Question of the day #28

What time do you wake up?

What are some of the things you do before heading out to work/school?

What’s the most important thing you absolutely must do in the morning in order to have a good day?

Do you have breakfast? What do you eat?

11 thoughts on “Question of the day #28

  1. Hey Cheila, I normally wake up around 6:30am, sometimes 7- 7:30 these days, which makes me feel like half the day is over already. I’m trying to work back up to 6:15am but I’ll have to stop staying up so damn late.

    I have to eat breakfast or I become either a raving lunatic or deflated human looking pathetic in a corner. It’s a toss up. I’ve also got to have some caffeine- coffee mostly, but tea works as well. My breakfast is as basic as it gets. Most of my mornings will see me eating a peanut butter sandwich on toasted multigrain bread and black coffee.

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    • Girl, I wish I was that good. I wake up at about 7.30/8.00 and get ready in a hurry. When I’m home I sleep in. I would love to be one of those people wake up naturally at 5 and get a lot done before everyone else is up. But then I’d be a zombie by 5 p.m. I’m a child, I’m sleepy about 12 hours after I wake up lol

      A few years ago I couldn’t eat breakfast at all, I’d get nauseous. Now I do and need it to feel ready to start my day. If I don’t have time for breakfast, I must have my latte, otherwise I’m cranky and feel like I forgot something. I know everyone loves peanut butter but I can only eat it with a banana

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      • Sometimes when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll slice half a banana into my sandwich. I actually used to wake up at 5:30 so I will probably just be feeling like a slob for the rest of my life unless some miracle happens to get me to start waking up at that time like I used to. It would be great, though. I accomplished so much and just got to ease into my day instead of always feeling like I needed to rush about.


  2. I get up around 6am. I’m out of the house by 7 for the most part. The hour is just enough time to brush my teeth, shower, get made up and dressed. No time for breakfast. I actually get less done if I eat breakfast. My first meal is generally around 11-12noon.
    Most important for me is that I look well put together before I leave the house.
    Every once in a while if I have a late start at work, I’ll squeeze in a workout before my usual morning routine.


  3. Hi Cheila,

    What time do you wake up? – I set my alarm at 5:30am but I normally wake up at 6:00am, hahaha.

    What are some of the things you do before heading out to work/school? – Of course, taking a bath, doing my skin care routine before I put on make up 🙂

    What’s the most important thing you absolutely must do in the morning in order to have a good day? – Have at least 5 minutes of prayer. Thanking God for another beautiful day 🙂

    Do you have breakfast? What do you eat? – It depends, I sometimes eat bread with cheese or sausage. Sometimes, I’m having fried rice, sausage or ham plus coffee 🙂


  4. I wake up at 7 if I have an opening shift at work, so that’s the earliest usually.
    I check all my phone stuff, turn the light on for our frogs, eat breakfast, shower/wash-up, get dressed in my scrubs, and pack a lunch if I get a break that day.
    I have to stretch in the morning and take my allergy medicine or I’ll feel awful!
    I usually have cereal for breakfast, if we’re out of milk- I’ll have oatmeal haha


  5. I wake up anywhere between 7-8am though on days I can surprise myself and wake up by 6am. But those days are few and far between. As for breakfast, I like to alternate between various options. Eggs and avocado salad/ berry & nuts porridge/ yogurt with berry & nuts/ cooked puffed rice/ green smoothies. xx


  6. Up at 7am. Make breakfasts and lunches for the kids, and my other half. Also wash up, empty the dishwasher, tidy the kitchen, have a shower, get my own stuff ready, and leave the house by 8:30am. Twenty minute cycle to work through idiotic traffic, then make a coffee. I rarely eat any breakfast myself – if I do, something fast – peanut butter on toast maybe. I often down a coffee mid-chaos too.


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