in the rain with my daughters I love it 🙂

    I would probably ironically have to say my favorite season is Summer, not because I don’t like cold, or rain, but because I it’s easier to deal with when working.

    My ideal weather is a dry sunny day roughly 50-60 degrees, and no breeze.
    I have been in extreme heat and in extreme cold so I think I have become pretty flexible to the weather changes.


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